Chapter 9: Plotting

Busy, agitated, people were running around bumping against each other, papers flying around, people yelling, officers stressing. None of this got true the little red head that was sitting on a soft chair in the busy hallway. She didn't even notice. Gosalyn…McQuack would be here surname now. She could not believe it. Of course she liked Launchpad but he was more a kind of funny uncle who she could persuade to do thing a dad would never aloud. But even the uncle was not there for her now. No one was there for her any more. Launchpad was with his sick aunt in Duckelburg, Honker had no idea what was going on and was probably lying in bed sickly, Gizmo Duck was in the hospital in Duckelburg and she had no idea of the were about of any of the Justice Ducks. She was alone. Her beak slightly trembled as she felt that she was on the edge of crying again. She looked up confused when she felt a warm arm on her shoulder. Sara Bellum was standing beside her and had put her hand on the kid's shoulder not to scare her as she kneeled down beside her, smiling warmly. "Don't worry kid I'm sure Darkwing will be okay." She said trying to cheer up the pushy kid. But Gosalyn however looked to the ground again acting as if she was terribly fascinated by the floor structure.
"Any way I should give you this but don't tell it to anyone or I'll lose my chance for my noble price." She said pushing a folded paper in her hands, patted her on the head and then left.
Gosalyn watched her leavening with a confused look. She sniffed once and dried the tears out of her eyes with the back of her hand and looked at the paper doubtfully. After a while she opened the paper that revealed Drakwing's handwriting.

'Dear Gosalyn,
I'm sorry if things ever have to come this far, under whatever circumstances. I made sure things would be as good as possible for you if something ever happened to me. LP will take great care of you. Just remember one thing: I will always be there when you need me.
I love you for all that you are and what you made of me your guardian angel Darkwing Duck.'

Gosalyn couldn't help it, as a small smile appeared on her went face. Her dad was even greater then she thought and she had to admit that her dad apparently always was much better aware of the dangers of his work then she had thought he was. She sniffed a few times and took out the handkerchief that her dad had given her before he had left, drying her tears. "Alright Gos this isn't the moment to be a cry baby." She said to herself but for some reason it proofed itself much harder to find the actual courage. She sigh, why couldn't she come up with some ideas now. Beside she had no idea what her dad would be expecting from her. Would Darkwing say she was suppose to lay low and just go on with her live? No Darkwing would never say that, but Drake would. So who would her dad want to listen to: Drake or Darkwing? She felt tears swelling up in her eyes again and took out the handkerchief again. It was the only thing she had from her dad. She hugged it for a while and played with it while trying to get out of the confusion. Only after the tears had stopped and her mind had became a bit clear again she noticed something odd at it. She shook it once and looked at it a bit better and gasped. It was his mask! It hadn't just been a simple purple handkerchief her dad had given her but one of his purple mask. "Enough of a hint for me!" she said grinning as she jumped of her chair. "But what should I do?" she looked doubtful for a moment but then the idea struck her. "Let's get smart!"


"MegaVolt were have you been? We were worried sick!" Bushroot said as he and Liquidator ran over to the electric rodent that had just entered their secret base.

"Long story and… err, actually I don't remember the hole story so you should ask QJ." He said as he ran passed them towards a desk.

The other two villains looked at each other confused at first but then sigh.

"If you search for madness ask MegaVolt to be your professional teacher!" Liqui said as he appeared beside him.

"Ow such!" Bushroot said as he joined him. "Listen MegaVolt I don't know how to bring this to you carefully but you have to understand that people die sometimes, well always actually but well some sooner then others but you have to accept it. It's just the circle of live. Do you understand?" he asked stumbling over his words. MegaVolt looked at him as if he had just been babbling Chinese to him and blinked a few times.

"Argh, alright I give up. Your turn Liqui." Bushroot sigh in frustration throwing his arms up.

"If you want your best friend dead call Darkwing Duck! Things are simple my best glowing friend: QuakerJack is dead, end of story. He's not coming back. Get over it." Liqui stated simply.

MegaVolt looked up from his work again giving them a slightly insulted look for a moment but then an evil grin crossed his face as he glare past them. Liqui and Bushroot exchanged confused glares and then nervously looked behind them.



