Chapter 18) Taking hostage


The tears burned in her eyes, but she kept her face clear from any emotion. She wasn't even scared, things like this happened before. She just knew so many things could go wrong. Why had El showed up? What had he to do with everything? Why had he bothered to come back and how could it be he knew where they where?

Sands stood behind her, barely breathing, feet locked soiled on the ground. At some point she knew he felt safe. Nothing could happen when it took over.

'Nothing bad to him.' She stared through her lashes at him, without moving her head. He was focusing, alert to everything that moved and made a sound.

Suddenly he grabbed her shoulder. "It's Showtime babe."

She felt the ground beneath her shudder, three large trucks stopped in front of the bank. She had a good view, the front of the bank was made of large glass panels.

About thirty soldier-types came out of the trucks.

"There armed." She whispered, squirming against his chest. "There with many."

"Where armed too. And we have many people to cover us, in case something goes wrong." He comfort her and pulled Djessy in front of them.

"Don't kill one of them Sands, these people are innocent. Most of them anyway." She added, throwing daggers at El Mariachi.

"People die, it's there nature." Sands huffed cruel.

God, how she hated it if he played cold as ice. "Sands!" She hissed, hoping it would have any effect on him.

"I'll try to behave Lizzy. I'll do my act, but if it turns out I have to go to jail-" He didn't have to finish his line.

'Someone would die, all because of me.' Her nails dug into the bag of money. 'Just because of this!'

"COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP!" Was the order from outside, also being translated into English.

"FUCK YOU!" Sands yelled back, in a few different language. He liked to mock, show others he was superior.

There was some commotion outside, she watched how the soldiers talked to each other, direction to the three strangers, armed and probably dangerous.

'I hope they keep that in mind.'

"Lizz, you still have that gun in your hand right?" Sands asked.


"Good girl. Get the Mariachi in front of you." She understood and gestured to El to come closer. The large man grunted and could have killed her with his gaze. It must be very shameful, for a man like El. Being hold hostage by a blind shooter and a girl.

"So El, how are you doing?" Sands asked interested, making conversation as they where waiting fro the bus to arrive.

The Mariachi rolled his eyes and Lizz could feel his muscles tense. She wished she could trade with Sands, at least Djessy was about her length.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT?!" It sounded from outside.

"I WANT TO GET LAID AND SMOKE UNTILL CANCER GETS ME!" Sands yelled back, grinning and becoming very found of himself. Outside the soldiers seemed to be puzzled.

"Sands!" Lizz hissed again.


"Where going to fly?!" Lizz yelped in surprise. "I never went flying before…"

"Fascinating girly…" Sands sneered. "And yeah, where going to fly. If we make it that is. Let's fly away…"

"Do us a favour Sands, don't sing where under enough pain already." El snapped.

Sands kicked El hard against the ankle. "Shut up or I will shoot you."


Sands grinned and cocked his head up. "WHAT CAR IS IT?!"

A long pause. "IT'S A CAB!"

"A CAB?!" Sands started to laugh. "FUCK YOUR CAB I WANT SOMETHING SUITABLE!"

"Then try something from the graveyard." El muttered soft.

Lizz frowned and didn't pay attention to the two man cursing and spitting at each other. She kept a sharp glance at Sands. She didn't like him playing games at a times like these. He was fouling around.

"Sands, you better knock that off and make up a plan!" She told him firm and dug the gun deeper into the Mariachi's neck.

"I will sweet-cheeks, I'm working on it!" He told her. "HURRY THE FUCK UP OUTSIDE OR I'LL START FIRE PRACTISE!"

"Sands, even if they give us the car there going to hunt us down!" Lizz told him. "What are we going to do when where in the car?"

"Don't worry your cute little head about it, I'll take care of it." He purred and shifted with his boots. "I could use a damn smoke."


O, how he loved this. Nothing could stop him now. Not his blindness, not The, not an entire scout of soldiers. He loved this, because he could pull it off. Use, abuse, livin' la vida loca. He might die today, well fuck that. Die when your young right? And it wasn't like he would leave a poor family behind.

"The car has arrived." The girly told him.

"What car is it?" He asked a bit toddler-like.

"I'm a girl, cars don't interests me. It's a big red one." She told. "Good enough!?"

