I was talking with my friends about Kingdom Hearts, about Axel, when this came in my mind. I hope you all like it – eventhough it is rather short!

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He couldn't help but feel, the strange man before him being so familiar. Time having frozen the mans body. Sora slowly approched, feeling in the pit of his stomach an unknown feeling. It was as if he had met the man before – had known him, but ... that couldn't be.

He circled the man – simply to make sure it wasn't a trap, but also... again that feeling. He looked in those deep, green eyes. They felt so familair. He couldn't help but feel drawn into them. Somewhere – deep inside him something stirred.

A feeling he didn't know – as if it wasn't his and yet it was... He somehow found himself trailling the mans cheek and pulled back quickly. He knew he should continue, but the feeling of leaving the man behind felt... just wrong.

He didn't want to say goodbye. Something didn't want to leave him. Sora slowly circled the guy again, observing him, searching for something familiar – but he couldn't find it. Find what?

Once again those eyes – those deep...green...eyes.. He shook his head. What the hell was wrong with him! 'Axel...' His eyes widened. Axel...the guy...his name...Axel... How did Sora know? Why did he feel so sure?

As if another part of him took him over, he placed his hand on the guys cheek. He didn't think – nor did he want to – as he placed his own lips over Axel's. 'Axel...' Without another look he ran – away from the guy – away from his feeling – away from a part of him.

As soon as he had left, time began to run again. Axel – able to move again, stared into the direction Sora had run off too. He still felt Sora's touch. 'Roxas...' He knew it was Roxas – who else? He smiled lightly – opening the portal that would take him back to whereever...

As Sora continued his journey – the train moving towards his new destination – he couldn't help but feel sadened. At the station a tear had rolled down, not knowing why. As he stared out of the window, the feeling of sadness slowly fading. He would see him again.

Sora didn't know why, but he knew, somewhere inside. He'd make sure of that.


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