Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Rise of the Phoenix

Disclaimer: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh! Or Yu-Gi-Oh! GX the characters of Rikuo and Erika Amero, as well as Midas King and Ashley are not mine, but the property of the Wolf General.

Time is like a river, making corrections for any changes that we might attempt to make. The course of history is immutable and unstoppable, attempts at changing the past only succeeds in fulfilling it…

Author's Notes:This story takes place a little before the events of Seeker of the Soul's fiction Dimension Gate, at this point in time Davis and Asriel Coffin's daughter is in Ra Yellow, along with her friends Erika Amero and Ashley…

Samantha Coffin poured over the cards in her deck. Checking them over, looking at each card individually, and trying to determine if the card was worth keeping in her deck or not.

She had spend the last four days doing this, getting very little sleep, but hopefully improving her deck to Obelisk standards. It was also driving her roommates crazy.

"Sammy!" Ashley groaned rolling over in her bed. She hurled her pillow at Sammy; however the blond duelist took no notice of her friend's annoyance, or her pillow. She thanked God silently that her other roommate Eri could sleep through a snowstorm.

Eri could be a little scary sometimes. The two girls were both quite skilled, but Sammy had a tendency to be timid. Sammy's mind drifted back to their first meeting on the plane to the Academy over a year ago…

"And Behemoth of Night (3500/3000) takes down your Shinato King of a Higher Plane (3300/3000) for game!"



"Awesome!" Sammy said excitedly.

Eri cocked an eyebrow at Sammy's unexpected reaction. "Awesome?"

"Well yeah!" Sammy said. "I mean we're coming to the Duel Academy to learn, to get better and improve our skills. We can't do that by winning all the time. Winning's cool and fun and stuff but you can't learn anything from a victory. Only when you lose do you learn and grow."

"Keh," Eri scoffed. "You're just a little too perky and upbeat for my tastes." The wolf-demon turned and left Sammy to duel her next opponent at the duel table…

Eri stopped and glanced at the paper that told her dorm number. She shifted the weight of her bags on her bag to better grasp the door handle, she opened the door.

Sammy was already in the room smiling and chatting up their other roommate, Ashley.

"Hey Roomy!" She said happily.

"What did I do to deserve this?" Eri moaned as she remembered her promise to her father not to kill anyone.

"I'll make you my friend yet!" Sammy said grinning…

Eri opened the door and dumped her books on the bed. With her demon senses she detected the sound of someone crying. She moved to the bathroom and opened the door. Sammy sat on the toilet crying terribly, Ashley was there comforting her.

"What's wrong?" Eri snapped.

"An upperclassman called her a whore," Ashley said. "Actually that's the nice version of what he called her."

"I just don't understand it," Sammy said between sobs. "I'm a good person, I'm nice to everyone, and I get good grades…why do people have to be so mean?"

Eri sighed inwardly, somehow or another she'd grown fond of her roommate. "Who did this?"

"Malcolm Price," Ashley answered.

"Then Malcolm is my meat…"

No one saw Malcolm after that night. Rumors abounded that someone had challenged him to a Darkness Game. Eri didn't have time for rumors, and Sammy didn't care, somehow she'd gained Eri's friendship.

She glanced at her cards again. "Maybe I should put in another Mad Sword Beast."

"Eri-Chan!" Ashley moaned. "Make Sammy go to sleep. She's been fidgeting with her deck all week. I want to SLEEP!"

"Feh!" Eri muttered in her sleep. "The only one preventing people from getting sleep is you. Lemme lone."

Sammy smiled triumphantly, but it was short lived however.

"Sammy-chan," Eri said. "It's three in the morning. I'm a wolf-demon and I'm not even awake. Go to bed. Your deck will be there in the morning."

Sammy sighed, knowing it was no good arguing with her friend, lest Eri press the point. She'd seen Eri duel guys just for checking her out.

Sammy sighed and climbed into bed, flicking her lamp light off.


