Of Jealousy and Love ch 34

Of Jealousy and Love ch 34

Well this is it readers; the last chapter.

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"Come on Professor, please?"








This had been going on for about an hour now. Scott left the day before yesterday and Storm was beginning to grow anxious about he and Rogue's status. When her plan was put into motion it was just set to get Scott to go to Mississippi to see Rogue; the rest was all on him. She was beginning to worry that naive little Scott wasn't putting the pieces together, and was making a bigger mess out of things.

Thus leaving her to turn to the professor and ask him how things were progressing. But the old man wouldn't budge.

He said it wasn't any of his business of the decisions Scott and Rogue make and that he was sure in the end, the two would do what was best for each of them. But Storm didn't buy it, she had a hunch he knew something and she made sure to grill him until she found out.

Which included now, as the professor called the X-men and Jr. X-men to follow him outside to the front of the mansions' grounds.

"Professor c'mon" Storm heaved exasperated. She now understood what the kids felt like when they begged and pleaded for so long; it was really tiring. "How am I supposed to know if Scott's doing what he's supposed to, if you won't tell me?"

"Scott is a twenty-nine year old man Ororo, there's nothing he's supposed to do; he can do as he pleases."

She sighed again. "You know what I mean." The weather witch countered. "How am I supposed to know if my plan worked or not?"

"You could wait for him to return"

"But that'll take forever, it's been two days already and knowing Scott he's probably managed to find a way to screw it all up. Please professor, just one little clue?"

"Ororo" the professor began. "If there's one thing we've learned in these passed two months it is that we should keep our private matters to ourselves and leave others private matters to themselves as well; wouldn't you agree?"

She huffed and crossed her arms over her chest. The professor was right; they really did learn after the Emma incident that meddling was far from ok; but that still didn't ease her curiosity. "Yeah I agree" she grumbled. "But still, the whole point of this plan was to fix what happened two months ago; they're both miserable, we all know it."

From behind the two, Jean looked to the ground shamefully and lamely kicked a small pebble on the ground. There wasn't a day that went by that she didn't feel bad for what she did to Scott and Rogue, and although others were slowly forgiving her, whenever it was mentioned it still made her tense.

Sensing her withdrawal, Logan nudged her softly and smiled at her, tapping her chin and kissing her for head. "It's alright" he murmured in a soft whisper. He didn't understand how he forgave her. He was sure had it been anyone else who had pulled such a stunt on his beloved Rogue, he would have castrated their organs with his claws, but there was something about the love he had for the red headed woman that made him forget about all his anger and all his worries and fall into the real kind and gentle person that she was.

"As miserable as they are" the professor began, now stopping his wheelchair at the end of the sidewalk, which lead to the cobblestone driveway. "It's still up to them to decide what's best for them, and fix whatever wrongs that may have occurred and make it right." He paused and looked out beyond the driveway and onto the road, littered with evergreen trees at it's sides. "Rogue and Scott are both adults, and although I understand your motive for helping them Ororo, I just don't think it's any of our business; I'm sure they'll be able to make it on their own."

Storm sighed a long sigh and nodded in agreement, following the professor's trail of vision out beyond the driveway. It really was a beautiful autumn day.

"Um, I'm sorry to brake up the happy moment here" John suddenly began, clasping his hands over his torso and rubbing them for warmth. "But can someone please explain to me why we're out here?" he said, shivering a bit in the growing cold. "I'm freezing my nips off and I left my lighter inside."

"Shove it kid" Logan said, placing his arm around Jean and enjoying the beauty of the evening as well.

John gave him a hard look. "Hey don't tell me to shove it, wolf face." He fired back. "The professor said he wanted us out here to talk to us about something, why couldn't we do it inside?"

"I didn't want to talk to you about anything John, just to watch" Charles answered, still distracted by nature's beauty.

Pyro's face fell flat and that's when Jubilee decided to pop her gum; and rather loudly at that. "Watch?" she asked, smacking the gum back into her mouth. "Is this one of those like, freaky, weird, nature moments where we're supposed to be like, one with mother Earth and all?"

Storm shot her a soft glare. "Watch it" she warned and Jubilee shrugged.

"Sorry" she said. "I mean I appreciate the gesture of "family bonding" and all but college isn't easy and I've got like, a pending ten paged paper with my name on it."

"Sucks saving it for the last minute huh?" Bobby taunted and Jubilee glared.

