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I got into trouble.

Me. In trouble.

Apparently my dramatic flight yesterday caught the attention of students, who finally got their revenge on me by reporting my absence to the principal.

My teacher was fueled by rage but those kids had hatred on their side, and so they got to the higher authority first.

As punishment, he tacked a complete second-floor cleaning on top of my week's suspension.

I understood completely and was not angry in the least. Rules are indispensable to any setting, school or otherwise.

But at least I felt that thrill of breaking a rule, even if I had to pay for it.

Actions will always have consequences.

To be honest, I've grown fond of cleaning, so scrubbing the floors, sweeping the classrooms, and washing the windows, among countless other tasks, was an easy feat.

I chuckled as I wiped down the stoves in a classroom. At this rate, I'll grow up to be a first-rate househusband.

I must've baffled the teachers.

Why would such an outstanding, serious boy with such unfaltering morals do something so bad? I was the quintessential student, the pillar of hope in this polluted school. I was always so obedient and respectful, never questioning authority.

It was a bit late in coming, but it seems that my teenage rebelliousness was finally kicking in.

It was about time.

Cleaning products and bleach was my cologne.

Sweat acted as gel to my tousled hair.

There was dust on my uniform and my glasses were horribly askew.

I looked good.

I laughed. Yes, I'd have women flocking to me soon.

I walked out of school just as the sun was setting. I sighed when thinking about stupid cram school. It was such a pain to go to sometimes, especially after such a hard day as this.

I almost didn't notice her as I began my dejected shuffle down the aisle.

The melting sun met rich auburn.

Before me, body slanted into a brick column of the entrance, leg bent in a "V" so that her foot met this rectangular object, was Motoko.

She didn't look at me, just stared straight into the sky. She continued this stance as she sighed. "What a pain. I waited so long for you, you know." She sprang up vertically, smirking as her eyes finally found mine. " A thank you would suffice."

I stood in complete awe. I couldn't believe that she had actually waited...

...And waited...

...And waited...

...Just for me.

But why? Why would she go through all of that trouble?

She held out her hand to me. "Let's go."

"I'm sorry for making you wait. I had to clean and--"

She stopped my explanation with a raised palm. "I don't care. You're here now. Now let's go." Despite her brusqueness I found a smile decorating her mouth.

I took her hand and walked beside her.

The orange sky and her hair truly were one. She truly was the sky.

I wasn't screaming inwardly in triumph that I had her hand.

I wasn't telling myself that I was winning her over.

I don't want to win her heart. I don't want to have her heart. I want to...

I want to be with her.

I want to breathe the same air as her, share the same earth as her, treasure her.

I didn't need to conquer the sky, just coexist with that blessed being.

Life can't be won or lost, it can only be lived.

I'll only get worse with you, Motoko.

You're corrupting me.

Changing me.

Filling me with light.

"You've turned out to be quite the delinquent," she remarked teasingly.

I puffed out my chest. "Yeah. I have." I stumbled through my confession. "You know, I meant it when I told you to never lose your spirit. Not all of that other stuff, just... that."

Surprise flooded her face. She smiled, reddening.

"Since you've confessed, I will too. When I cried to my mom about never seeing him again... I thought I was sad about Yuki, but..."

She gazed into my eyes.

"I was talking about you."