Sammy was up bright and early making last minute changes to her deck. It was the last day of the semester, the day when students in the Ra Yellow dorm could challenge instructors for the opportunity to be placed in Obelisk Blue. Parents were arriving on the island to pick up their students for the summer break, and many of the parents, duelists themselves, enjoyed watching the duels.

Ashley and Eri had already gone out and were dueling for their chances. Sammy was watching the play-by-play on her laptop while making last minute tweaks. She glanced at the screen. Eri had just summoned her Behemoth of the Night (3500/3000) against Jenson Sylar one of the instructors who used a time deck. Professor Sylar had out Timeater (1900/1700) and Time Wizard. (500/400)

Sammy looked at the rare card that she'd gotten in her last pack and decided that she was indeed going to put it in her deck. She glanced at her laptop to see Eri's score.


Professor Sylar-0LP

She smiled grabbed her deck and Duel Disk and bolted out the door.

She nearly ran over Eri and Ashley as she found her way into the gymnasium at the center of the island.

"I did it!" Eri said excitedly. "I'm in Obelisk Blue!"

"Are you really that surprised?" Sammy asked. "You're the top of the class, you practically rule this school."

"Keh, no," Eri said. "Don't worry, you'll do fine."

"I hope so," Sammy said as she entered the gym. "Do you know who I'm up against?"

Eri fell quiet.

"Midas King," Ashley said wincing.

Sammy groaned in horror. Midas King was notoriously the most brutal examiner that the students could face. Many of the instructors did not use their full strength when dueling students, even at the Obelisk exams. Midas did. Furthermore, his policy was that if you didn't beat him you didn't get in. Other professors took a skill assessment approach to the exams, not Midas. It was win-loose, pass-fail.

Sammy turned to move out to the gym floor. Then her eyes widened in horror.

"Oh God!" she yelped. "My dad is here! He's in the stands, he's gonna see me lose!"

"Relax!" Eri snarled at her friend, snapping Sammy back into focus. "My father's here too, they're here to see their daughters get into Obelisk. I got in, and you will too. Now go kick Midas's ass."

Sammy swallowed and moved out to the field.

"Samantha Coffin," Midas said looking at his sheet. "Your professors say you're a straight A student. Let's see if you really have learned anything."

Midas King-4000LP


Sammy's duel disk clicked into place as their life point counters lit up.

"I activate Infinite Cards," Midas said. "So our hands become limitless. I then summon Goblin of Greed in attack mode (1000/1800) and activate Heart of Clear Water."

An ugly goblin holding Pot of Greed and Jar of Greed appeared on the field.

"Two cards face-down."

Sammy looked at her hand as she drew her sixth card. Instantly her nervousness washed away. She'd been able to duel since she could walk, both of her parents were top ranked duelists, she'd been taught by the best. The only reason she wasn't in Obelisk now was because freshmen weren't allowed in.

She felt a calm that overtook her and allowed her to use the cards in her deck to the fullest potential.

"I summon Gagagigo in attack mode," she said. (1850/1000) A large aquatic reptile appeared on her field; it took a fighting stance and nodded warmly at his master.

Sammy smiled back. "I set three cards face-down and attack your Goblin!"
Gagagigo rushed forward and struck the goblin with the protruding spike on his elbow. The goblin rippled as the blade went in, but as Goblin of Greed was now made of water, the lizard could not destroy him.

Midas King-3150LP


"Revealing my trap card," Midas said as the card flipped up. "My Dissipating Pain activates when I loose life points. It lets me draw three cards."

"Okay," Sammy said. "I end my turn."

"Good," Midas said. "Then I switch Goblin to Defense mode and set one more monster. Then I activate Card of Demise. With this I can draw five cards at the cost of my hand in five turns, but since Goblin of Greed is in play, Card of Demise's negative effect is moot."

"Okay," Sammy said, "Then I activate Scapegoat during your turn!"

Four sheep tokens immediately appeared surrounding Sammy's Gagagigo. (0/0) (0/0) (0/0) (0/0)

"Then I draw for my turn," Sammy said her face giving off the same look of determination that her father had. "I activate Shinato's Arc!"

