"Hermione was pressed up against a broad, strong chest. She felt someone else's steady heartbeat against her arm. She felt warm arms easily lift her off of the ground, and carry her off."

- It's All Because Of You -

- CH 3. Seventeen -

"Wake up dear," A soft, gentle voice soothed its way into Hermione's ear, "You really ought to get up, you've slept for ages."

Hermione groaned and rolled to her side, she opened her eyes slowly and looked around. She gasped, 'This isn't right,' Hermione bolted upright. Yes, she was in the Hospital Wing. This wasn't a dream. Was it? No, this was all too vivid.

A woman walked by Hermione's bed, she was dressed like Madame Pomfrey, but she certainly wasn't Madame Pomfrey. She was younger, with soft blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, and a warm and comforting smile. She noticed Hermione was finally awake and sighed in relief, "I was almost afraid you were never going to wake up," She set a small orange bottle next to Hermione's bed, "Drink some of that. How are you feeling?"

Hermione didn't move. She just stared up into the eyes of the strange, kind lady. "How many days was I asleep?"

"Eight. Can you remember anything at all?"

Oh yes, Hermione remembered everything. Up to when she was sent back in time. Then it was all a blur. "I need to speak to Dumbledore."

The nursed paused, her eyes screamed confusion, "Dumbledore?"

"Yes, Dumbledore. Right now, immediately."

"Why would you need to speak to me so urgently miss?" A soft, deep, young voice called from the back of the room. Dumbledore had just walked through the door, "Glad to see you are up, mysterious student." His eyes twinkled.

Hermione almost gasped, it was a much younger Dumbledore. His hair was on the edges of white, but it was mostly a light brown. And he had less wrinkles. He looked much more full of energy. 'Don't start crying, Hermione.' She thought to herself. How long had it been since she had seen Dumbledore alive? A very long time, 'If only Harry could see him…'

"What is it?" He asked sitting next to her bedside.

Hermione thought for a bit, how much could she tell him without screwing up something in the future? "Time travel," Hermione whispered. It was all she could think of saying.

Dumbledore sat up straighter, a glint in his eyes full of curiosity, "You? From past or future?"


"Well then, you probably shouldn't tell me too much..."

Just then Tom Riddle walked through the door. This wasn't right at all. She was supposed to be back in time to where he was a baby! Not 17! She had to be clever with what she said.

"I know, but it's hard. I was supposed to go back further in time. For whatever reason it stopped me here." Hermione whispered to where Dumbledore could barely even hear it. Tom walked over and sat on the other side of Hermione's bed without a word. Dumbledore ignored him and asked a few more questions.

"Well, how old are you?"


"Hmm, a 7th year."

Dumbledore squinted his eyes. She had something up her sleeve. Her mood had suddenly changed when Riddle walked in. But, she was good, Dumbledore could tell.

"Alright, that works out then Miss…"


"Miss Granger. Tom Riddle here will be your escort for a while now. We don't want you taking any hard falls."

Dumbledore then excused himself and left the two teenagers by themselves.

Tom looked deep into Hermione's eyes and gently asked, "How are you feeling?"

Hermione gulped, this wasn't a nice kid. It was Voldemort sitting right in front of her. "Uh, lovely."

"Well, get up and I can show you around the school. It's Saturday so we won't have to worry about your classes until Monday."

His eyes weren't red. Hermione didn't expect them to be though, but it was a tad shocking. They were actually a sparkling blue. And his nose wasn't snakelike… it was small, button looking, and cute. He had a strong jaw, shaggy brown hair, and a breathtaking smile.

Hermione nodded and Tom got up and left to stand outside of the Hospital Wing.

She flopped back down onto her pillow and sighed. How was she going to kill the 17 year old, powerful Tom Riddle? She was starting to think killing a baby would've been easier.

This seemed to be the start of an epic, dangerous, and daring adventure.