"Shut up Popsicle"

He glared at the mockery of his nickname. "You shut up"

"All of you shut up" Logan countered, stopping the argument before it came. He swore sometimes kids could be so infuriating.

Bobby and Jubilee suddenly zipped their lips, not daring to challenge Logan's wrath and once he was sure they were quite, he turned to address the professor, failing to notice them sticking their tongues out at one another.

"All aggravation aside, seriously chuck" the Wolverine began, shoving his free hand in his jacket pocket. "It isn't like you to drag us out here to stare at the leaves and listen to the wind. What are we doing?"

"Don't worry about it Logan" Xavier said, his eyes still fixated on the road. "Just watch"

"Just watch for what?" John asked, kicking a rock by his foot. "Is this some sort of surprise attack thing planned by you and Magneto? Cause' if it is I really gotta run back inside to get my—"

"Hey look!" Kitty interrupted. She pointed sharply to a car suddenly turning onto the road that lead to the mansion. Stopping their complaints and arguments, the group turned to see the blue sports car and their faces brightened. "Isn't that Scott's car?"

And as the car got closer, they found that indeed it was. A lightning blue Mercedes, with the infamous 'X' engraved on all mansion property, tattooed lightly on the hood of the car.

Everyone who lived in the mansion could recognize that car from a mile away and there was no doubt, that their beloved Scott had returned.

As he pulled up to the long driveway and opened the gates at the end, Storm turned to the professor with a taunting smirk.

The professor knew she was going to chastise him about it and therefore he refused to look at her, but he smiled knowingly when he felt her staring at him.

"Minding our own business huh?" she asked, folding her arms over her chest again and towering over the elderly man. "I thought you trusted them to make the right decision."

The professor smiled deeply and unlocked his wheelchair, signaling for her to push him onto the cobble stone and he turned to look back at her. "I do; with every fiber in my being I trust them make the right decision; and I'm sure they did."

"But?" she asked, placing her hands on the hand guides behind the wheelchair and gently guiding him on the uneven ground.

"But I had to make sure they were safe and they arrived here without troubles" he excused and Storm huffed again, causing the professor to chuckle. "Besides, it helped a lot that Scott phoned about half an hour ago and said he was on his way."

Now Storm playfully rolled her eyes. What a sneaky little man he was; she made a mental note to get back at him later.

But in the meantime there was no time for that; excitement filled the air between X-men and X-men Jr.s of Scott's return to the mansion and the hopeful return of the woman he went after.

And as they all stood waiting hopefully on the side of the driveway, watching Scott slowly pull up to the garage and open it up, each and every one of them got a perfect view of the passengers seat, with Rogue inside.

Jubilee was the first to let out a shrill of excitement, bouncing up and down joyously and hopping on into the garage followed by Kitty soon after.

The rest of the team had their own sense of relief, pride, happiness and joy, spread on their faces as they saw the young girl in the front seat of the car and let go that breath of relief that she was home.

Scott slowly pulled forward and reversed the car into its reserved spot (next to his red and black sports cars), careful not to hit Jubilee and Kitty who were about to seize the hood. He shut off the engine and opened the door, getting out with a tired but happy look on his face followed by Rogue who exited a little more slowly.

She was tired to say the least. She's been tired in the past two months, dealing with her mutation and missing the love of her life; and even more so in the past two days with Scott showing up to whisk her home and having to hurriedly pack and leave yet another long and lengthy note, to her mother this time, explaining why she had to go.

The night at the hotel was a fretted and anxious one, the flight was a long one and the change of address hassle was a grueling one but all in all, she was more than happy to be back where she belonged.

"OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD!! ROGUEY-WOGEY YOU'RE HOME!!" Jubilee shrilled, making sure to do ultra damage to Logan's sensitive ears and pouncing on her long time friend, embracing her in the biggest bear hug she's ever given in her entire life.

Rogue stiffened under the pressure, but smiled nonetheless, happy to see her friend again.

"Oh my God, Rogue I can't believe it's you" Kitty said. She was already in tears from the joy of having her friend home and she too became a part of the hug, her and Jubilee about to snap poor Rogue in half.

The other's watched with smiles as the best friends got reacquainted, each one of the three submitting to overjoyed moment, and shedding tears just like Kitty.

"I can't believe it's you" Kitty said. "I can't believe you're home. I've missed you so much!"