Behind them a huge sized Nega Duck had stood with a gun aiming at them as he cried had cried out Boe. Liqui and Bushroot just got the shock of their live. Liqui had changed into a puddle of water and Bushroot had fainted. The next minute the Nega Duck ghost had changed back into QuackerJack's ghost and both him and MegaVolt were rolling over the floor laughing. Liqui was the first one to get himself in hand again: he got himself up again and looked at the two laughing figures trembling. "Wha…what?" he stumbled as Bushroot stood behind him trembling.

"Oehoe, whahahaha! You should have seen you face!" MegaVolt sputtered.

"Hahahaha, told you they would get an attack. That'll teach you for forgetting me that fast." QJ said whipping away a tear as he got up again.

"Yo…you…"Bushroot stuttered while hiding behind Liqui.

"Are QJ's ghost?" Liqui asked while he took a better look at the floating blue figure.

"Yup, at least someone who doesn't need a signed paper to get that one!" QJ said floating around.

"MegaVolt what is happening?" Liqui asked, as he was completely calm again.

"Well we're in some kind of war." MegaVolt said getting confused and worried looks from the two other villains.

"If this is another joke of you two..." Bushroot started.

"Nope, we're deadly serious." QJ said laughing at his own pun getting nervous surged from the two villains. "Alright thing is: S.H.U.S.H. is going nuts and Darkwing, who didn't kill me" he quickly added "is at our side. Someone in town thinks it is fun to try and kill all the super villains in town."

"And that someone is that nuts grizzly from S.H.U.S.H.!" MegaVolt added.

"Killing the super villains in town? Isn't that quite nuts? I mean isn't that sort of impossible?" Bushroot started.

QuakerJack gave him an icy glare and hissed under his breath. "How you like a weed killing bath stupid bush!" Bushroot squalled.

"All right, we get the hint but still what has it to do with us? I mean we just hide and lay low for a while right!" Liqui suggested.

"Didn't thought of that one yet actually. Why didn't I came up with that." MegaVolt mumbled.

"Megs!" QJ whined.

"Oeps, yeah right sorry. Com'on guys we got to fight." The two other sigh

"Well we're in the dead risk zone anyway so." Bushroot started. "What is the plan?"

"Wait for Darkwing to show up." MegaVolt suggested.

"And let them analyse the bottle he gave you." QJ hinted.

"Yeah right!" MegaVolt mumbled and took out the bottle "we have to analyse this."

"For poison!" QJ explained. Liqui took the bottle and went to his desk and started to analyse it.

"What is it?" Bushroot asked.

"Something Darkwing found on Nega Ducks body."

"Nega Ducks body? Do you mean he's?"


"Hey guys if you're interested it is indeed poison. But I can't say what exactly: I would say something organic. A plant maybe, I don't really know. You wanna try your chance Bushy." Bushroot nodded and went to the lab table taking Liqui's place. "So what do we do now?" Liqui asked.

"We were supposed to wait for Darkwing, but he was suppose to here by now."

"Maybe something happened." Bushroot said from over his lab table.

"Maybe he chickened out!" Liqui said laughing.

"And maybe I should kick your ass for thinking that!" a voice brook in. They all turned around seeing Darkwing behind them looking pissed and rather worn off.

"What in Edison's name happened to you?" MegaVolt asked sounding slightly worried.

"I had a little run in with justice." He grumbled.

"You as well? Well you came out of it better the me but for a starting criminal you're not doing it that bad. You go the news right away!" QJ said as he pointed at the television that had been playing all the time.

'And that were direct images of the attempt to arrest Darkwing Duck, former super hero who now appears to have turned to the dark side…'

"If you want a change of career call Darkwing Duck near!" Liqui said laughing regretting he couldn't make a real comercial out of it as it would be a topper.

'They found out that the so called St.Canard super hero true identity would be that of the simple house father called Drake Mallard.'

"You know you should work on the concept secret in the word secret ID!" Bushroot joined in innocently.

"Mhhh, from were do I know that name." MegaVolt was mumbling to himself while thinking. Darkwing groaned angry but he couldn't help the fact a small smile crept on his face as his real name still rung a bell at MegaVolt's messy brain.

"Well maybe we should better turn it of!" Bushroot said getting the hint. But then an image of Gosalyn appeared on the screen.

"No wait!" Darkwing said pushing him aside.

'The young girl, Gosalyn Waddlemeyer, who Darkwing Duck used as a poor victim for his alibis was brought to safety in a secret residents were she was waiting for her new legal guardian, Launchpad McQuack. However she appears to be missing now for a few hours as we expect that Darkwing kidnapped her…'

By now Darkwing turned it of.