An enormous wooden boat appeared above Sammy's head. Two doors on it opened up and Gagagigo along with Sammy sheep tokens all went into the Arc. The doors closed and the boat glowed, shape-shifting into a giant blue angel with golden wings. (3300/3000)

"Shinato, King of a Higher Plane!" she said. "My ritual monster is one of the most powerful in the game! And part of the key to my strategy! A defense crusher deck like mine uses cards that will destroy your monsters while they are in defense mode!"

"You shouldn't brag about your strategy dear," Midas said. "Makes it easier to beat you, you know."

Sammy frowned. Midas didn't seem concerned that she'd summoned a monster stronger than a Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

"Shinato," She said gesturing to Midas's Face-down Card. "Attack his defense monster!"

Shinato created a ring of light that flew across the field and hovered over Midas's defense monster, which revealed itself to be a Giant Rat. (1400/1450)

The ring wrapped around the monster and shattered it, Midas's counter went down.

Midas King-1850LP


"Since you destroyed my Giant Rat I can summon an earth monster with less than fifteen hundred attack points, so I call out my Enraged Muka-Muka (5600/5000)"

An enormous crab-like beast appeared on Midas's field.

"Wait!" Sammy yelped in surprise. "He has way more than 1500 attack points!"

"Yes my dear," Midas said. "He gains 400 attack points for every card in my hand, but his original attack points are 1200. I before I draw I activate Solemn Wishes, to gain life points for what I do anyway: draw." (6000/5400)

Midas King-2350LP


Sammy looked horrified as she realized that she'd made a terrible mistake. She'd let Midas trick her into setting up his most powerful monster for him, all he'd done was sit back and let her do the work.

"Com'on Sammy," Eri called from the sidelines. "You can do it!"

"I now play Pot of Greed," Midas said casually. "I gain five-hundred life points and Enraged Muka-Muka gains four hundred more attack points." (6400/5800)

Midas King-2850LP


"Enraged Muka-Muka," Midas said casually. "Attack and Destroy Shinato."

The beast let out a blast of steam that enshrouded Shinato he vanished.

Midas King-2850LP


"Since I didn't switch my Goblin of Greed to Attack Mode you actually get spared this turn, but I guarantee you won't be around next turn. I place another card facedown."

Sammy swallowed. She knew Midas wasn't kidding she had one turn to turn this around.

She drew the top card. "Magical Mallet!" She exclaimed. "Now I can exchange my hand for a fresh one."

Midas's Infinite cards had allowed her to draw a massive hand herself, she placed most of the cards that she held and put them back in her deck before shuffling.

"Appropriate," Midas said lazily drawing two cards

Midas King-3350LP


Sammy gave Midas a dirty look and then examined her cards. "I play three cards facedown and special summon three Gilasaurus (1400/1100)"

A small pack of Velociraptors appeared in front of Sammy, at the same time Midas's Giant Rat re-appeared in attack mode on his field. (1400/1450)

"I then sacrifice two of my Gilasaurus for Ultimate Tyranno," She said. Two of the three dinosaurs vanished as a new larger dinosaur with spikes covering his body appeared on the field. (3000/2500)

"If my Tyranno attacks," Sammy said. "He'll have to attack everything, so I'll forego my battle phase."

"You might as well be done my dear," Midas said. "You're obviously not Obelisk Material. In fact, I'm not even sure your Ra material. I'll see about having you demoted to Slifer when we're done. I draw and Enraged Muka-Muka gains strength. (7600/7000)"

Midas King-3850LP


The Muka-Muka was huge now, having grown every time a card was drawn, it now dwarfed Obelisk the Tormentor, and took up most of the space on Midas's field, leaving little room for his Goblin or his Rat.

"I switch my Goblin to attack mode," Midas said. "And I attack your pathetic dinosaur with Enraged Muka-Muka!"