Rogue didn't talk but instead she continued to embrace her friends, tears of happiness shedding down her own cheeks as she was reunited with the warmth she's longed for.

"Hey, hey, hey you two" came the intermission of Ororo's voice, playfully scolding the teenage girls. "Don't break her now, the rest of us still haven't gotten our hugs" she added with a smile, breaking through the two girls who eased off Marie and embracing her in a hug of her own.

Again Rogue cried more tears of joy.

She loved Ororo's hugs. They were so warm and loving, so caring and meaningful; just like a mother's hug if not more inviting because it was from mother Earth herself.

"Oh honey" Ororo began, rubbing Rogue's back in reassurance. "We've all missed you so much."

Rogue nodded as more tears shed and Ororo pulled out of the embrace, cupping the young girl's hair and cheeks lovingly. "Look at you" she adored and Rogue wiped away her tears. "Look how much you've changed." She said. "You can't stay away this long honey. You've got two more freckles on that button nose of yours, you're hair has grown, dear God, you've shed more weight, I'm gonna have to fatten you up." She said and Rogue chuckled. "And you're eyes" she added, slowing down to a pause when she noticed the color change in her once brown orbs. "Honey your eyes are—"

"Whoa" Jubilee suddenly intervened. She stood next to the weather Goddess to get a good look at her friends color change and marveled at the drastic color. "Killer contacts" she complimented with a smile, still inspecting Rogue's eyes. "Where'd you get um'"

Rogue modestly smiled, a little uncomfortable with everyone intrigued by her body at the moment, and she gently removed Ororo's hands from her cheeks and gave the woman a gentle smile.

"I've missed you guys so much" she finally said, speaking for the first time and choosing to ignore the question.

They seemed to forget about it just as easily as she dismissed it and she therefore received hugs from each and everyone of them, even Jean and Logan, the professor being the last in line to give his greetings to the young lady.

Rogue paused when he wheeled up to her, and he as well, both of them seeming to have the same readable expressions on their faces and in their minds.


But it wasn't the same happiness that the others felt for having Rogue return; it was a deeper sense of happiness, a greater appreciation for the moment in front of them, the both of them meaning more than anything to each other. For Rogue, Xavier was the father figure she never had; the guy who could help her through anything, the guy who gave her opportunities, the guy who helped her be in control again.

And for Xavier, Rogue was truly a blessing onto the mansion. She was bright, caring, sweet, charming, funny, and in turn she was like the daughter he never had (Or one of them at least). He and her shared so much in common—contrary to what the naked eye might have seen— and above all, she was his life savor. If it weren't for her, he wouldn't be here today.

Having once calmed her tears, Rogue felt her eyes watering once again as she knelt over and embraced the professor in a hug, he as well wrapping his arms around her and letting a small tear of his own fall from his eyes.

"Oh professor" she sobbed as she cried into the embrace. She was happy to be back where she belonged and in the comfort of the man she knew would reassure her that everything was going to be ok; so happy it choked her up to tears and she didn't know what else to say.

He stroked her now long hair gently and tightened the hug as hard as his elderly body could, smiling against her shoulder. "It's alright Marie" he comforted. He could sense already the worry and difficulty dealing with her powers that bombarded her mind and he knew that more than anything, she was grateful to be back in a place where she knew she could pick up the pieces again. "I'm glad that you're finally home."

She smiled as he said this and pulled out of the embrace, wiping her eyes once again and chuckling lightly at her emotional reaction. It was funny how the slightest touches of emotion made her break out in tears nowadays.

"It's good to be home" she finally said. She surveyed her family and she could not be any happier as she looked around and finally felt like she belonged. No more doubt, no more worry and no more anxiety about her parents, about her mutation, about what society thought of her, about if she was making the right decision or anything.

This was it. This was it right here; she had made the right decision. This was her family.

Kitty, Jubilee, John, Bobby, Warren, Peter, Hank, Ororo, Logan, Jean, the professor and most importantly the love of her life, Scott was all she needed in her life; and she was so happy to finally be home.


"So I was thinking right, it been, oober-long since we last talked about anything and I mean like, we have so much to catch up on." Jubilee rambled.

By now Scott was guiding Rogue back to their room so she could lie down and nap after the long flight and Logan was following in tow, helping him carry the bags, followed by Ororo who wrapped an arm around her shoulder the whole way and Jubilee and Kitty who chatted nonstop behind.