"You used the fan girl as alibi person?" MegaVolt asked confused.

"No you dwip she's…hey would you stop trying to molest my ectoplasm!" QJ said annoyed as he noticed that Darkwing was trying to punch him but only got his hands to get true the ghost's head. "What is your problem? The whole world knows, what would it hurt if they knew. We're on the same side now anyway."

"Ow I get it, she's his daughter." Bushroot said suddenly to Darkwings great dislike who ignored QJ innocents smiles.

"How could you kidnap her if you're here?" MegaVolt asked slightly confused as his brains felt as if they were going to be overload.

"I didn't you idiot, they just try to frame me some more." Darkwing said annoyed.

"So she just disappeared? Aren't you worried? I mean your daughter who disappeared." Bushroot said slightly confused at the amused grin on QuakerJack's face.

"I am worried but this can be a good thing as well;"

"What a fatherly love." Liqui said rolling his eyes.

"No you idiot. I do not trust S.H.U.S.H. anymore, not with that idiot of a loony Grizlicoff at the head. So it leaves two possibilities: one Grizlicoff does it in hope to lure me in a trap or b) Gosalyn understood my hint and as usual goes on and breaks every possible rule. And as far as my fatherly instincts are concerned it is the second. I know my little girl if she can take care of villains like you S.H.U.S.H. should be like stealing candy from a baby."

"Hey!" they said in chorus offended.

"Well you should see it as a compliment. You're better then S.H.U.S.H."

"If it wasn't that we knew that she never listened to you either we would feel insulted." QuakerJack said grinning meanly getting murderous glare from Darkwing.

"Right so what now?" Bushroot asked nervous.

"We have to come up with a plan!" Darkwing said ignoring QuakerJack's usual mad grins.

"Couldn't have thought of that." Liqui said sarcastically.

"Very funny now shut it waterbrain I'm serious."

"Alright, alright. Gee what a temper it's just as if Nega Duck's back. So what is the plan?"

"Wait go back a bit, what did you just say." Darkwing asked as he saw a little light in the darkness.

"What is the plan?" Liqui said slightly confused.

"No before that!" Darkwing said impatient.

"Nega Duck his temper."

"Right that is it." Darkwing cried happily getting confused looks from the villains. "Before Nega Duck went into a coma he said something to me." Darkwing explained.

"So what was it?" they urged him.

"Something about there being a fourth part and as he didn't knew we would team up we should change it to there is a third." Darkwing said while he paced up and down.

"Well that's great help."

"Shut it! Now let's think. He was clearly talking about this fight. So if he said there was a third party it means we only saw two big ones till now. So let's start there: who are the first two parties?"

"Good and evil." Bushroot suggested.

"If you want someone to go on the fairytale story just go and ask the romance obsess walking bush." Liqui said rolling his eyes. "You're a bad guy you're not suppose to think that way!" he said slamming Bushroot's head.

"Yeah well that is clearly but the question is who is who." Darkwing continued not paying any notice of Liqui.

"We evil!" MegaVolt said rather out of habit.

"No, not this time."

"Ow just get over it Darkwing, being a villain is much more fun anyway." QuakerJack said laughing careless.

"And a lot more deadly as well for the moment." Darkwing shot back getting another murderous glare from QuakerJack.

"Alright so one part must be us. The targeted villains."

"So you call yourself a villain?" Liqui said grinning.

DW just glared at him, how was he suppose to work with those idiots. He started to understand why Nega Duck was so trigger happy, these guys drove you mad. "For the moment I am seen as it but as far as I am concerned we are the hero's. But anyway the second part must be S.H.U.S.H. Who is targeting you more then usual."

"Okay so that is clear, even Megs could see that but who is the third part?"

"That is the question. I don't really know. Any suggestion?"

"The Justice Ducks?"

"No, they are were I am and they are none active for the moment. Gizmo is in the hospital, I am here and for the others I am not sure. But Steggie alone is nothing and Neptunia doesn't help us unless we specifically ask her to. As for Morgana I doubt at her were abouts. The last time I saw her…"

"Last date you mean." Liqui said big mounted

"Ow I wish I had dates." Bushroot sigh.

"Yeah right." MegaVolt said as QJ laughed.

"Well at least you have each other." Bushroot shot back.

"What? I don't get that." Megavolt said looking confused.

"Iew." QJ complained "What the hell do you think of us Bushbrain."

"They admit the us!" Liqui said laughing.

"Not both of you just you QJ, Megs is not nuts enough."

