Erm... Well... I kinda took courage and finally desided to write a TR fanfiction. All my previous ones ended pretty fast. Without being finished. I do not know why. Maybe because I usually was trying to write about Lara as a main heroine. This time it will be Kurtis and... wait wait.. I do not reveal the secret yet. :P Anyway, I hope you will enjoy the story and I will try to keep writing it. All reviews are appreciated... Just because I always like to know what people think and it provides me with inspiration (smile) Cheers to everyone!

On the 10th year of the new millennia the One will awake. It will be up to Him to decide whose side to take. The Good or Evil, the choice will be fatal for Him and the world. Meant to be good, He will be too vulnerable and opened to the temptations of the darkness. The First from The Bloodline has to be in time. To open His eyes, to save Him. Or the world, and with it all humanity, will be doomed.

The Book of Seven Lords 1203 AC

Purchases and Losses

"Here are your papers!" She exclaimed angrily and threw the yellow folder on the table. Calmly, Kurtis reached out, took it and browsed through the sheets. Lara watched him, very carefully.

His stare of crystal – blue eyes seemed to go right through her heart as he slowly stood up and smashed the table with the fist.

"You do not dare to apply for that! You do not deserve Anthony, Lara! Did you spend at least half of the time with him as I did?! All you think about is raiding, raiding, raiding!"

He paused and took a breath for another round for abuse. How Trent hated those moments. But for a while now, their life mostly consisted of scandals and misunderstandings. Six years of hell for both of them. Sometimes Kurtis was asking himself,

" Why? How could it be different…"

If he died. Back in Prague. Just… died from the wound on the Arena and let himself and the Lux Veritatis rest in peace. Instead, not only did Trent survived, he got out of that goddamn building and fell on the road, just in front of the car that thirty minutes later delivered Kurtis to the hospital.

Later Lara found him there. Trent remembered, like through mist, he saw her face and felt her soft palm, stroking his forehead. He then heard a doctor saying that there was a chance to survive after such a fatal stab…

But yet he survived, spited on the chances from the high tower. After all those years Kurtis still wondered, how? People die from wounds much lighter then his…

The recovery was pretty fast; doctors thought it was a miracle. And Lara always was nearby. Every day he saw her face near him. Soon he started to miss Lara every second she was not at his side. As a logical solution, after Trent got released from the hospital, he made Lara a proposal. And she agreed.

Finally life seemed to settle down a bit. Kurtis found a job… Not that he needed it, but the whole Lux Veritatis business had worn him out and Trent wished for something normal, something ordinary. If somebody had said to him some fifteen years ago what awaits Kurtis in the future, he would laugh and call that person crazy.

A policeman! In his youth chased by the cops, day and night, for peace disturbance in every city he visited, Kurtis Trent became a peacekeeper himself. He felt that was important, it was needed. To the society and to his own mental stability.

Five years ago, Lara gave birth to a boy that she dearly wanted to name Anthony. Kurtis disagreed; he wanted to name the baby Konstantin, in the memory of his father.

He guessed it was the first time they got into a fight of some sort. And then it started. Finally free from responsibility of feeding the little baby, Lara wanted to pick up her hobby once again. Probably, her family 'treasures' were somewhat different from Kurtis'.

Trent remembered, only now remembered, how desperately his father tried to pay attention to his son and wife. How nice was mother with Kurtis, always near, always able to help. And how he, a ten year old boy, was crying when she died in the birth house. How he hated that little baby who died there too and took mother with him. Perhaps, to Heaven. It was a comforting thought.

Will Tony cry if his mother dies somewhere in Africa?

Kurtis always was escaping from himself, from his true feelings. But when he saw Tony and the little baby first curled his little fist round his father's finger… Family. That was what his soul was always longing for. A family like he once had and lost. And now…

"Wait till the court hears my words of what a good mother you are in real." Hissed Kurtis at a snake as he slowly moved towards Lara, forcing her into the corner of the room.

"Just a little bit more, Trent… Just a little bit more…" whispered the man and slowly put a finger on the trigger.