Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Rise of the Phoenix

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Time is like a river, making corrections for any changes that we might attempt to make. The course of history is immutable and unstoppable, attempts at changing the past only succeeds in fulfilling it…

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Previously on Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Rise of the Phoenix:

"Ladies and gentlemen we have a special treat for you today," a voice over the loudspeakers exclaimed. "Two legendary duelists have decided to show off their skills in an exhibition duel give a warm hand for Davis Coffin and Rikuo Amero!"



Davis sighed loudly. "Must we duel over such a trivial matter?" Davis knew that he was only bringing up the point because it needed to be brought up. He was already out and his Duel Disk was active.

"Yes," Rikuo said. "If she's going to go with you I need to ensure that my daughter will be safe."

"Well I know you pretty well," Davis said. "And I've kept in touch with Daniel. I know that once you've decided something it's final, so I'll do my best to live up to your expectations."

"Good," The wolf demon responded.



The announcer was now giving the audience random statistics about the two duelists in the field.

"Five-time world champion, and considered most powerful duelist of 2006," he said. "Rikuo Amero is a force to be reckoned with. But let's not discount Davis Coffin just yet. Official winner of the Global Duel tournament and winner of the fourth annual Battle City Tournament Davis is considered one of the "50 Retired Duelists you wouldn't want to Duel" as posited by Duelist Extraordinaire Monthly Magazine."

"Okay," Rikuo said. "I'll go first if that's all right with you?"

"Fine," Davis said. "As long as one of us starts and that stupid announcer stops trying to kiss up to us."

Rikuo chuckled. "He is annoying isn't he? I summon Mechanical Chaser in attack mode (1850/1000)"

The armed Mechanical sphere appeared in front of Rikuo, its parts glistening in the afternoon light.

"Two set cards and it's over to you," the wolf demon said.

"Normally I'd start pretty conservatively," Davis said drawing. "But against you that's just not going to work. I summon D. D. Scout Plane (800/1200) and Activate Tribute Doll."

A blue colored sphere appeared on Davis's field just long enough to disappear as Davis's third-favorite Spellcaster took its place: Dark Magician. (2500/2100)

Davis's Dark Magician was unique, no other duelist in the world held one with artwork like his.

"Dedication Through Light and Dark," Davis said. "Offers Dark Magician for Dark Magician of Chaos. (2800/2600)"

Light and Shadow surrounded Davis's Dark Magician and enveloped him, baptizing him and light and darkness. When the light faded Davis's Ultimate mage stood before them. Tribute Doll popped out of Davis's graveyard slot and he quickly added it too his hand.

Rikuo furrowed his brow in recognition of Davis's monster. He'd seen it played against him before, but by a different duelist, and he was certain the name had been different.

"Dark Magician of Chaos!" Davis declared. "Attack his Mechanical Chaser! Chaos Scepter Blast!"

Rikuo looked away as the blast hit his monster.



"Is that the best you can do?" Rikuo scoffed.

"For now," Davis said. Dark Magician of Chaos came to rest next to Davis. Davis seemed confident, but the truth was that he wasn't at all. He'd used up over half his opening hand just to get Dark Magician of Chaos in play. True he'd taken the first strike, and he had the most powerful monster in play, but he had no trap cards and only three cards in his hand.

"He's way too confident," Davis thought. "I'll have to be careful of that face-down card."

"Ready?" Rikuo asked drawing. "Card of Sanctity lets us both draw. Davis immediately drew three new cards."

"Next I activate Nightmare Steel Cage," Rikuo said. "And I summon X-Head Cannon in attack Mode (1800/1500)"

A steel dome appeared around Davis, trapping him. He looked over toward Rikuo's field.

"His move seems too obvious, I know Rikuo's better than that," Davis thought. Out loud he said. "It'll take three turns to summon XYZ-Dragon Cannon Rikuo; the cage only locks me up for two."

