Title: Institutionalized

Character: Harley Quinn

Word count: 429

Rating: PG

AN: Written for BellonaBlack.

She knows she shouldn't, but Harley likes it in Arkham.

Harley even likes seeing new interns because she liked it when she was an intern here. She offers them interviews, since she's famous now, but they all ignore her like they're supposed to. They aren't nearly as much fun as she had been.

Most of the time she's there, so's Mister J. She tries talking to him through the vents, like she saw in some movie once upon a time, and sometimes she thinks she hears laughter echoing back to her. It's not as good as when they're free, and she gets to hug him and kiss him and make him smile, but Harley isn't picky.

This is where she fell in love with him, after all. Even if they keep him locked up far away from her, it's nice to know they're eating the same meals and spitting at the same guards.

It's hard to imagine, now, what life had been like before Mister J. Harley remembers how serious she had been, and how hard it had been to pretend all the time like she was a real doctor that cared about her patients.

She'd gotten close to her patient, and when she thinks about writing that book about him now, she just can't help the giggling. No one else sees her puddin' like she does, after all, and definitely don't understand him. Harley doesn't know words to make them understand, and besides her life is way more exciting now than it ever would have been if she'd written a silly book.

Harley also likes seeing Red. If she strains her eyes real hard and stands on her tiptoes, she can see glimpses of red hair further down the hall through the plexiglass front of her cell. If she yells loud enough they can even have conversations, if Red's bored enough. Lots of times she's busy concocting a plan for them to get out, so Harley leaves her alone. She likes how smart Red is. Smart women today ought to stick together, Harley thinks. Especially her and Pammie, because they're the best of friends.

Harley didn't have a bestest friend or a love of her life before she became Harley Quinn, instead of being stuffy old Dr. Harleen Quinzel. All she had then was ambition and greed and plain business suits. Now she doesn't have to worry about any of those things, because Mister J. and Ivy keep her busy.

And here inside Arkham, she doesn't have to pick between them.

Yep, Harley likes Arkham, for all the right reasons.