"Sorry," Sammy said smiling. "But you just walked into a trap Professor! Specifically two traps. The first is called Windstorm of Etaqua it changes the battle positions of all monsters on your field. And against my deck the last thing that you want is monsters in defense mode, check out this other trap."

The violently decorated trap card flipped up. "Tragedy was a gift from my roommate," Sammy said winking at Eri. After the incident with Malcolm Price Eri felt that she needed to improve Sammy's deck.

"It destroys all defense mode monsters," Sammy said. "And since Tragedy is a Mass Destruction effect Heart of Clear Water can't save Goblin!"

A violent windstorm swept over the field and swirled over Midas's Monsters, forcing them into defense. Then they all simply shattered apart. Midas stepped back in surprise.

"My turn?" Sammy asked in the sweet tone she inherited form her mother. Midas frowned and nodded.

"Good," Sammy said observing her hand. "Then I sacrifice my last Gilasaurus for the Airknight Parshath (1900/1400)"

The Velociraptor disappeared as a centaur-like angel emerged onto Sammy's field. A long, powerful-looking sword was attached to the angel's wrist.

"Airknight!" Sammy said gesturing to her rare card. "Attack Midas's Life points!"

The Airknight reared up on its hind legs and charged forward towards Midas, slicing him.



"Now," Sammy said. "My Airknight's special ability kicks in. I did damage, so I get to draw a card."

"Don't forget about Appropriate," Midas said drawing two cards



"I didn't," She said. "Ultimate Tyranno, go for the kill!"

"Kuriboh," Midas said discarding the card and observing the fur balls that appeared on his field. "Is practically a staple nowadays."

Sammy smiled wickedly. "I thought it might be. I activate my last trap card Pyro Clock of Destiny and end my turn."

"Was there a point to that?" Midas asked as he drew.

Midas King-2950LP


"Um, Professor," Sammy said. "It's now been five turns since you played Card of Demise, and your Goblin is no longer in play."

Midas's eyes widened as he realized she'd beaten him.

"I discard my hand," He said softly, looking at the Muka-Muka in his hand that might have saved him. "And as I can do nothing I must end my turn."

Sammy smiled delighted that she was actually going to win. "I draw and attack with Ultimate Tyranno!"

Midas King-0LP


The field faded away as Midas King stepped across the field. "My apologies," Midas said. "It would seem that I was wrong, you appear to be Obelisk material after all. You're quite strong, and you will continue to grow stronger as one of the elite."

Sammy smiled brightly and ran over to her friends.

"This is awesome!" she squealed. "We're trading in these Ra Yellow uniforms, we're going blue!"

"Was there ever any doubt?" Eri scoffed. "We are the best after all. We should have been Obelisk this year if it weren't for the stupid rule that freshmen can't be Obelisk."

"So what are you girls doing for the summer holiday?" Ashley asked.

Sammy glanced at the stands where her dad had been sitting, he was gone now, but she knew that he had to be nearby.

"Oh," she said casually. "I'm probably going on a dig with my dad. It's what we usually do over the summer."

"A dig?" Ashley asked cocking her head.

"Oh my dad's not a duelist," Sammy said. "I mean he's got a deck and all but it's my mom I got my dueling skills from. She's a Tournament Eliminator working for Kaiba Corp. You know she's one of those people who picks off weak duelists in tournaments and eliminates them before they get in the way."

"What does your dad do then?" Eri asked.

"He's an Archeologist," Sammy said. "Every summer for as long as I can remember we've been going on digs in exotic locations. The school funds his digs actually. He's got this theory that Duel Monsters has been around since Ancient times. We've been on digs in Greece, Egypt, and Japan to name a few."

"Sounds like fun," Ashley said.

"Not really," Sammy said. "I mean, like afterwards we go to Paris or somewhere to unwind but the archeology that's boring. It's why I took after mom, with the whole dueling career."

"Maybe we can go with you!" Ashley suggested. "It'd make it less boring for you and we could keep each other in tip-top shape for Obelisk."

Eri frowned and then sighed. "I don't really have any plans and perfect practice really does make perfect."

