I got sick after Christmas Day. (Yeah, how's that for a late Christmas present?) I won't get into the entirely gross details, but the point is that I feel better now, and that's all that matters. To me anyway.

This is a story about Makoto Takei and his outlook on life, and how Motoko changes everything. It is my earnest hope that everyone finds it entertaining. I'm kinda posting this in a hurry, but I proofread as best as I could. However, if I've made a really dumb spelling mistake (or just a spelling mistake in general) or if I messed up with grammar, please tell me. Well, let's start this thing!

Disclaimer: I kinda don't own Furuba, so... yeah, I kinda just don't.

The only thing that matters is winning.

Whether it's at sports, academics, or just life in general, it's the most imperative thing.

It all goes back to Darwin's theory: Survival of the Fittest. What adapts better to new surroundings? What gets the food, the shelter, the companionship? It's the strongest, biggest organism that conquers all. Those without the necessary traits to survive fall into extinction. They have lost, and the strongest have won.

It's not just satisfying, it's necessary to live.

Look at it this way. Compare two students: one with a grandiose lifestyle and one born to poor parents. One would assume that the better-off man would find happiness, seeing as he is born with the upper hand. But the rich one is slovenly, relying on only his name and wealth to get him through life, while the poor one works hard to achieve his goals. One day, the rich man becomes bankrupt and the other, who has toiled and labored so diligently, builds his own company from the ground up, becoming richer than the now-poor man ever was.

It's not just succeeding, it's working hard to do it.

No one wants to fail an exam. No one wants to cause their team to lose miserably in a P.E. game, incurring the ire of their team. And because no one wants to fail at absolutely everything, it is also worthwhile to never endure anything. Enduring means living through a painful matter. Overcoming a tribulation is so much more gratifying.

I have yet to hold hands with someone. Love is a force that isn't meant for me. Couples are abound in this school and I walk past them, uncaring. They will surely have their hearts ground into the mud someday. High school romances aren't known for lasting for long. The love between children cannot survive in such an environment. Both parties will eventually lose, they'll cry, and I'll still pass them by apathetically.

I am fully aware of the hatred most of the students harbor for me, but it's not my fault that they are trouble-makers, flawed and unabashed to flaunt their shortcomings. I've worked hard to achieve my position as president. It's their fault if they get scolded by me.

So you see, by leading this straight path of obeying and respecting trusted adults and living a clean, polished life, I am playing the game of life skillfully.

The kids smoking by the school gate will end up as hopeless drug-addicts in the gutter, destitute and beyond salvation. The exhibitionists behaving inappropriately when they think I'm not looking will live their entire lives in ultimately unsatisfying promiscuity. And those who unabashedly disobey school rules by wearing the opposite gender's uniform will suffer under public speculation, horror and scrutiny, and the cross-dresser will be confused and miserable their whole life. Nothing positive ever comes out of blatant disregard for the rules.

Order. Decorum. Conduct. Winning.

The commands I live by.

Win in all areas of life to secure your future.

Establish order around you to avoid swerving off of the path of righteousness.

Exercise proper behavior in public situations.

Conduct yourself accordingly.

There is one who does none of these things.

She's stupid and ridiculous.

Her behavior is atrocious.

She takes pleasure in abusing others, all in the name for "her" Prince, who isn't hers in actuality.

A selfish, loathsome, lazy, uneducated, foolish girl, if she could be referred to as such.

Motoko Minagawa.

Her club is established for the sole purpose of squabbling with girls and "protecting" someone who needs no protection.


He's perfect. At sports, looks, scholarly achievements, he excels at them all. Everything he tries, he succeeds.

He makes me feel honored to breathe the same air as him.

Motoko makes me feel disgusted that I share the same earth as her.

Of course, her friends are equally prosecutable.

Minami is a dunce who's as annoying as her constant dog-ears ponytails.

Mai is the dumbest of them all, like an alien from some intergalactic sphere: strange and impossible to figure out, not that anyone would want to.

That other girl--God, what's her name?--is the most average, but with the standards set by these bimbos, her normalcy isn't by much.

But Motoko is truly in a league all her own. She's all three of her friends but far exceeds them in idiocy.

The only game that girl's winning is being the most inconsiderate, rude, brainless person she can be.

There's nothing remarkable about her at all.