Of Jealousy and Love

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After Scott had kissed Rogue, everything that happened after seemed like a surreal blur.

One kiss had turned into another, and another and another and another and before either of them could comprehend what was going on, they were making out in the middle of the kitchen.

With her newly found ability to suppress her mutation, Scott's hands roamed her skimpy pajama clad body with passion and hunger but yet he still had that heir of sophistication. He wasn't the type to rip off all her clothes and do her on the kitchen floor right then and there but just the touch of her creamy, soft, porcelain skin, and the thought of him being the first to caress her pure and once untouchable skin drove him wild.

Rouge in turn was enjoying his ministrations and had no intention of stopping him. It felt good to have someone hold her, someone kiss her, someone touch her the way Scott was. And it wasn't romping around in the hay like Logan would prefer but it was classy, dignified and sophisticated. Something Rogue never realized she wanted up until this moment.

The two probably would have continued this little make out session a lot further if it wasn't for the small pitter patter of feet making itself down the hallway that led into the kitchen.

Both Scott and Rogue parted from each other faster than Super Man colleague Flash would do if he were in a hurry. They sat at their respective spots at the island in the kitchen, across from each other like they were before so whoever walked into the kitchen wouldn't suspect a thing.

Thankfully it was only Ororo who walked in, to tired from her full night of nightmares to even inquire that something was going on between the two.

She was fully aware on the love square going on between the four, for the professor had debriefed her on the situation when Rogue didn't show up for her Birthday Cake. So after viewing the two sitting in the kitchen in silence she felt that now was not the time for any "small talk" and therefore grabbed a bottle of water, said her "goodnight's" and retreated back up the hallway.

Once she was gone Rogue turned to Scott and gave him a small grin and Scott returned the sly gesture.

"That was cuttin' it kinda close. Wouldn't ya say so?" Rogue said.

"I would defiantly say so." Scott chuckled. "Let's just thank the Lord that it was Ororo and not one of the kids"

"That woulda been awkward."

"It sure would"

Rogue smiled. Back when Scott was her teacher, she had never noticed this side of him. She guessed it was because she was so caught up in finishing the load of work he assigned, passing his tests and getting on his good side to be recruited as an X-man that she had never taken the time to really get to know him. But now that she's spent time with him, Scott was a pretty neat guy.

"Mistah S…………..Scott" Rogue began.


"I…………I…………I don't want to go back to ma room by myself."

"Excuse me?" he asked. He wasn't quite sure if he fully understood.

"I know this sounds silly but, I'm still a little hurt from this afternoon and sittin' here with you kinda makes me feel better and well if I go back to ma room I know I'm only gonna start cryin' again and I really think ma tear ducks are dry and I was wonderin' if may be you could kinda stay with me for the night, just until I feel better. But you know you totally don't have to, I would understand completely if you just wanted to…………"

"Rogue, Rogue, Rogue slow down" Scott said, interrupting her ranting.

Rogue blushed. "Oh sorry."

"I understand what you're saying and I would love to spend the rest of the night with you."

She smiled at this.

"But just not in your room"

Now she frowned. "I'm confused" she said aloud.

Scott chuckled. "Rogue are you forgetting? You have roommates. One who happens to be the gossip columnist at Xavier's and can spread rumors like wildfire."

She chuckled, momentarily forgetting about her two best friends. "Oh, ya right." She said. "Well then where could we go?"

"Don't worry, I've got the perfect place"


They wound up sleeping on the pull out bed on the couch in his office, which was were Scott normally slept when Jean threw him out for the night or when he wanted to get away from the students and take a little afternoon nap.

The couch was a little lumpy; well scratch that, very lumpy, but Mr. Summers of course was such a gentlemen and therefore pulled out extra sheets and blankets for Rogue's side to make it softer for her. She offered to share her extra comforters with him but he declined, assuring her that he was alright on the rough terrain of a mattress.

Exhausted from their night of stress and tears (and making out), both of them dozed right off into dreamland as soon as they hit the sheets but they made sure they stayed awake long enough to snuggle in each others arms.


Breakfast the next morning was weird. Very weird.

So weird in fact the Professor Xavier marked it down as one of the most silent breakfasts that have ever occurred at the Xavier institute. And they've had their share of odd breakfasts like the morning after the whole "Safe sex" talk with the students or that time John thought it would be funny to put a popper in Storms cereal thus leaving cheerios all over the kitchen. But this breakfast, this breakfast topped the charts.

Everyone at the table was completely silent. The only sound that could be heard were the forks, spoons and knives, occasionally clanking against the plates and the pattern of everyone's chewing. Other than that it was completely silent.