"I dunno," Sammy said. "I mean my dad would definitely make you do work on the dig site, we'd have dueling time sure, but he'd definitely want you to help."

Eri scoffed. "I think we can handle a little work."

"Hey Princess," Sammy's father said as he walked over to his daughter.

"Daddy!" Sammy exclaimed, she ran over to him and threw her arms around his neck. "I'm so glad you're here."

"As if I could miss my princess winning the duel to get into the Duelist Elite."

"Daddy?" Sammy asked.

Davis Coffin frowned. He knew that tone far too well. It was the tone that his wife and daughter both used when they wanted to get him to do something. And it always worked.

"Yes," he said tentatively, purposely leaving out his princess nickname.

"Would it be alright if Ashley and Eri went on the dig with us this year?" she asked.

"Well, I don't know," Davis started to say. Then Sammy gave him the pout. Whenever she did that he was like putty in her hands. "Oh I suppose if it's okay with their parents, and they promise to do work…"

"Yay! Daddy you're the best!" Sammy exclaimed and hugged him again.

"Now hold on Hon," he countered. "That's not an immediate yes. You still need to get their parent's permission."

"I'll call my mom right now," Ashley said pulling out her cell phone.

"My dad's over there in the stands," Eri said. "Com'on we can ask him directly." Eri led Sammy and Davis towards the stands. Midas had already begun his next duel for Obelisk qualification, and unlike Sammy this duelist was definitely not going to make the cut.

It was then that Davis caught sight of Eri's ears, and his blood ran cold.

"Oh no," Davis breathed. "Not him, anyone but him!"

"Dad," Eri asked as Rikuo Amero turned towards his daughter. Rikuo's recognition of Davis was immediate.

"Davis," he said coldly.

"Hello Rikuo," Davis sighed back. "It's been a while hasn't it?"

"Kaiba's second Battle City Tournament," Rikuo said. "So what? Maybe fifteen years?"

"You know each other?" Eri asked surprised. She looked at her friend and saw from Sammy's look of surprise that she'd had no clue either.

"Your father is one of the most powerful duelists I've ever had the pleasure to meet," Davis said diplomatically. "And though we don't always see eye to eye I've much respect for him."

Rikuo on the other hand had said nothing. He was examining Davis closely.

"You grew a beard," he said.

"Er…yes," Davis said frowning, this was definitely not what he'd expected Rikuo to say.

"Um…yes," Davis continued. "You daughter has asked to spend the summer with mine, on our dig."

"Right," Rikuo said snapping out of his funk. "You're an archeologist now right?"

"Yeah," Davis said. "Have been for a while."

"Why?" Rikuo snarled. "You're one of the more powerful duelists. I just don't understand why you switched to digging things up in the dirt."

"Look it's just…" Davis started to say when Rikuo interrupted him.

"How do I know that my daughter will be safe with you?" the wolf-demon continued. "What happens when you're interrupted by some psychos who want to control the world, or destroy it, or both? That happens all the time. Do you still possess the dueling skills necessary to fight back?"

Now Davis looked annoyed. "Of course I do!"

"Really?" Rikuo said. "Then prove it."

Davis groaned. He walked over to his duffle-bag and pulled out his old DD2, the deck still in it. Rikuo had upgraded to the DD6.

"I thought your dad wasn't a duelist," Eri asked frowning.

"I didn't think so either," Sammy responded as the two duelists took their places on the gym floor. Rikuo casually shoving Midas aside.

"Hey what'd I miss?" Ashley asked.

"My dad just challenged Sammy's to a duel," Eri said. "Nothing personal Sammy, but my dad's gonna cream yours."

"Of course he is," Sammy shot back. "My dad's an archeologist!"

"Ladies and gentlemen we have a special treat for you today," a voice over the loudspeakers exclaimed. "Two legendary duelists have decided to show off their skills in an exhibition duel give a warm hand for Davis Coffin and Rikuo Amero!"



To be continued…

Original Cards:

Dissipating Pain