"I show you nuts, you stupid walking weed!" QJ grumbled attempting to kick him but passing true "Blast! You just wait till I am able to materialize!" he grumbled "or posses." He added darkly.

"Would you stop it!" Darkwing grumbled as he was biting in his hat to try and stop himself from making it easier for the enemies and just kill them. "You're just a bunch of little baby's." he added.

"That's right just keep breathing." QJ said from the background.

"So who would be the third part." Darkwing asked once he had himself in hand again as he had to accept that it would be impossible to strangle the already dead QuakerJack.

"Well it can't be any small individual criminal. It wouldn't be big enough to be seen as third party!"

"So who is still left?" QJ was biting his beak.

"Do you happen to know anything?" Darkwing asked suspicious.

"Nothing I can tell." He said surging. Darkwing sigh, 'the rules of death probably'.

"No individual criminals but groups. So who is left…"

"Sorry sir but you can't go in there the boss clearly said he didn't want anybody to disturb him."

"I don't give a damn for what the idiot says." Darkwing said pushing the officer out of the way as he busted in the office of Hooter.

"I'm sorry sir I couldn't stop him!" the officer said doubtfully.

"Leave us alone!" was the only cold respond the officer got.

"Excuse me sir?"

"I said get out!" he roared angry as the officer hurried out.

"You killed a helpless person! You are nuts, wait till Gander hears of this!" Darkwing roared.

"Who?" the S.H.U.S.H. top agent asked slightly confused for a second.

"Gander!" Darkwing raved angry.

"You should let your head be checked Darkwing I don't know about who you're talking." The bear said annoyed.

Darkwing let out a yell of frustration. "It doesn't matter. But how could you Grizlicoff? You killed him? You killed him while he was defenceless and after he had surrendered." Darkwing yelled again furiously.

When Darkwing snapped out of the memory everything seemed cleared to him. How could he had missed it, it hadn't seem important at that moment but hell it was crutial. "F.O.W.L.!" he exclaimed.

"But nobody heard anything about them for a while. They still have to recover their last downfall from what I heard."

"The silent before the storm!" DW reasoned.

The others looked at each other "But if they are involved why don't we know? Usually Steelbeak can't wait to get the media."

"Because they want to play it safe." Darkwing said while he had made a small little round canal like shape in the ground from walking back and forth all the time.

"And that is working as we only know of them now. They must be pushing us in certain directions with out us knowing."

"What do you mean?" DW asked looking at QJ.

"They might have some spies in S.H.U.S.H.. You know they are pulling the strings that kinda stuff." he suggested while floating in a sitting position.

Darkwings thinking glare changes into a happy 'I'm-a-genius-with-the-perfect-plan' expression in no time. "QuakerJack if I could touch you I would hug you right now." He said.

"No offence Dipwing but I'm extremely happy that I'm dead in that case." QJ giggled.

"What is so funny?" MegaVolt asked highly confused.

"We know the third!" Bushroot said as he had carefully paid attention the hole time.

"So it is F.O.W.L.?"

"Yes, and as far as I can see they are the one with all the control for the moment and now we have to make sure we get it !"

"And how are we suppose to do that." Liqui asked, as he still didn't really trust the whole plan.

"That…is a very good question." Darkwing said his morality sinking again. Then suddenly there was knock on the door. They all turned around weapons ready. When the figure came in. Bushroot immediately shot his roots capturing it and Liqui appeared behind it closing the door Megavolt and DW ready with their guns. "Prepare to fry" "and suck gas!" For a second Darkwing was surprised by their teamwork, maybe he had underestimated them. Only now the figure became clear and Darkwing recognized his girlfriend: Morgana Macawber.

"Morgana?" he asked too surprised to do anything.

"Dark what the hell is going on here?" she asked slightly tempered.

"Let go of her!" he snapped at Bushroot who didn't listen however.

"We have to be careful, how are we sure it is her."

"Well got a point there I guess." Darkwing said confused at how much sense the criminals were making.

"Darkwing Duck you better let your little friends let go of me or we'll have a serious little chat about our relationship and your way of treating me!" Morgana began, her eyes glowing red.

"Al…alright that's my girl alright." He mumbled as Bushroot let go of her

"Good! So what the hell is going on here dark?" she asked regaining her normal patience again giving a doubtful glare at the villains and looking rather surprised but interested when her eye fell on QuakerJack.

"We don't have time to explain Morg. But what are you doing here?"