Jean was quiet because she knew that Scott, Rogue and practically everyone else knew what happened between her and Logan the night before and she wasn't exactly sure what to say to her friends. Should she address them about her decision? Or should she pretend like nothing has happened? Since she didn't know the answer to these questions, she felt keeping quiet would be the best solution.

Logan was quite because A, he was always quiet when he was eating and B, like Jean he didn't know what to say or how to react about the situation last night.

As for Scott and Rogue, both of them were quite because, not only were they still mad at their passed lovers for their actions but, they in turn didn't want to point any fingers because they both felt what they did the night before was hypocritical. Both Rogue and Scott discussed it that morning before they came down for breakfast and they shared how they were confused about the fact that they were mad at Logan and Jean for sleeping with one another but didn't know if it was fair to be mad at them when they were making out with each other the very same night. Of course engaging in sexual intercourse and harmlessly kissing were two different levels of intimacy but it was intimacy nonetheless; and intimacy with one who is not their respective partner. So they in turn didn't know how to react to the situation.

As for everyone else at the table, well, Ororo, Kurt, Hank, Warren and the Professor were all fully aware of what had occurred last night. The professor had found out after his brief mental scan of the school, and had warned Ororo about it, to save her from brining up any embarrassing or sensitive subjects around the four in the love square. As for Kurt, Hank and Warren, well their knowledge about last night just so happened to be obtained by paper-thin walls. And as each of them knew what happened the night before, just like everyone else, they didn't know how to react.

What do you say to a Dr. who just cheated on her fiancé with the schools P.E teacher? And in turn what to you say to her fiancé who's probably grieving the loss of the love from her to no fault of his own? And what do you say to that P.E teacher who broke the heart of someone near to him?

They didn't know. They didn't know what to say, how to go about saying it or weather or not to say anything at all.

And as for Bobby, John, Kitty and Jubilee, well they were just completely in the dark as to what was going on and couldn't figure out why everyone was so quiet. They figured something must have happened the night before because breakfast at Xavier's was never quiet so to avoid any embarrassing pop ups, they remained speechless as well.

And this is what made for a silent breakfast.

Glancing at everyone around the table and noticing how everyone was so enticed with their breakfast, rather than trying to make a morning conversation, Ororo decided to give it a try.

"Well…….." she began, setting down the bowl of scrambled eggs in the middle of the table so it was within reach of everyone else. "We have lovely whether today. Wouldn't you agree professor?" Ok so it wasn't the best examples of conversation starters; and Ororo knew that. Why would a whether witch be commenting about the whether outside? It was completely ironic but it was something so she hoped it would work.

"Oh yes Ororo, very lovely indeed" Charles answered, also glancing at everyone else around the table.

"Uh……..ya…….perfect day for an afternoon in the air, wouldn't you say so Warren?" she tried again.

"Huh?" Angel asked, looking up from his cereal at the mention of his name. It took him a moment to register what Storm had told him before he replied. "Oh uhh, ya, ya perfect day for an afternoon affair……..I mean in the air, in the air" he corrected himself, turning beat red after his slip up.

This word of course cause tension at the table as Jean cringed at the word, and the others held their breaths to see what would happen next.

Scott could feel his chest tightening as he was tempted to say something but didn't know if he should.

"Nice save bird boy" John remarked, taking a piece of bacon from the center of the table and smirking to himself. After putting the cards together he was know fully aware of what was going on around here. John wasn't stupid; in fact he was pretty good at solving minor mysteries at the mansion hence Xavier making him the behavior specialist in training after graduation (another case of irony there). And after seeing the looks on everyone's faces and adding that to the unusual silence plus the sudden pause at the mention of the word affair, John knew exactly what was going on. Jean had cheated on Scott with Logan. It was clear as day.

Everyone around the mansion knew about their so called "harmless flirting" and apparently it wasn't harmless anymore as they stepped it up a notch and now they were in this mess.

Oh yes that was definitely the case here, and now the pyromaniac was more intrigued as the seconds went on to see what kind of reactions would take place.

As Rogue watched Logan, continuing to eat his food and appearing as though he was unaffected by Warren's accident, she couldn't help but get a little bit angry. How could he just sit there and pretend like nothing has happened? He's the one who slept with Jean, he's the one who ignored her on her birthday, and he's the one that's still in the dark of her control over her mutation even though he should have been the first to know. Did he not know he hurt her? Did he even know that she knew at all? Did he even care?

All these questions were stampeding through Rogue's mind and slowly and surly she was about to boil over.

Finally it was when he asked Bobby to pass the butter that she finally blew her lid.

Slamming her fists on the table and abruptly getting up out of her chair, Rogue glared daggers at Wolverine while shouting at him, "Are you out of your mind?!"


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