"So like, after Storm makes her special dinner thing—which I'm sure will be totally killer by the way— we can totally go to the mall and by you some new threads to celebrate you know? Turns out my dad just got promoted at his job and his paycheck is amazing, so I can definitely treat my best friend to a like, welcome home present."

Smiling unsurely at Jubilee, Rogue was happy that her friend was making thoughtful offers for them to catch up on lost times, but she was just so tired; she didn't think the mall was such a smart idea now.

"Can't you just make a card like any other normal person?" Logan butted in grouchily. He heaved one of Rogue's bags over his shoulder.

Jubilee gave him a flat look. "Uh, as if. Cards are for old fogies."

Kitty suddenly turned to her a little stunned at the recent information. "They are?" she asked unsurely, biting her lip anxiously.

Jubilee gave her a pressing stare. "Uh duh, didn't you get the memo?"

Chuckling nervously, Kitty stopped following them in the hall, thinking pensively for a moment before excusing herself. "Uhhhh, pardon me for a moment" she said, still biting her lip. "I have to go uh…….see Peter about something." And with that she took off and phased through the walls, dashing to her own room.

Jubilee shook her head. "So what do ya say Rogue? While Kitty Cat burns the hallmark, you up for a night out on the town?"

This sounded even more tiring. Rogue was sure she was going to pass out any minute if she didn't get a nap soon; she didn't think she could handle the mall more or less a night out on the town.

She looked at Jubilee unsurely. Just how was she supposed to let her friend down when she was clearly so excited. Luckily for her, Scott intervened.

"Jubilee I thought you said you had a paper to write?" he asked, pulling Rogue's rollaway luggage behind him. "Ten pages I believe it was?"

Jubilee turned towards Cyclops and folded her arms over her chest. "I do" she stated huffily, fumbling for the right excuse to spill to him. "I just………….you know Mr. Summers you're not my professor anymore. I'm in college now, I can choose to do these things if I please or not."

"You're also on an Xavier's scholarship and a McCoy grant" he fired back causing the young girl to pout. "And while I may not be your teacher, I am the owner of the red corvette I know you're going to ask to borrow so, which is it?" he asked. "Paper or denial for the keys?"

She grunted. "Do I have a choice?"

"Do you really wanna' ask?"

Jubilee full out flared this time, crossing her arms over her chest and pouting hard as they finally reached the room. "You know what, fine" she grunted, glaring daggers at Scott. "I know what you're trying to do Mr. Summers, you just want Rogue all to yourself." She added and Scott grinned.

"What a selfish little man I am" he said and Jubilee rolled her eyes.

"Whatever, there's still tomorrow so don't gloat in your victory just yet. One day or the other, Rogue will be mine."

Scott shook his head and the yellow-clad girl turned to Marie. "Rain check chica? You're boyfriend is being a di—"

"Jubilee" Storm intervened and she grinned.

Rogue however smiled. "Sure thing." She said. "We'll plan tomorrow"

"Awesome" she said embracing Rogue in another quick hug. "Don't run away again while I'm gone ok?" she teased and Rogue nodded. "See ya at dinner!" and with that she retreated back down the hall.

Meanwhile Scott fumbled with the door, while Jubilee left, Ororo opening it for him while he juggled Rogue's bags. "Home sweet home" Cyclops finally said, Rogue slowly stepping inside the room and feeling the rush of warmth greet her.

He had left everything just as she remembered; the pictures, the tv, the furniture, the socks. Everything was exactly the same; including the photo she left on the nightstand for him; the one of her and Scott taking a stroll in the park. She walked over to pick it up in her hands as Scott and Logan set her bags on the floor.

Logan looked over at Rogue staring at the picture then turned to Scott, who seemed to be grateful, but less than amused with the Wolverine.

He guessed Scott was still mad about the other day but then again who could blame him? Logan had said some pretty crude things and left a nice little gash in his arm with him claws. Plus he still wasn't aware that the whole thing was a set up so Logan didn't expect any less of the man.

"So you gonna' tip me or what?" Logan finally asked, after the pause of silence and Scott flinched, seeming to have the urge to want to sock Logan square in the face again.

"Hey, hey, hey, easy bub." Logan said, sensing the tension. "We can talk this over with a cold one and a smoke, no need for violence now."

