Dark visions.

Darkwing was looking out from his tower to the red sunset that reflected on the bay. For a reason he had been feeling down all day. He had had a date whit Morgana and even that didn't cheered him up. Meanly because Morgana had noticed that something was bothering him and had been trying to make him tell what happened. When he told her he just had a bad feeling she said that he shouldn't just ignore it. She was trying to persuade him that if his instincts made him feel that something bad was about to happen he should be prepared. She started a whole explanation about the magic in people and visions in low magic ranks as feelings as warnings. Back then he had just smiled to her and said it would be okay. In reality he agree whit her. But for different reasons. It had been one year ago he had died. It might sound weird but it was true. Everybody else's memories had been erased except his. Although he was quite sure Morgana knew. He had been dead, after wars he had been a ghost for a little while and at the end he was back a live. He had been giving a second chance, which he had sworn to use it well. That experience had changed him. Before he wasn't aware how dangerous his job was but now he dared facing the risks it. Since then he had asked Morgana to be his girlfriend because he knew he better take a risk then regret it after wars because he had unfinished business. He never left the house whit out kissing Gos goodbye and rarely left when they had an argument. He had been in a few troubles whit S.H.U.S.H. since then as well. Since he had died, Darkwing had learned to have more respect for live. He saw the value of it. He was against the death punishment of criminals. He had changed his mind to a new slogan 'that no one had the right decide about the life of some one else!'. And although he had managed to convince Hooter of his new view on life a lot of people didn't agree. He looked at the water and the dark red colour of the sky. It looked like blood. He would never kill, never. Life was a to valuable gift to throw away. And now Darkwing finally managed to smile. Because he had had a beautiful gift. Not only had he got a second chance but he also had opened his eyes. He had opened not only his heart but his mind ass well for the things that happened in life. And what ever would be coming he would try to make the best out of it and try to make sure that no one died. Darkwing Duck would be their when the dark night would swallow St.Canard. He would be the one star trying to guide the one who needed his help who ever that would be.

Authors note: This is only the first chapter. It's more a sort of introduction. This happens a year after the episode "Dead Duck". I hope you like it. It's going to be a bit darker then the episodes but not much. And I think I'm going to let it have a happy end. (Most of all because my little brother doesn't agree whit a lot of people dieing :s) But I'm not really sure yet so I'm warning you guy's that it might change during the chapters. (It meanly depends on my mood on the moment I write it.) So it might become very bad but it can be good as well. I'm just gonna leave like that for the moment, who knows how it will continue?! If you have anything to say feel free to let me know (good as well as bad). Please review.
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