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Both were extremely shocked at this new power. Vector Prime said that they would receive the powers when they became a little closer. They had just received their first power! So…Vector Prime was right. Now they realized exactly how much they needed each other right then. They were family. They cared about each other. No matter what anyone else said.

Together, they headed towards the junkyard that was nearby. The whole forest kind of looked like some mixed up world. It was peaceful and somewhat beautiful, but it was also covered with trash and had a junkyard. It was a very weird place. Once the twins had reached the huge junkyard, they stuck their heads into the gate, Alpha's on top of Omega's, and looked around. When they determined it was safe enough for them to enter, both entered slowly and cautiously.

"…Which way, sis?" Omega asked, looking at his sister before looking around the maze of dripping wet junk.

"I…I'm not sure, bro…" Alpha swallowed, "But we had better decide soon if we're gonna explore this whole place 'fore Master comes to get us…"

"That helps…"

Alpha wapped him. "Please. You're no help. Let's go left." She muttered, looking at her little brother, who nodded and headed right. "No, no, Omega. You're other left." She said, pointing the right way. "Yeah, c'mon."

The two walked for a while until they were smack dab in the heart of the junkyard and completely lost. Both were clinging to each other and the sun was starting to hide behind threatening looking dark clouds. Omega gasped upon hearing something and pushed his sister behind him. All of a sudden, two huge, metal bulldogs dashed from behind a corner of the maze of junk and froze, not spotting the twins. They sniffed the air and turned their heads, finally realizing they were there. The bulldogs growled loudly.

Both twins took a step back. It was kind of freaky to the two, huge dogs how their movements were so precise. Their steps were completely even; they stepped at the same time, went the same length, and ended at the same time. Both twins looked at the two bulldogs and swallowed, frightened by their sheer size and how strong they looked. Also by how sharp their teeth and claws looked. They grabbed each other's hand and held tight while ready to make a break for it. If one of them didn't escape, then neither one of them escaped.

The bulldogs growled and bared their fangs, ready to launch themselves at the twins. They grinned and chuckled when the brother and sister finally realized that the bulldogs had cornered them against a wall of junk. As they neared the two frightened sparklings, ready to attack them and rip them apart without any mercy, a voice called out to them.

"Bruno! Runo!" The mech's voice shouted harshly, "Where the 'ell 're ya two?!"

The twins held onto each other tightly as, just for a second, the bulldog's attention shifted off of them and to the voice. However, that only lasted for a second. The two huge dogs turned back to the twins and snarled loudly.

"Bruno! Runo!" The voice yelled again. A shot was heard, "Where the 'ell 're ya?!" He called again, "Git 'ere now!!"

One of the dogs let out a howl, calling its master to it. A moment later, a large mech came emerged from the maze of junk and looked down at his dogs. The mech had armor that varied in shades of gray, with white hands, black joints. On his face, he had an orange visor on with dark green optics underneath. He had a Corvette alternate mode and a hooded cloak on his shoulders. The outside of the cloak was black and the inside, gray.

The new mech saw what his dogs had captured and looked relatively surprised. What were two, young sparklings doing in his junkyard? They couldn't have been that old. No more than ten in human years. Once he had recovered from the shock, he walked over to his dogs and pushed them apart, "Leave 'em 'lone, boys." The mech instructed before walking over to the sparklings. "Who 're y'all?" He asked, orange visor darkening slightly.

The twins whimpered slightly and clung to each other. However, Alpha pushed her brother behind her suddenly, which startled, not only Omega, but the mech as well. This little femme expected to protect her brother from him and his dogs if needed? She had spunk; he'd give her that. The young pick up truck femme clenched her fists, "I'm A-Alpha." She stuttered, trying to hide the fear in her optics and voice, "He's Omega. Who're you?"

The mech bent down to their level. "Cellbreaker. Now. Ah got an even more important question fer ya. Wha' the 'ell are ya doin' in mah junkyard?" He voice got low as he said that.

Omega glared at Cellbreaker, red visor flashing as if he was angry, but didn't move from behind his sister. However, he did have on hand on his sister's shoulder and the other on his blaster. Cellbreaker grinned. He was, if needed, going to push his sister out of the way and fire. Heh. He had to give them credit. They were planning to sacrifice themselves for each other. Omega growled slightly as the mech's bulldogs, who were advancing towards them slowly.