"Gosalyn asked me to find you."

"I knew it. That's my girl." He busted out proudly.

"Hey Drake cool it we've got a mission!" QJ snapped, as he kept looking at the clock rather nervous.

"Right." Darkwing grumbled, not to happy with the villains using his real name. "So what was it Morg?"

"Well Gos escaped out of the S.H.U.S.H. office and explained what was going on for as far as she knows. She is now heading for Duckelburg, she's safe: she's with Steggie. Further she just said you were in trouble and could probable use my help." Morgana finished looking at the villains intrigued.

"Hey you're a witch right?" QJ said suddenly sounding hopeful.

"Yes why?" Morgana asked a bit taken back while observing the ghost. She vaguely remembered something like it had once happened with Darkwing but she doubted if he knew it himself. Probably every memory about such a situation was erased, except from Morgana of course. A small magical privilege.

"Do you happen to know how to bring back people from the dead?"

"No. I tried once but I can't!" She said feeling a bit sorry when she saw the villains disappointed expression.

"Crud." QuakerJack mumbled to himself as the ends of his mask hung down sadly.

"So dark can I be of some use?" she asked trying to get back to business.

"Well actually..." Darkwing had just been about to give her some job when suddenly the door flung open again and death itself entered.

"Iep! Hide me!" QJ suddenly squalled as he saw him come near and hid behind Darkwing.

"What the heck?" DW said slightly surprised.

"It's time!" the cloaked figure said making a shudder run down Darkwing spine as he remember some things he rather not remembered. 'Always keep one your helmet when you drive' he thought to himself. The others of the five looked positively freaked out, as this was completely new for them.

"Well um…" he heard the jester utter behind him, for once clearly at the lost of words.

"Time is up mister QuakerJack." QJ although clearly didn't felt like just calmly going along and tried to coward behind Morgana.

", I can't come yet I haven't finished yet. They still need my help!" he uttered.

"I am sorry I can not keep making exceptions. Aah mister Mallard we met before if I am not mistaken." Death said sounding slightly regretful.

"Yeah, hehe hay!" DW said doing a step back not feeling anything for it to repeat his last encounter he had had with death while he was biting away the comment of 'how're the fingers'.

"Well I am not here for you this time. Mister QuakerJack." Death said with his usual sinister voice.

"O go get a hike! I don't wanna come. Hell'll be fine with out me for a couple of days more!" QJ snapped regaining courage.

"Ow why is everybody always so difficult! First mister Mallard now you. Really this is a job. I do not do it for my own pleasure. Why can't someone just for once come along and greet me smiling." Death complained with a sigh.

"Well I always supported the idea that you only need to do what you think is fun!" QJ tried.

"I am sorry but you really have to come." QJ still didn't felt like it though and tried to run but quite unfortunately though. The other were still frozen at the sight in front of them and didn't say a word, too stunned to speak. But then suddenly MegaVolt spoke up as he had snapped out of his trance. "Hey let go of him creep!" he said trying to zap Death, which didn't really worked.

"My patience is getting finished." He said dragging QJ, who tried to fight him, along.

"Morg you're a witch, can't you do something. We need him." Darkwing said suddenly jumping into action.

"I dunno dark." Morgana said doubtfully.

"Com'on Morg you're the one who knows how it works! Just be the evil business women if that helps." Darkwing suggested.

"Okay, I'll try." she said and floated over. For the next couple of minutes the other could just see the two of them arguing with death. After a while Death left frustrated complaining and whining about his miserable faith.

"And?" the others asked nervous.

"I got him some extra time." Morgana said rather proud.

"Why do you look so down then?" Liqui asked QuakerJack who stood beside them, his hand in his pockets looking grumpy.

"Extra time not under it!" Morgana admitted.

"How the hell did you convince him?" Bushroot asked interested.

"That doesn't matter, back to our plan. Morg can I talk to you." Darkwing started. Morgana just nodded and they walked away and talked to each other for a while before he kissed her goodbye (which caused the villains to shoot different comments at them like 'Hey business before pleasure' or 'there is always time for love') and joined them again.

"Okay so Morg shall take care of reinforcements and stuff like that. So now for us: we have to split up! Liquidator and Bushroot you'll go and try to spy a bit on S.H.U.S.H.. Try to get a better look at what Grizlicoff is planning. You should be able to get in unseen considering your powers. MegaVolt and QuakerJack you come with me. We'll be going to F.O.W.L. We'll meet back here by sunrise."


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