Rikuo smiled back. "Huh, isn't that funny?"

"Either he got a poor hand," Davis thought. "Or he's playing me. Let's see which it is."

"I summon D.D. Kuriboh in attack mode (300/200)" Davis said placing the blue fur-ball on the field. "And I activate the Tribute Doll card I retrieved earlier and sacrifice him for Buster Blader! (2600/2300)"

The Dimensional Kuriboh vanished and the mighty dragon-slayer warrior took his place within the cage.

"I then activate Monster Reborn to Revive Dark Magician," (2500/2100) Davis continued raising the Mage from the field.

"And you fuse them?" Rikuo asked. Davis nodded placing Polymerization in his Spell slot.

"Behold," Davis said as the monster was formed. "Dark Paladin; the Ultimate Magical Warrior!" (2900/2400)

Davis couldn't help but feel pleased with himself. He'd managed to get two of his most powerful monsters into play in his first two turns. Against a duelist like Rikuo nothing less would be sufficient.

"I'm impressed Davis," Rikuo said. "Two powerful monsters in the first two turns. Why'd you leave the dueling circuit again? To dig up bones?"

Davis rolled his eyes in annoyance and ended his turn.

"I play Graceful Charity," Rikuo said. "Draw three cards and discard two."

He flipped around the two cards he was discarding and showed them to Davis. They were Jinzo (2400/1500) and Demon Wolf Lord (2400/1000).

Davis frowned. He knew that Rikuo was playing him now, no way that the wolf demon would make such a point of showing him his discarded cards unless he was taunting the archeologist. Davis remained focused, unaware of anything that was going on outside the duel.

"What does your dad mean?" Sammy asked Eri. "What does he mean that my dad left the dueling circuit?"
Eri shrugged uncertain. She knew her dad's strategy well enough to know that her father was indeed taunting Davis, but she wasn't sure why he was wasting his full strength on an archeologist.

"Check this out," Ashley said holding up the latest issue of Duelist Extraordinaire "I just bought this at the campus store," She said. "'Fifty Retired duelists you wouldn't want to duel.' Take a look at number three!"

"That's my dad!" Sammy said looking shocked. "My dad was a duelist?"

"It says here that he won the fourth Battle City tournament in Munich," Eri said, reading over her shoulder. "And he came in second at the third Battle City in Paris, against MY dad. It says he also won The Global Duel tournament and the ninth Kaiba Corp Grand Prix, against Joey Wheeler!"

Sammy stumbled back. "Since when is my dad a duelist?" her entire world had just been shaken to the core.

"No wonder my dad's going all out," Eri said. "He's faced yours before!"

"I now summon Ancient Gear Soldier (1300/1000) in attack mode," Rikuo said. "That'll do it for me."

Davis drew. "This is my second turn, so when it's done the Steel Cage is gone. I place two cards face down."

"My D. Tribe will transform all of my monsters into Dragons," Davis thought. "Giving my Paladin a boost!"

Davis nodded to Rikuo "End Turn."

The Nightmare Steel Cage vanished from around Davis, dissipating into nothingness.

"My two monsters are just for show," The wolf demon said switching X-Head and Gear Soldier to defense. "As you probably already guessed the real action is in the Graveyard."

Davis nodded. "I wondered why you purposely sent two of your best cards to the Graveyard. I think that your have Overload Fusion in your hand yes?"

Rikuo looked surprised at Davis's immediate guess of his next move.

This isn't good, Davis thought. Steel Wolf General has Jinzo's nasty anti-trap power, and the only thing I've got is D. Tribe.

"Yes," Rikuo said. "Thank for stealing my thunder."

"Side effect of being an archeologist looking for duel monsters in the past," Davis said sighing. "I'm familiar with almost every card that Pegasus printed, except for some of those pesky Supreme Duelist packs."

