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RG: Right. Anywho, this happened when my fancharacters, AlphaFighter and OmegaFighter, the Begining and End twins, fight a bit too much and end up getting thrown on a "deserted" planet by their master, Vector Prime, so they can see how much they REALLY need each other. Enjoy.

"I hate you!" A black, jet sparkling yelled as he wrestled with his twin sister. He punched the young pick up truck femme in the face as she clawed off his red visor.

"I hate you too!" The sparkling AlphaFighter yelled as she bit her brother's arm hard. "I wish we weren't related!"

"There's something we can agree on!" Omega snarled before kneeing her stomach. He punched her forehead, stunning her for a moment, "I wish you had never been born so I would be an only child and not related to a baby and a suck up!"

"Take that back!"


The twins continued to wrestle, grunting and rolling around the floor, for a while before two hands pulled the two apart and held them up in the air at arm's length. When the two sparklings wouldn't stop trying to hit and kill each other, their master sighed and shook his head. "Enough, you two!" Vector Prime snapped.

Alpha stopped instantly and looked at her master with wide optics, a bit scared by the tone in his voice. She was a daddy's girl, even though the mech was her master, and didn't like to disappoint him. She preferred to do what he said when he said it. That's why she thought she was his favorite, though he claimed he loved them both the same like a real father does.

Omega, on the other hand, continued to try to hurt his sister. He finally got a good swing and managed to kick Alpha's cheek. He grinned and folded his arms proudly as Alpha, stunned by the sudden, unseen blow, covered her cheek and retreated into her mind, optics dulling slightly. Omega didn't care, or at least acted like he didn't, what Vector Prime said. He was the rebel of the family.

Vector Prime was also shocked for a moment, but then growled. He held them apart even farther and glared at Omega, "Omega! Apologize to your sister. Now!"

"No!" Omega growled, "She deserves it!" Omega folded his arms, "Don't wanna. Not gonna."

"I hate you Omega!" Alpha optics returned to normal and tears brimmed her optics as she touched her cheek gently.


"Enough!" Vector Prime snapped. "You two are all each other have! It's you two against the world! You don't mean anything you're saying!"

"Yes we do!" Both said.

"You two…" The mech paused. He got an idea, "You two need a crash course in exactly how much you two really need and care about each other."

Both of the Alpha and Omega twins blinked and looked at each other, but then looked away, folding their arms. They growled loudly and looked at Vector Prime with curiosity. The keeper of time tucked both under his arm and opened a portal, stepping through. Once through, he dropped the twins and smiled at them.

"Oof!" Both grunted as they hit the ground, landing on their butts.

They looked around and saw that they were on some sort of junk/jungle planet with trees, plant life and then piles of junk all around. The sound of running water reached their audios as they spotted huge piles of smoke rising in the air.

"M-Master…Why-Why are we here?" Alpha whimpered, looking up at the mech that was like their father.

"You two are going to stay here for two weeks…or until you realize exactly how much toy two really need each other. You'll both be here alone…with only each other." Vector Prime explained.

"What?!" Omega yelled, "I gotta stay here…with her?!"

"What about Energon?" Alpha whimpered up at him. The sparkling swallowed and looked around nervously.

"Energon mining is a two person job," Vector Prime explained, "You two'll have to work together to survive. It's a shame really…" He sighed, "I haven't had to do this for the last…ten pairs of twins…"

Alpha flinched. She HATED disappointing her master. The young sparkling clung to his leg, "Please don't leave us, master" She begged, "I don't wanna be stuck here with him!"

Vector Prime sighed and pulled her off his leg. He opened a portal and walked through it without looking back. Before Alpha could follow, it closed, leaving the two sparklings all alone.

Alpha whimpered as Omega huffed and flew into the air, "I don't need you!" He yelled at Alpha before flying off and out of sight.

Alpha growled, "And I don't need you!!" She screamed up at him. She whimpered again, looking around, and then started to walk away. She shivered as the cold breeze wrapped around her. The sparkling swallowed and walked towards the river slowly, keeping her senses alert and her hand near her gun.

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