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She was safe in his warm, comforting embrace. Here, she felt loved and cherished, knowing that he was there by her side, always ready to hold her. He was her knight in shining armor. In this case, he was a samurai, with sexy purple socks that matched his eyes perfectly, who had vowed to protect her with his life. The bond they shared was unbreakable, the love between them enduring throughout the toughest ordeals ... or was it ?

The Kiss - chapter 1

" Oh, Kenshin ... heehee, that tickles ! Oh yes, that feels really good - ummmm, kiss me ... "

As Kaoru hesitantly glanced into Kenshin's eyes, she felt like she was drowning in a bottomless pool of violet satin. When he returned her gaze with his own passionate one, Kaoru shyly turned away for fear of revealing her soul to him, even though she knew that her heart was an open book whenever Kenshin was around. Whenever Kenshin was around, she felt like laughing, weeping, shouting, and most of all, loving. The feelings were overwhelming, the sensations were flooding her mind, yet there was nothing she could do to prevent the flood of emotions which overcame her. All she could do was surrender and accept the inevitable.

Lovingly, Kenshin touched her cheek with his right hand, tucking a stray lock of Kaoru's ebony hair behind her ear with the other. He then drew her closer to his body and whispered into her ear the words she had longed to hear from him, ever since the very day she first met him.

" Aishiteru, Kaoru. "

For a few seconds, time seemed to stop. Nothing else existed but the two of them, in their own little world filled with passion and desires yet unfulfilled. The only thing left for the two of them to do was to kiss. A kiss would symbolize the fulfillment of their relationship, the merging of two hearts into one. Everything hung in the balance of the kiss.

Slowly, their heads came nearer, their lips just inches away from the goal. Closing her eyes, Kaoru readied herself as Kenshin came closer and closer until ...

" Hello Kenshin darling, and Raccoon Face ! My, my, am I disturbing the two of you? Hohohoho ... " interrupted Megumi, who had just popped out of nowhere.

Aaargh !!!

With a start, Kaoru suddenly rose from her futon. Rubbing her sleepy eyes, she squinted against the glaring sunlight which had stealthily entered her room. Left and right, her eyes scoured the room, but there was no sign of Kenshin, much less anything that had just happened.

' Sigh, it was just another of my stupid dreams about Kenshin', thought Kaoru, as reality set in her mind. ' Am I going to end up as an old maid like Megumi, that nasty old witch ? '

Touching her lips gingerly, Kaoru remembered the dream in vivid detail, the pounding of her heart, the passion ... As she was about to drift into another one of her fantasies, she was interrupted by loud knocking on her door.

" Come in. "

Kenshin, who had been on his way to go fishing, heard Kaoru cry out in her sleep. Haphazardly, he rushed into the room and assumed a battle stance, his deadly fishing pole poised and ready to protect her from whatever enemy there was. In his haste to save Kaoru, Kenshin had grabbed the closest thing within his reach, which was his fishing pole, to use as a weapon. Scanning the room and assuring himself that there wasn't any eminent danger to Kaoru, other than the thin bamboo stick he was wielding, he dropped it, faced her and enveloped her in a totally unexpected bear hug, which more or less turned Kaoru's knees to jello.

" I was so scared. I don't know what I would have done if something had happened to you, Kaoru. I really do lo - " Kenshin shakily murmured. Suddenly, realizing that he had just burst into Kaoru's room, displayed his feelings, and was now holding her in a very, and I do mean very compromising position, Kenshin's face turned as red as his flaming hair. In his panicked state, Kenshin accidentally let go of Kaoru's body, which fell with a heavy thud on the floor.

" Aaaaargh ! Kenshin no baka ! Why the heck did you drop me? "

Incoherently, Kenshin started babbling apologetically to Kaoru, who was lying on the floor, rubbing her bruised bum. " I'm so sorry, I really am so very sorry about your bum. I hope it's okay because it's perfect, not that I look at it or anything. Gulp, that didn't come out the way it was supposed to. Please forgive me because I'm so very very sorry. Please don't be mad because I am truly sorry. I didn't mean to drop you. It's just that I liked holding you in my - ummmm, I meant that I enjoyed supporting you ... No, that's not right what I meant was - ... "

' He's so cute when he gets flustered and his bangs cover his eyes, which are utterly gorgeous, his eyes, I mean... Sigh ! He's just the most adorable guy in the world ', reflected Kaoru, who was oblivious to everything but the sexy movements of Kenshin's lips.

" Is there anything I could do to show you how sorry I am ? Anything ? "

' Hehehe, you could kiss my owie to make the pain go away, no, that wouldn't be proper ... Hmmm, a kiss on the lips would do just fine ', mused Kaoru to herself with a wicked grin.

With a look of a deer caught in the glare of a incoming car's headlights, or should I say a cornered victim of an infamous slasher, Kenshin began to slowly back up away from Kaoru. " Wha - wha - what di - di - did you ju - ju - just say ? " he stuttered.

' Uh oh. I must have said it out loud. ', her mind screamed, hurriedly thinking of an excuse. " Ummm, what I meant was you could, you could ... go fishing ! Yeah ! I want you, Kenshin Himura, to go and catch me a nice big fish for our supper ok ? Any fish would be great! "

" Even a catfish? , " he asked warily, still unsure of what he had heard, or not heard.

" Yes. Now go ! ", she said, picking up the fishing rod which had fallen on the floor.

" But don't you hate catfish ? "

" Not anymore Kenshin. Go ! " she muttered with gritted teeth.

" Are you sure about this Kaoru ? I mean I could - "

" YES. NOW GO, BEFORE I DO SOMETHING I WILL REGRET ! " shouted Kaoru, accidentally snapping the pole in half with her bare hands.

Kenshin, who was now scared out of his wits, scooted out of the room with his ' godlike ' speed, holding onto the broken pieces and wondering how on earth could he catch a fish with a broken rod.

" Sigh, You're so stupid, " scolded Kenshin and Kaoru's minds simultaneously.

' I wanted so badly to tell Kaoru how much I care for her, how much I love her smile, her personality, her beauty both outside and within, but I just can't. I know that she accepts me for who I am and that she doesn't care about the fact that I have killed thousands heartlessly, but I am not worthy of her and never will be. I guess what's keeping me from revealing my feelings is the fact that I have nothing to offer her as a husband. I can't even catch fish very well. All I can do is cook and do the laundry, like some housewife. Why the heck can't I have a more macho and impressive talent ? SOB, I even overheard some people saying that I look like a girl. Oroororoo. '

Unhappily, Kenshin sat down on the grass by the entrance of the dojo in order to gather his thoughts, regain his composure, and figure out a way to become more manly.

' It's not like I meant to scare him away or anything. In fact, I was glad that he showed me that he really cares for me. Why oh why did I botch everything up. Why can't I just tell him exactly what's in my heart? It's all my fault ...
Sniff. If I were more feminine like Megumi or anyone else but myself, I'm sure I could have made Kenshin fall in love me. It's almost Valentines Day, but no one seems to want me ... Waaaaaah ! ' sobbed Kaoru.

Miserably, Kaoru remembered the incident a year or two ago when she thought that her dream had finally come true. Kenshin had given her an engagement ring, something that she had wanted very badly. " Aaargh, I should have known better than to believe that he, of all people, would want to marry me ... It was great while it lasted though. " With that thought in her mind, Kaoru quickly began to dress up. With a sigh of resignation, she stepped out of her room, ready to face the tasks that lay ahead of her.

End of chapter 1 ...

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