Letters to Miss H

Written by: Synzunea / Xajmr

Summary: Is this the chapter wherein Riza finally finds out who has been writing all those letters?

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Chapter Six: Revelation

The following Monday, the young lieutenant had realized that her fellow male officers have… changed. First of all, Havoc was completely avoiding the sharpshooter. Every time they would possibly cross paths, he would turn about and dash away. He refused to look at her, speak to her and even acknowledge her existence whenever her name is mentioned. After all, he was completely traumatized by what Riza had done to him, despite being a soldier. Apparently, Havoc had told his other co-workers about it, and they, too, now fear the 'Blonde Amazon'; this title was coined by Breda.

Yet, one may ask, what of Roy Mustang? He has constantly teased Riza for their kissing scene- blowing her kisses and leaving heart shaped papers on her desk. Ironically, it was Roy who initiated the kiss, yet he effectively counters to anyone that she was caught in that for quite some time- 'as if she enjoyed it', he would say to himself.

Poor Miss H. has been completely mortified by the both of them. All this trouble caused by an anonymous love letter. There's no way she could know who actually wrote it now. She sulked and stared blankly at her paper-plenty desk. Then, something caught her eye. Amidst all of Roy's silly and humiliating fake love letters, she spots another Letter to Miss H. She opens it quickly, desperate to shoot this idiot who ruined her reputation.

Darling Miss H,

How beautiful you were that night,

I could not take my eyes off of you

Even with that stunning gun of yours!

I felt like it was I, whom you shot,

With your divine grace and charm,

My lovely angel, our time fades fast,

Meet me this afternoon, where I first asked you to come.

Forgive me for pretending not to know.

Riza Hawkeye's emotions are very much in conflict at this point. A part of her wants to know who this man is because perhaps… she feels the same, or maybe this is just curiosity. Yet another part of her desires to scream and yell at this letter's author for making her do all these unnecessary tasks and tarnishing her image.

Another problem surfaces here- This means that Roy or Havoc probably lied about not knowing about the letters

"I guess there's no other way," she sighed to herself. "I'm going to that library, writer or no writer."

After working hours, the library still had, surprisingly, quite a number of people. Sciezka was there, too. She merely smiled at the blonde and resumed reading a mountain of literature. Riza sat beside the private and tapped her lightly to call her attention.

"Seen the colonel?" Riza asked, her heart beating at a fast pace. "Or Havoc?"

Sciezka gave her a very curious and confused look just before she grinned.

"I knew it!" Sciezka beamed in a hushed tone. "There is a love triangle between the three of you! Oh, it's like a romance novel! How exciting, lieutenant! You're so lucky! Oh my, two guys vying for your affections!--"

"N-no, Sciezka," The first lieutenant blushed instantly. "J-- Eh… Just— have you s-seen them? I mean have you seen either of them here?"

Sciezka pondered for a while and then drew a piece of paper from her pocket. It was another Letter to Miss H, although technically, this is a Note to Miss H.

My Beautiful Miss H,

I'm sorry I couldn't come.

I will visit you tomorrow.

"The colonel—no… was it Havoc-kun…?" Sciezka muttered to herself.

The poor private scratched her head and looked extremely worried. Hawkeye repeatedly scanned the note.

"Agh, I can't remember who told me to give it to you…" She sighed in defeat, she then pointed at the stain at the bottom of the note. "There was a name but it's horribly smudged and there's absolutely no way anyone could read it"

The blonde lieutenant frowned; she had expected that he would be there. She patted the former librarian in assurance that it was fine. Riza then picked up the book that Sciezka was reading- She recognizes it from somewhere...

"It's a romance novel," she blinked in disbelief.

"Eh? Oh, yeah. You should read it too, lieutenant. It's a beautiful story."

Riza analyzed the book cover, she thought hard about where she has seen this before but to no avail. Was it just her imagination? Or has she really seen this before…?

"Oh. Oh yeah, the colonel… or was it Havoc… err… uhm… Whoever-it-was came in today, told me to give you the note and returned this book." Sciezka added. "The story- It's about this stalker—no... Not stalker… such a harsh word. Umm…"

"Secret admirer," Riza blurted.

"He was reading a romance novel…?" She thought that it was odd and disturbing.

"Oh, yes, secret admirer. Anyway, apparently, he loves this girl who probably doesn't love him back. And so he writes anonymous love letters to her, hoping he could get closer to her heart. Isn't it sweet?"

"It sounds eerily familiar." The superior officer said to herself. "Thanks, Sciezka. I think I may know who gave you this note."

With this, she left and returned to her home, thinking about tomorrow- the day he would come.

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