Rikuo slid his Overload Fusion card into the duel disk. "I play overload fusion. This removes Jinzo and Demon Wolf Lord from play in order to summon Steel Wolf General! (3400/2000)"

The spirits of Jinzo and Demon Wolf Lord emerged from the graveyard in a massive explosion, bonding together.

"I then active my down-card D.D. Misdirection," Rikuo's card flipped up showing an image of D.D. Warrior Lady, D.D. Survivor, and Dimensional Warrior all looking at a map with question marks over their heads.

"A little card from my side deck that I put in just for you Davis," The former demon general said. "It activates when a card is removed from play. All removed cards return to whatever location they were formerly in."

Rikuo picked up Demon Wolf Lord and Jinzo and slid them back into his graveyard.

Davis tensed as he knew what was next.

"Steel Wolf General attack his Dark Paladin!" Rikuo commanded. The fusion monster moved rapidly and took down Davis's fusion.



"Okay," Davis said. "Time to kick it up a notch, I active Magister Graduate School!"

Rikuo frowned, unfamiliar with Davis's Card.

"You've hear of Magister School right?" Davis asked. "This card is similar, allowing me to summon three Magister Undergrad tokens (700/700) (700/700) (700/700)

Davis flipped the card in his hand around. "You remember this card right?"

"Borrowed Time," Rikuo breathed. "You wouldn't even have that if it weren't for me. I'm flattered."

"I may choose any card in the game and Borrowed Time becomes that card for one whole turn," Davis said. "So I'll be borrowing from the Duel King himself, because nothing less than Yugi Muto's cards are good enough for you."

Rikuo's chest puffed with pride at Davis's compliment.

Davis held up the card as electricity transformed the green-backed card in his hand into a blue-backed one. "Borrowed Time becomes Obelisk the Tormentor!" (4000/4000)

"I offer my Magister Undergrads as tributes to summon him," Davis said. "And I draw two cards for each Undergrad."

As Davis drew six cards the gigantic blue god card appeared behind Davis, taking up most of the field and driving the hollow projectors crazy, the school's projectors really weren't meant to handle anything nearly so powerful as a god card, so they were humming loudly trying to keep up with demand.

The students and teachers stepped back in awe as the mighty beast took his place next to Davis.
"My dad summoned an Egyptian God Card," Sammy breathed unbelieving.

Davis casually slipped two of his cards into his Spell/Trap card zone. "This card is a tribute to my little girl," He said. "Now a proud member of the Obelisk blue dorm."

"Obelisk Attack his Steel Wolf General!" Davis said, the behemoth launched its massive fist across the field and struck the fusion monster hard it crumpled with a sound like a soda can as the beast's attack struck.



"Dark Magician of Chaos," Davis said. "Attack his Demon Wolf Lord."

The monster had just barely re-appeared when the Chaos Scepter Blast struck him.

Rikuo wasn't surprised by Davis's attack and casually slipped Demon Wolf Lord into his pocket.

"You knew I would take down Steel Wolf General right?" Davis asked. "That's why you played D.D. Misdirection so that you could bring back Demon Wolf Lord when the time came."

"Yes," Rikuo said grinning. "But certainly wasn't expecting Obelisk."

"Yes," Davis said glancing back at the god card. "Speaking of whom, I end my turn and send 'Obelisk' to the graveyard."

Davis slipped the card into his graveyard slot.

Rikuo drew. "I summon Jinzo #7 (500/400) in attack mode," he said. "And equip him with Legendary Weapon Howling Sword! I don't need to explain, do I?" (3000/400)

The smaller Jinzo look-alike hefted the sword into his hands and let out a low growl.

Now it was Davis's Turn to look concerned. "Three thousand attack points?"

"And capable of attacking directly," Rikuo said. "Go Jinzo #7 attack!"
Davis activated his two face-down Magister Schools as the attack struck him. Though four Magister Tokens (500/500) appeared on his field they did not stop the attack.