"Don't you try and—"

"Um, Scott" Ororo stepped in. She cleared her throat and made her entry, stepping between the two men before they went at it again. Giggling nervously as she knew Scott wouldn't have the best reaction to this sort of news, Storm placed her hand on his chest and looked into his ruby quarts.

"Um, before you two go head to head again," she began, clearing her throat again. "There's something I have to confess to you."

Sensing the nerves in her tone, Scott's body posture shifted from tense to anticipation, waiting for the probable unpleasing news he was about to hear. "What did you do Storm?" he asked. He knew that voice; that was the voice of someone who was up to something, having their plans spoiled and forced to explain.

"Nothing, nothing" she said, clearing her throat again. Boy was it dusty in there. "It's just…….I just thought that you should know that……..well……..what I said was a hoax."

He looked at her suspiciously. "A hoax?" he asked. "What did you tell me?" He hadn't spoken to Storm since he saw her last before he left; what did she tell him that was untrue.

"Well about Logan and Jean breaking up and Logan leaving" she admitted quietly. Storm waited for Scott's reaction but he remained speechless.

She sighed. "Me and Logan planned the whole thing out. I told you he and Jean broke up and he was leaving cause I knew it would get you riled up and he took it from there and said what he said to force you to go to Mississippi. None of anything was true, we just said it so you could get Rogue back."

Confused, Scott glanced between Logan and Ororo who both shot him faulty smiles, then back to Rogue who was still looking at the picture. So they devised a plan and lied to him to make him fight Logan and get him to Mississippi? "So that means you and Jean…….and you and Rogue…..and I—" Scott sighed, rubbing his temples. He was in no mood to figure this out; he had too much on his mind.

"I can't address this right now" he confessed. "I'm way to tired."

Storm frowned. "Your mad at us, aren't you?" she asked and Scott shook the forming headache away.

"Actually…….no" he admitted and he gave her a reassuring look. He couldn't believe that he wasn't though. Normally when people tricked him into doing something he was pretty livid. But he realized, rather quickly as a matter of fact, that despite the cruelty of the plan, the results had turned out for the better; he'd gotten Rogue back. And he couldn't be mad at anyone who helped him do that.

Storm's face brightened. "I'm just really tired so I guess we'll talk about his later huh?" he confessed.

She smiled now. "Of course, of course!" Storm beamed, embracing him in a hug. "Oh, I love you Scott, and I'm so proud of you."

"Uh-huh" Today had definitely been a long day and there was nothing Cyclops needed more right now than a nap.

"Don't forget, dinner in an hour ok" she said excitedly, grabbing Logan by the arm and beginning to pull him out the room. "C'mon Logan."

"But I didn't get my tip"

And with that they were out the door.

Scott sighed, shaking his head before turning to Rogue. She was still looking at the picture as she now sat on the bed; her fingers gently tracing the outlines of their bodies.

Scott softly smiled and began to approach her, removing his jacket and sitting next to her on the bed. Just as he was about to wrap his arm around her however, she spoke suddenly, her words catching him off guard.

"I've changed so much" she said suddenly, not taking her eyes off the picture.

Scott stared at her strangely before proceeding to place his hands where they belonged and nestling his head on her shoulder. "What are you talking about?" he kissed her neck. "You're still the same Rogue I remember." He kissed her shoulder. "Sweet," another kiss. "Kind," another kiss. "Beautiful," another kiss. "Loving," and another kiss.

Rogue smiled against his touch and leaned into him. "You don't think I'm well……you know…..different?"

"Not uh" he said and he kissed her again. Rogue giggled. It's been awhile since she last giggled, a solid 9 weeks to be exact; but Scott's cheesiness was returning and she couldn't help it. "You're still gorgeous"

"Even if my mutation is different?" she asked.

Scott stopped now to look at her. So that's where this was coming from. She was anxious about the change in her mutation.

He couldn't blame her really. Her eyes had shifted colors, she had trouble controlling the rush of powers, something might have triggered her hair to grow at tremendous speeds and she wasn't as happy as she used to be.

But that didn't change how he felt about her. He knew that somewhere inside, the real Rogue was still there.

"Even if your mutation is different; you're still the same Rogue I fell in love with."

Smiling Rogue set down the picture and turned to look at him, leaning her head back and looking into his eyes. "Marie" she corrected, and his look of befuddlement began his rebuttal.