Her fine undertone of mocking amused him. "Sure as hell, let's get moving, you sit in the front, next to the driver. I sit behind the driver, Djessy next to me, El next to her. Got that kid?"

"Sure." She answered.

"Move bitch." He jerked the doc forward, keeping right behind her. He'd used people as an shield before so he knew the drill. He just hoped Lizz knew too.

They got outside, for a few moments he was afraid they would open fire. For a few seconds he was going to freak out.

Don't! Just move you idiot!

And so he did. The girl pushed him into the car, crawled over his lap onto the front seat and told the driver in firm and understandable words they needed to go to the airport. If he would try anything the loco behind him would kill him and she would take there trip over.

The man hit the gas and the car started to move.

Suddenly the girl started to yelp. "WE FORGOT JULIO!"

His heart made another skip of joy. "To bad girly, he's left behind." He smirked and cocked his head around, this day seemed to get better and better. They got the money, they got there shields. In a few hours they would be flying. In a few days they would be somewhere in Europe, maybe Franc he kinda liked the dialect.

The girl sniffed, whining about her beloved Latino. He tried not to snigger and turned his head towards his two hostage. The doc who nearly drove him over the edge, and The who always tried to make his life even more unbearable. 'What to do, what do to with the good few.'

Just kill them

'Yeah, but I don't think the kid will dig that.' He knew for sure she would not like that. She might get very pissed if he did.

Then kill her too

'I can't fuckshit, she's my eyes. If I kill her I'm alone and I'll go crazy when I'm alone.'

Your crazy already, I'm here remember?

'Fuck you.' "How long until we get to the airport?"

"About half a hour." Lizz told him.

"Is there going to be a big fuss when we get there?"

She asked the driver. "Yes, there is going to be trouble when we get there."


Her heart beat in her throat. She felt so sick and she was just the hostage. She didn't dare to look to her left, afraid he might sense that she was looking at him. She didn't dare to look to her right either, somehow the man seemed familiar. Familiar and deadly. So she looked forward and wondered how the girl could keep up with this whole situation.

She sat in silence on the passengers seat, aiming a fully loaded gun at the driver while her eyes kept firmly on the road. How could she live like that? Not a tear had been shed, not even a cry other then the soft whimper because she left her so called boyfriend at the bank.

Djessy was familiar with the Stockholm syndrome. It was the strange bond between a kidnapper and his hostage. If the hostage got isolate long enough from the 'real world'. The strange thing between Lizz and her formal patient was she never had been isolated from the real world. Lizz hadn't been cut off from other people, she had the choice to walk away. Her door had always been open. Still, she'd chosen to stay with the person hidden in insanity.

Why, she'd wondered? Why would anyone chose to stand next to another human being that could do so many evil things. Why would anyone want that. Every time Lizz called her up something went wrong. Every time it was the same story, he went nuts. He trashed something. He refused to take his meds. He threatened her. He told her she wasn't real.

"Where are we going when where on the airport." Lizz asked quiet.

"Get the fuck on an airplane, get everyone out and fly." Sands told her. "Don't talk to much girly, you don't know who's sitting next to you. Don't even say a name."

"Okay." She said soft and fumbled with her bracelet.


His friends where going to laugh about this one. Angry he cracked his knuckles. It could have been so easy. The CIA had trashed him down, something he wasn't quit happy with. One agent who destroyed your life was enough. Four of them hammering on your motel door was just wrong.

First they'd asked him quit nice to co-work in there little operation. When he refused they got a large file with his name on it. Inside was a list of all the crimes he had committed in Mexico. It was enough to hang him.

They told him very nicely if he didn't worked along they would arrest him and prosecute him for all the crimes he had committed.

So in a way he hadn't had much of a choice to go after Sands. He'd been quit surprised to see Lizz at his side. He'd thought, or hoped the girl had been strong enough to turn him her back.

'I could have been a free man by now.' Because that was what they'd promised him. Delete all his files and never bother him again. All he needed to do was get Sands. Sure, that was easily said. Finding him had been easy, but catching him. He seemed to stay out of hands from the CIA for a few weeks now, after there first operation blew up. Literally, blew up. They'd questioned him about Sands' partner. He told him he didn't know and had hoped it wouldn't be who he thought it was.

But she was, stupid and innocent enough to think it would be ok.

"Where almost at the airport." The girl whispered.

Sands smirked and razed his gun. "Good, time to play then."


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