Alpha looked Cellbreaker in the optics. In her emerald optics, the mech saw fear. She was afraid of him. He smirked. She had a reason to be afraid of him. He was a strong mech and his dogs were strong as well. It only took one of them to rip a sparkling apart, though he would never allow them to do so. Looking closer, he also saw another emotion in her optics. Worry. The sparkling was worried about the sparkling behind her. Her brother, Cellbreaker guessed. The mech snapped back to reality when Alpha tore her optics from Cellbreaker's.

"We stumbled in here." Alpha answered timidly. "Our Master dumped us here after we fought each other. We have to live her for two weeks with only each other. I don't think he expected there to be another mech here." Here, she looked over at the two bulldogs, "Or any dogs either…" She muttered.

The two dogs snickered, looking at each other. They walked over to their master and sat down. One sat down by his left leg and the other sat down by his right. Both grinned and panted happily as their master scratched their ears, deciding what to do with the twins. He saw them mouthing something to one another and finally managed to tune in so he heard what they were saying.

"-He's gonna do?" The boy, Omega, asked his sister, clutching her shoulder. He looked over at Cellbreaker.

"Don't know, bro. But don't worry." Alpha whispered as she reached for her blaster, "Won't let 'im hurtcha. We stick together, right?"


Cellbreaker looked down and saw that the two hit their knuckles together and then pulled it back quickly, opening their fists when they got near their face. Both smiled and then lowered their arms. Both fingered their lasers and waited for Cellbreaker to say something.

Said mech had bent down and was still scratching his dogs' ears. What had the twins said again? Ah yes. Their 'master' had dumped them there. He stood up. They were just children. He wasn't going to hurt them. The thought hadn't really even crossed his mind. He walked over to them and grabbed their arms. "Come on." He said, pulling them towards the maze of junk roughly. He was carrying them so that they were lifted a good two feet off the ground.

"Ow! Hey! Be careful!" Omega yelled, glaring up at Cellbreaker. The sparkling fingered his blaster, but yelped and dropped it when one of the bulldogs barked and snapped at him. "Sis!"

Alpha, who was struggling to get out of Cellbreaker's grasp, froze at her brother's cry. She peered around the mech's body and saw her brother kicking at the bulldog, who was out of reach and snickering at his attempts. Alpha growled and threw her laser at the dog. She grinned as it hit his head, leaving a dent and making a satisfying 'clang!' She smirked, "That's for scaring an' snappin' at my brother, you brute!"

The bulldog's 'brother' snarled and snapped at Alpha's ankle, but didn't get her. He growled, "Don't throw stuff at mah brother, ya 'ear, kid?!" He growled as his brother rubbed his snout.

"Don't bite at my sister!" Omega yelled at the other bulldog. "Why if I could come over there I'd-" All of a sudden, both were dropped roughly on their afts. Both groaned and rubbed their butts, "What was that for?" Omega yelled up at Cellbreaker as he stood up. "Gimme your hand, sis." He said, offering his hand to his sister.

Alpha gratefully took it and stood up. She looked over and saw that Cellbreaker and his dogs, who were standing on each side of him, were now blocking the entrance to the junkyard. She shot the bulldogs a glare and then looked up at Cellbreaker.

Said mech was now glaring down at them. Even though he looked very angry at the twins, he actually liked the spunk and spirit he saw in them. They were very…protective of each other and had no fear when it came to protecting each other. Cellbreaker folded his arms in front of his chest and growled, "Listen 'ere, both of ya. Ah don' wanna see either of ya in mah junkyard 'gain, ya 'ear me? If ah see ya 'ere 'gain, ya'll regret ever meetin' me. Understand?"

Both twins saw the look that he gave them and swallowed. They tried to look brave, but it didn't help them any that Cellbreaker's dogs were growling at them, fangs bared. The twins looked at each other, grabbed each other's hand tightly, and then looked back up at Cellbreaker. They nodded slowly. "Yes sir." Both said at the same time.

Cellbreaker nodded. "Good. Now git outta my sight, both of ya!" He said, swinging his arm at them. He wasn't really trying to hit them, just scare them away. And it worked.

Both twins yelped, jumping backwards, and looked up at Cellbreaker. They opened their mouths, but then closed it and yelped again as his dogs ran towards them, barking loudly. Both turned and ran for their lives, gripping each other's hand tightly as they did so.

Cellbreaker watched them run and nodded. He looked down at his dogs, "Ah can't believe y'all were gonna 'urt them." He glared at his dogs, but then turned and walked inside his junkyard. After a minute of silence, he looked back at the bulldogs, "Ya two comin' er not?"

"Comin' boss!" Both said, hurrying inside after their master.

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