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The Truth Unfolds

As usually, potion started to work immediately, wiping away all Ian's brain activity and leaving only the urge to sleep. However the presence of Kurtis Trent near his bed made him struggle for consciousness.

"Listen, can't we do it…other… time…?" yawned Ian and felt like he was falling on thousands of fluffy warm pillows and curling up in them. Shake on the shoulder made him to come back into the reality. Kurtis frowned and muttered something regarding side – effects of the potion.

"We do not have much time, Ian. Informed person is always protected person. Start and try to remember as much as you can. In exchange I will give you any information you'll ask for."

Assassin squeezed eyelids together and cynically curled lip up. The whole situation was plain ridiculous to say the least and right now he is ought to give up the information about his masters to one of his potential victims.

'Not that you know a lot about them anyway.' Squeaked annoying little voice in the back of his mind.

Kurtis was sparkling with tension and interest so Ian crawled up a bit and all of the sudden grabbed a sharp pencil that was laying on the night table near his bed. Before his so – called 'brother' even opened mouth to ask what he was doing, Ian stabbed pencil right into his vein on the left arm and left it sticking from there, while little streams of blood were running down his fingers and staining white blanket.

"Or I will not be able to keep the concentration needed." Simply stated Ian and observed the pencil shaking in his arm from left to right. "It will heal itself in an hour, you know."

Kurtis nodded. He seemingly recognised the 'symptoms', Ian could see it in his eyes. Trent shifted himself in the chair and crossed legs.

"Just tell about yourself and from there pass on your masters. I will draw out the necessary conclusions myself, not to worry about that."

Ian, still hypnotising the pencil, took deep breath and lowered eyelashes a bit.

"Well, I think I told you that I never knew my parents. Since the time I started to understand the world around me, think I was two or three years old, I found myself living in the gloomy underground fortress with a bunch of other kids. Some a bit older, some are almost newborns. And some like me. My questions over own heritage died the same day when one of my Masters explained I was an orphan and then whipped me till you could see the bones. It healed rather quickly though, in a matter of hours but my interest over possible family alive, mothers and fathers, disappeared without a trace and I acknowledged myself of belonging to no – one except my Masters and The Organisation. I say – convenient."

Kurtis bowed forward and furrowed brows.

"You name that 'convenient'? I would name it cruel beyond any standards."

"You may name it in any way you desire but the fact is there: it taught me the first valuable lesson in my life." snapped Ian and pushed pencil even deeper in his vein so only half of it could be seen now. "Don't ask too many unnecessary questions for your own sake."

Trent was still very surprised in the most unpleasant way but closed his mouth and straightened his back.

"What can I say more?" continued Ian while calmly twitching pencil in his arm, making it bleed even heavier. "Days and days of studying. Laughing and games were a taboo. The only entertainment we, kids, had, were daily fights that were not only allowed, but highly encouraged by our superiors. More cruel we were, better it was. I remember injuring one of my best friends one day. Fractures were beyond any repair so the same evening he died." Ian laughed, like he remembered something amusing. "You know, it was really funny. I was seven, he was ten and much taller then me, but then I found that huge metallic bar somewhere in the corner and hit him on the head, several times in the face and when he was already on the ground I pushed the pole inside his abdomen. And then when I understood what I did I started to cry. One of my Masters came to me…"the pencil made its way through the arm and was now sticking from the other side. "He came to me and said I did very well and deserved an encouragement. But then he added that he was really disappointed with my tears. I apologised and my master accepted it, but not before he took the same pole I've been using, still red from Avery's blood and hit me several times on the head. Healingthat took a bit longer. "Ian laughed again and watched Kurtis, who, during his story stood up and was walking up and down the room. His face was very pale and clear blue eyes got dark from anger. Ian wondered who he was angry at. At him? Or his Masters? Or both…

"Shall I continue?" he asked simply tracing the patterns Kurtis was walking in.

"Yes." Came the short answer while Trent opened mini – bar and poured some still as a tear liquid in his glass. It could be either Martini or vodka. Martini was a drink for ladies, so Ian put his bet on Russian Traditional. Especially regarding his listener's roots.

"I was never told I was any special. But the talks between me and my friends made me wonder over several things. I always though that my fast healing is nothing of any importance, but sometimes my friends were in Organization's hospital for more then a month while my biggest record was being away for week and a half. And then there was that strange attention for me coming from my Masters and the people they were serving to. It wasn't directly the attention one might think of. Or want to experience, on that matter."

Kurtis didn't interrupt Ian and just softly tapped his glass with fingers. He was thinking about something and a nervous tremble was running down his arms. Ian could only try to guess what was on his mind. Though he could swear that now and then there was a strange vibe he could feel with his skin and that was coming from no – one but Kurtis.

"I was punished for every single mistake I made. Wrong walk, bad stance… It almost seemed as they were shaping me to someone's personal liking."

The blanket was partly soaked in blood but Ian did not seem to be worried about that at all.