"Marie?" he asked. "But I thought you hated that—"

"I could never hate it when the people I love call me by my real name" she explained. "Marie"

Scott smiled, placing a kiss on her lips. "I love you Marie"

"I love you too" she said. She could feel the tears brimming her eyes once more and again she tried her best to keep them in. She's just been so happy since her decision to come home, and all the slightest touches of emotion were making her weep.

Scott noticed her tears and caught both droplets that slipped from her eyes before they fell off her cheeks. "You're happy huh?" he chuckled and she joined him soon after, further wiping her eyes. "You keep crying" He stated. "Tears of joy, I'm assuming?"

"Definitely tears of joy" she reassured. "I'm just so happy to be home and back with you Scott. I've missed you all, especially you; I didn't think I'd ever see you guys again."

He kissed her again. "I'm glad you're home too Marie. I love you so much."

She sighed a happy sigh. "Me too" and she kissed him again. "I don't think this moment could get any better"

He gave her a playful challenging stare. "Wanna bet?" he asked.

Marie sat up from leaning on him and returned his stare with a confused one. Make this moment better? What could he possibly do to make this moment better? She already had what she had wanted most; being back home and being with the man she loved; what more could a girl ask for?

"Scott" she began. "I'm happy. I mean really, really, happy. I've got what I've been longing for, for months and really there's nothing more I could ask for that would make me happie—"

"Marry me"

Cut off by his proposal, she was stunned speechless by his words and she gasped silently, trying to process what just occurred. Did he just ask her to marry him?

She was thinking he was going to give her a memorable poem or picture, or one of his kind words of love to make her feel better than she already was but he topped it all out and went on above the rest; he asked her to marry him.

He wanted her to be his wife, to spend the rest of her life with him, till death do them part, for richer or for poorer and all that came with it; he wanted her to be Mrs. Summers.

Still at a lost for words, Rogue fumbled and tried to find the right thing to say but Scott cut her off again.

"Marie, you've been the best thing that's ever happened to me; really, the best thing that's ever happened to me. Better than this school, better than my career, better than all the things I've ever gotten in my life, you truly are the best. And from the time that incident with Jean and Logan occurred, and I thought I'd never be happy again, then you came along and put a whole different spin on my life; a spin that was for the better."

"Oh Scott" the tears were coming again.

"I remember that time when the accident at the lake happened, and I thought you were gone, I was so distraught that I'd never get to see you again and that I never had the chance to say goodbye."

Tears spilled down her cheeks now.

"And recently when you left back for Mississippi, I was devastated that we were torn apart, and I don't ever want that to happen again. I don't even want to come close to thinking about a scenario like that happening again."

She shook her head in understanding; she didn't either.

"I love you with all my heart, and I want to love you forever, and I want to be with you forever and I don't ever want you to leave me again and I don't want to leave you."

"Me either" she chocked through the tears.

"So with that in mind," Scott reached into his jacket lying on the bed, and pulled out a tiny blue box. Marie gasped when she saw it, the box making the moment all the more real and when he opened it to reveal the sparkling white gold diamond engagement ring, she thought she was going to pass out from joy. "Marie D'Acanto, will you do me the honor, and be my wife?"

Oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, she couldn't believe what was happening. This was it; this was it. This was the happiest moment in her entire life; the moment her knight in shining armor came to sweep her off her feet, to take her away and marry her and truly make her the happiest girl on the entire planet.

She didn't know how to react, she didn't know what to do, or what to say, and the only response she could produce was endless tears of joy spilling down her porcelain checks.

"Say yes dummy!" her mind screamed at her and she choked a chuckle underneath her happy sobs.

"Yes" she finally replied, smiling happily at her new fiancé. "I would love to marry you Scott"

Scott's humongous grin gave her all the conformation she needed that he was now the happiest man in the world as he took the ring out of the box and slipped it on her finger.

Marie tried to contain herself as she breathed in and out and wiped her tears away, taking a chance to look at the diamond ring on her finger; it was absolutely beautiful.

"Oh God, I love it Scott, it's beautiful."

"You're beautiful" he said, planting another kiss on her lips.

She wiped more tears from her eyes. "I love you, so, so much."

"I love you too; Mrs. Summers"

He touched the new engagement ring on her finger and smiled and she smiled in return, the both of them sealing their engagement with a kiss.


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