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'blah' means thoughts

This IS slash. So if male/male love freaks you out, I suggest leaving now. Beyond this point it's read at your discretion.

"Two Fangs"

The fourth year Gryffindors and Slytherins filed into the Potions classroom. A small box with a little white card on top of it sitting on Snape's desk caught the attention of a few students, including Draco Malfoy.

'Should I go see what the card says?' Draco thought as he set his bag under the table.

Before Draco could decide, the door burst open, slamming against the opposite wall. Snape stalked in and over to his desk. The box and card caught his attention. He picked up the card and read it. Just a little treat. The corners of Snape's mouth twitched. He pushed the box to the corner of his desk, placed the card back on top, and pulled out his wand. "We are starting a variation of the Polyjuice Potion today, though I doubt many of you will actually brew this potion correctly," Snape glared at the Gryffindors, especially Neville Longbottom. "The potion isn't dangerous unless it is tampered with. The recipe needs to be followed with extreme caution and precision. The recipe and ingredient list are on the board." Snape pointed his wand at the board and the words appeared. "Begin."

The class started gathering ingredients and began brewing the potion. Snape, seeing the class was under control for the moment, picked up his parcel and walked into his office. Unbeknownst to him, the card had fluttered off the box and landed on the stone floor next to Draco. The white-blonde picked up the card, read it, and pocketed it, fully intending to ask his Head of House about it later.

Snape entered his office, closing the door behind him. He set the box on his desk and opened it. A piece of parchment and crimson colored lollipops were inside. Snape grabbed the parchment and read it.


I noticed your stash was getting low, so I made a trip to Honeydukes for you. I do not expect to be reimbursed for this. It is just a little treat for my boy. Just remember to keep your stash in stock and away from prying eyes.


Snape laid the parchment aside and picked up one of the pops. He held it for a moment, debating whether or not to eat one.

"Professor?" a voice called from the doorway.

Snape dropped the pop as though it burned him and turned around. "Mr. Malfoy, come in."

Draco did so, closing the door behind him. He walked over to his Potions Master and wrapped his arms around his waist, burying his face in the black robes. "Oh, Professor! It's just awful!"

"Potter ruined your potion?" Snape asked, deadpanned.

A pregnant pause preceded the white-blonde Slytherin's reply. "Uh, no, sir. I completed my potion. It's on your desk."

"Well done, Draco. Ten points to Slytherin."

Draco had the decency to blush. "Thank you, but that's not it."

"Then, did Granger somehow make her potion better?"

"No, she's still brewing hers."

"What's wrong then, Draco?"

"My father wants to take me to a Dark Revel and have me Marked!"

Snape grabbed the boy by his shoulders. "At fourteen?! Lucius wants you Marked at fourteen?!"

Draco nodded. Snape was lost in thought. That was obvious to the younger Slytherin. The professor was thinking about what he could do to Lucius. All of a sudden, Draco cried out, "Severus! You're hurting me!"

That brought Snape back to reality. In his anger, he had been squeezing Draco's shoulders. He released his hold on the boy and took a few steps back. "I'm sorry, Draco."

"I know you didn't mean to, Severus. We should get back to class."

"Yes, we should. Don't worry, Draco. I won't let you get Marked."

The two Slytherins walked back into the classroom just in time to hear Ron say, "Oh no."

Fortunately for Draco, he was all ready seated between Crabbe and Goyle. Unfortunately for Snape, the potion exploded in his face. Time seemed to stop the second the potion hit the professor.

Hermione leaned over to Ron. "What did you do?"

"Uh, nothing."

"You had to have done something, Ron. Your potion is blue while mine is teal."

"Well, I might have put too much of an ingredient in."

Snape slowly wiped the potion off his face. 'I am going to kill Weasley. I-" His thoughts were cut off when he felt his fangs. 'They're exposed!'

He turned his back to the class. "Ten pointsfrom Gryffindor and an incomplete for Mr. Weasley. I want five feet on this potion and its uses. Due tomorrow. Class dismissed." Not hearing any noise from the Gryffindors or the Slytherins caused Snape to turn around and his, "Now!"

As students ran from the room, the color drained from Snape's face when he realized what he did. Snape stalked into his office. 'Great. Who knows what was in Weasley's potion?' He suddenly felt sharp pains shoot through his body, making his grab his desk for support. He felt like his body was trying to cave in on itself and then it stopped as sudden as it began. Snape narrowed his eyes. "It must have been a side effect." Frowning at the sound of his voice, he looked at a nearby special mirror. He pursed his lips at his simulated reflection. He was younger! 'Fourteen, I'd say. Hmm, I wonder what Draco would say?'


Draco was standing right outside the door. He tried to stash his wand in his inside pocket of his robe, but there was all ready something in his pocket. 'What's in my pocket?' He reached in and pulled out a little white card. 'Oh, yeah! Severus's note.' He reread it. "Just a little treat'? What does that mean? Severus doesn't like sweets.' He took another look at the card. 'Maybe it's not talking about sweets. Maybe it means a rare potion ingredient.'

Draco crept into the classroom, but no one was there. 'He might be in his office.' Draco snuck closer to the office door and peered through the little window. What he saw shocked him. A gothic teenager was sitting at Severus's desk grading essays with what looked like (at first glance) an unlit cigarette in his mouth. A second look told him it was actually a lollipop stick. 'Ooo. That must be Severus. Weasel's potion must have done that to him!' Another thought hit him. 'But he doesn't like sweets!'


'This is heaven. Grading essays and enjoying a blood pop.' Severus scratched a dismal grade on the essay (Gryffindor of course). He pulled the next essay out. 'It's Draco's.' He smiled slightly. 'Maybe I was a bit rough with him. I'll make it up to him tonight.' A twitch in the back of his mind alerted him to Draco's presence on the other side of the door. Severus flicked his wand and the door flew open. "Come in, Draco."

The surprised white-blonde walked in. "Severus? Is that you?"

"Yes, Draco. It's me. Weasley's potion apparently had a side effect."

"You're not mad?"

Severus stood up and made his way over to the other Slytherin. "Why would I be mad?"

"I was spying on you."

"It's the only way us Slytherins learn secrets."

"Speaking of secrets, I thought you didn't like sweets." Draco looked pointedly at the lollipop stick which was still sticking out of Severus's mouth.

"It's not candy, but it tastes sweet to me."

Draco was confused. "It's not candy, but tastes sweet anyway?"

"It's a blood pop. It's a treat for vampires and other blood-sucking creatures."

"But you can't be a vampire! Sunlight doesn't affect you!"

"Shh, Draco." Severus pointed his wand at the door and spelled it closed and locked. "True, sunlight does not affect me; however, not all those possessing the vampiric genes are the same. Lupin will teach you about this later, sufficed to say that I am what they call a Daywalker. I have all the strengths of a regular vampire, but none of the weaknesses except for the need for blood which is referred to as the Thirst."

"So, those were fangs I saw."

"Yes. My temper got the better of me."

"Don't worry about it, Severus. I doubt the others noticed."