"The rest is not that interesting, I assume. I am a killer by nature and profession; you could see me in action. Though I think I could've performed much better if not the illness. Then we would not be talking right now."

Without any hesitation he yanked the pencil out of the arm, making the wound to bleed steadily. Still, not showing any sign of weakness due to excessive blood loss, he tore part of the blanket and put a bandage around the wound. Then, after a second though, Ian tore another stripe of cotton material from the bed sheets and put another bandage on the upper arm, to stop blood circulation for a while. Kurtis was watching the whole process while finishing his glass and pouring the new one. When his brother was done, Trent made his way back to the chair and dropped down.

"Any premature conclusions on my story?"

Kurtis shook head and narrowed eyes.

"Not just yet. You can ask whatever you wish. I will try to give a fair and satisfying reply."

The drowsiness decided not to return, so Ian crawled up on the pillows just an inch more and seemed to ponder for a second.

"Before going on the mission I've always received the paper giving me detailed information about the target. Your case, was, however, quite different."

"Is that so?" Kurtis' eyebrows flew up and he put the glass away on the little tea table near the chair.

"Amusing and intriguing, isn't it? Just a normal G. I. Joe with surprisingly uninteresting life and a hint of paranormal abilities. I found it quite strange and suspicious that a seemingly average person suddenly possesses supernatural powers and my Masters, so it seemed, do not give a damn about it. So tell me, where do those come from?"

"I am the descendant of an ancient and historically important bloodline. My ancestors were with the church and stood on the grounds of Light battling the ever upcoming forces of The Darkness. They all possessed the unnatural powers which I inherited by my birthright. As, actually, did you."

"You still claim to be my brother?" asked Ian just out of interest as Kurtis never fully explained what the marks on Ian's body had to do with their brotherhood.

"You, as I, belong to the long line of Holy warriors. You may wonder how I know that – it is quite easy, really. You have marks on your body: the Templar cross and an arrow piercing a snake. I have the same ones. It so happens, that all the descendants of the bloodline are marked from their birth with a symbol granted to our ancestors by God himself."

Ian pulled unsatisfied face and wiggled with his fingers as his arm was getting a bit numb. It was still early to take bandages off though; the wound didn't have time to fully heal yet.

"You are walking in circles, Trent. Don't you start feeding me that riddle crap. I am not a child and I feel there is more then…"

"You and I both belong to an organisation that once called itself Lux Veritatis. You and I both are more then just humans. But unlike me, dormant Watcher, your inner being woke up at the year of your thirty's birthday. As The Prophecy had foretold." Kurtis was getting more and more anxious. He was marching around the room, waving around with hands and gesturing vividly. "Unlike me, you are an active pure blood Nephilim in all its beauty and with the dangers that come with it. The potions I give you do not cure anything as you are not ill. They postpone your coming into the power, giving me time to figure out the pattern of the events and prevent something terrible to happen."

Ian listened to Kurtis' monologue and couldn't believe what he was hearing. The information was pouring down on him as the shower rain and in the last five minutes the assassin filled many gaps in his life - story which now, he wished, were never uncovered. His Masters really knew. They knew about the Prophecy, they raised him and patiently waited all those thirty years for Ian to become 'ripe.' But why?

Kurtis seemed to read his mind or something as he pressed his lips together and cracked knuckles.

"Lux Veritatis had many enemies. Everything that was dark, unholy and dangerous was battled by the members of the order. But there was always one great enemy that summoned together all the impurity in the world. Our great rival always was The Cabal. We battled them for centuries and in return they systematically hunted down and killed the members of the cult. That's how in the middle of the nineties our father died. And all the other people that had any connections to The Order of Light." Kurtis once again sat down in the chair and suddenly he looked much older and very tired. "Five years ago I though we put end to that nightmare. But from what you told me, Ian, I guess it was never really true. You must trust me when I say – do not think I am your enemy. Your whole Organisation… They are obviously serving the Order of The Darkness. That's why you were ordered to kill me, so I would never have a chance to find out about our family ties and warn you before it is too late."

Ian looked sick and was white as a paper. His little world was in ruins. He served the killers of his father. Served faithfully and without hesitation. All those people he killed during all those years… Could they be related to Lux Veritatis? God, he never really was even an orphan, he got stolen from his family, robbed of, perhaps, more happy life… And why?

"Why… Me?" he squeezed out and cringed together like he was in pain.

"Lara told she saw him dying… But I am not so sure anymore. Joachim Karel was a creature of a vivid and calculative mind. He could have foreseen both sides of the case and could have prepared an escape route. And surely he knew of The Prophecy. Nephilim always sense their own. The matter needs an…"

Kurtis didn't finish his sentence as all of a sudden the house got drowned in the ongoing sound of the security alarm. Ian jumped up and almost fell backwards. Kurtis helped him to keep balance.

"Seems we have guests! Find Tony and hide somewhere together. I think your delegation had just arrived."