"Magister Schools?" Rikuo asked cocking an eyebrow. "Why?"

"This is why," Davis said activating D. Tribe. "With D. Tribe all of my monsters are considered dragon types. Shard Excavation for Polymerization!"

Ethereal dragon spirits surrounded Davis's monsters, as he discarded two of his cards. Once more a fusion vortex appeared that swallowed them up. Davis drew four more cards as his Magister Tokens were absorbed.

"Five-Head Dragon!" (5000/5000) Davis said. The first time that Davis had summoned this monster it had been a Sage's game and the monsters had been real. At that time Davis's dragon had the heads of the five fusion-components. Holograms however were less complex than the real thing. The dragon looked like the image on its card.

Once again the projectors began to strain themselves as Davis summoned yet another powerful legendary monster.

"Destroy Jinzo #7," Davis said. The dragon combined its head's attacks and launched the cumulative blast against Rikuo's monster.



"Call of the Haunted," Rikuo said activating his face-down card. Jinzo #7 re-appeared.

"Spirit Barrier," Davis countered.

"Not really what I was planning Davis," Rikuo said casually. "I'm not going to disrespect you by blasting your life-points after you issued me such a challenge."

He gestured to the dragon.

"I must defeat your dragon," The wolf demon said. "First I use Pot of Greed. Mystical Space Typhoon destroys Spirit Barrier, and I activate Machine Duplication to summon two more Jinzo #7's (500/400) (500/400)"

"I now sacrifice these three machines for Fenrir- Destroyer of Gods!" Rikuo yelled as his gigantic black wolf took to the field. (4000/4000)

Davis frowned. "Nice try Rikuo," Davis said. "Even though Five Head Dragon is the god of dragons he's a Dark Type Dragon. Fenrir's a Gold main type so he can attack Five-Head, but he's about a thousand points short of that goal."

Rikuo just chuckled. "I have one more card to play. Opponent Reborn!"

"Why should I care about a card that let's you revive one of my monsters on my field?" Davis said. "You said you were going to take down Five Head."

"That I am," Rikuo said. "I'm using Opponent Reborn to target your Borrowed Time! And like you I'm using him as Obelisk the Tormentor (4000/4000) because my Erika got into Obelisk as well."

Davis jerked out of the way as Obelisk re-arose on his field. The projectors were going into overdrive now, one of them burst trying to accurately project three god-cards. Backup-Projectors started coming on-line as three massive creatures stood forth on the playing field.

"I remember Fenrir from Battle City II," Davis said. "I remember when he swallowed my Quetzalcoatl god-card."

"Good," Rikuo said. His wolf howled and absorbed Obelisk. The Blue God-Card shattered apart and the pixels went flying across the field into Fenrir's mouth. (8000/8000)

"Fenrir," Rikuo said. "Destroy Five-Head!"

The Wolf-God launched itself at the Dragon god and tore it apart, destroying the beast and leaving a mess behind.



"All right," Davis said as their Duel Disks returned to standby mode. "I lost. I take it your daughter won't be coming then?"

"Keh," Rikuo scoffed and held up his duel disk. "Four-fifty life points? I can't remember the last time that my life points got that low. Perhaps against some psycho-villain, but certainly not against another duelist. You're still good Davis. Imagine if you'd stayed a duelist you might have beaten me. However I believe that you will beat anybody you come up against as long as they're not better than me."

Davis smiled. "As we both know that's nobody."

Rikuo chuckled. "Damn straight!"

The announcer began rambling on about the two duelists and their exciting duel, Rikuo and Davis moved towards the door where their daughters awaited.

"I still have some questions," Rikuo said as they walked. "Who's chaperoning?"

"It'll be me, my wife and my two grad students," Davis responded.

"I've met your wife," Rikuo said. "Is she still a Kaiba Corp Eliminator?"

Davis nodded. "What about these grad students?"

"I trained them myself," Davis said. "You have to be at least a competent duelist in order to pass my class at the University. I select only the best duelists for my field schools."

"Because of psycho villains who pop out of nowhere," Rikuo supplied.

"Yep," Davis said.

"Where are you going?" Rikuo asked.

"It's a former Roman settlement in Wales," Davis said. "It should be interesting."

Rikuo froze. "Roman Settlement?" Something had clearly irked the wolf demon, and that caused Davis some concern.

"Damn him," The demon muttered. "All right, Eri can go with you."

Davis decided not to push the matter as they stepped outside towards the docks. "I'll need a phone number where I can reach you if there's an emergency. Hopefully there won't be."

"There will be," Rikuo sighed as he handed Davis a small card. "I'll try to put up with you for my daughter's sake, but I still don't like you Davis."

Davis shrugged as the five duelists began moving towards the docks.


"I can't believe that my dad made me promise him to help your dad out around the dig site!" Eri protested. The three girls were in the back of a Hummer headed towards a fairly remote region of Wales. "What he doesn't trust me?"

"I still can't get my head around the fact that my dad is a duelist," Sammy said frowning. "A good one too."

"You never had a clue?" Ashley asked.

"Every time that I dueled him he used this wimpy little Vehicroid Deck and he didn't really try," She said. "Not that we dueled that often. I dueled him that much. I never even knew he had a duel disk. They were always table-top duels."

"Maybe he just didn't want you to be defined by his success," Eri put in, clearly seeing her friend was in need and her own little rant could wait for later. "He wanted you to create a name for yourself you know?"

Davis, who was driving the Hummer, remained silent. Erika had hit the nail on the head. Neither of Samantha's parents had wanted their successes to overshadow their kid's dreams. Davis had taken on Archeology as a career thus it had been easy not to talk about his dueling past. She'd been four years old the last time he'd dueled professionally. She didn't even remember it.

Asriel was a different story, she'd been hired by Kaiba Corp as a Tournament Eliminator and she was very good at her job. If you were in a tournament and she decided to eliminate you…you got eliminated.

Davis slowed down as they came out of the forest and arrived at the dig site.

He got out of the car and opened the door for his daughter and her friends.

"We're here," Davis said. "You've got free time to kill till four o'clock, and then I'm going to put you girls to work okay?"

"Okay," they responded cheerfully.

"Hey Mr. D." Jackson, one of Davis's Grad students said smiling and walking up to him. "We've got two sites already underway and we've tagged like six weapons and spears and stuff like that. Miles and I were thinking there was a battle here."

Davis smiled as he looked over Jackson's work. Jackson and Miley Stewart were two of the brightest grad students he'd ever had, and they were good at making quick assessments on the fly as well. The brother and sister hailed from Tennessee and their voices had that southern twang to them.

"Mr. Coffin," Eri called out as the three girls started unpacking from the Hummer. "Are your Grad students Duelists?"

Davis caught on instantly. "Good work Jackson," he said. "Now why don't you go get your sister and join my daughter and her friends in relaxing?"

"All right," he said grinning as he took off down the hill towards on of the sites.


"I know what'll cheer you up Sammy," Eri said smiling as she snuck up on her friend. Sammy was sitting by herself at a picnic table at the edge of the field.

"Oh yeah," she asked. "And what's that?"

"A nice Tag-Team duel," Eri said smiling.

"Yeah that could be fun," Sammy said. Grabbing her duel disk, Eri lead Sammy to the edge of the field near the lodge. Jackson and Miley were waiting with their own duel disks active.





To be continued…

Original Cards:

D. D. Misdirection

Magister Graduate School

Borrowed Time

Original Cards by Wolf General:

D.D. Kuriboh

Demon Wolf Lord

Steel Wolf General

Legendary Weapon--Howling Sword

Fenrir-Destroyer of Gods

Opponent Reborn

Original Cards by Seeker of the Soul:

Magister School

Repayment for Losses