Title: Heiress of the Dark Lord

Author: CJ Wellington

Rating: -M-

Genre: Romance/Drama/Tragedy

Summary: Ever since she was little, Hermione had known she was adopted. Her parents had told her early on that she wasn't their biological daughter, but they never treated her any different then if she was. But when a terrible accident leaves Hermione's parents dead, Hermione learns who her biological father is and it's the person that she least expected it to be.

Now known to the world as the Dark Lord's Daughter, Hermione is forced to choose between the two things she loves most: Her father or her friends. And when her friends turn their back on her, Hermione's tears a dried by the boy who has disgraced her for seven years.


Chapter One: Of Ashes and Dried Tears

It's so hot…I can't breath…FIRE!

Hermione sat up in her bed and looked blindly around. Her eyes stung from the black smoke that filled her bedroom. Coughing she rolled out of her bed and landed hard on the floor. She winced as her shoulder hit the side of her table beside her bed. Coughing and struggling to see Hermione crawled along her floor and tried to find her door. Her lungs burned and her eyes felt like they were going to burn up. Unknown tears of pain flooded down her face as she reached up and grabbed her door knob. She hissed lowly as she yanked her hand back from the burning door knob. Grabbing a piece of clothing off her floor she grabbed the door knob and swung open her door.

A wave of thick black smoke rushed towards her causing her to go into a coughing fit. Wheezing, she crawled into the hallway and stood up. Feeling her way down the hall, she reached the stairs and saw flames emitting wildly from the kitchen and the living room. She watched the curtains catch fire and the carpet that led up the stairs. Her skin felt like it was on fire as she watched the flames creep closer and closer to her. Looking down over the balcony it looked like she was looking down into a sea of flames. 'I've got to get out' her mind raced. She knew that if the fire kept spreading that the house would collapse.

Re-entering her bedroom, Hermione ran over to her window and shoved it open, shattering glass ever where. Looking out she heard sirens in the distance and people gathering infront of her house. Her room was in the front but looking down; if she jumped she would land in a pile of bushes and thorns. As the smoke flooded out her window, Hermione closed her door as flames started to flicker inside. She shoved a towel at the bottom of her door and ran back to the window, ignoring the flames that were creeping around the sides of her door.

"Help" she screamed out her window as fire trunks pulled up infront of her house. She watched as the firefighters pulled the hoses off and started spraying her house. "Help" she cried out again, but her voice was wheezy and soft. Her lungs were so full of smoke and she was beginning to feel dizzy from lack of oxygen. Her room was slowly being engulfed with flames as she tried to get the firefighters attention. More tears flooded down her face from the fear of dying in the fire. 'What if they don't find me in time' Making a drastic decision, Hermione threw open her bedroom door, only to stumble backwards from the heat of the flames. She cried out at her skin burned from the heat. Pulling off her clothing she left her self in only her bra and underwear, not caring if anyone saw her like that.

Coughing and struggling to stay away from the heat, Hermione fell to her knees and grabbed her chest. She couldn't breath, she couldn't see, she couldn't even hear the shouts from the firefighters outside her house. All she could see was black smoke and flames that were engulfing her room and smothering her. Suddenly, a firefighter ran into her room and spotted her. Grabbed her burned body, he ran over to the window and yelled for his fellow firefighters. The last thing Hermione saw before she blacked out was the ashy mask of the firefighter and the words "Everything's going to be okay now".



Hermione jerked awake and sat up, ignoring the pain that sheared through her body. Her eyes were covered in something and her lungs felt so small. She wheezed and coughed as she lay back down. She heard the door open up and footsteps enter the room. "Hello?" Hermione called out.

"Ah, I see you are awake" a man's voice came. "Here, lets remove those bandages" Slowly the bandages were removed from her eyes and a bright light flooded across her face. Hermione blinked a few times and waited for her to get used to the sudden light. When she did she looked around and saw that she was in hospital bedroom, but it wasn't muggle.

"Where am I?" Hermione asked.

"You're at St. Mungo's Ma'm" The doctor answered, "You've been here for about two days"

"Why am I here?" Hermione asked. Her mind was fuzzy.

"You were in a terrible fire Ma'm. You're body was badly burned but with a simple burn charm your skin was back to normal, but you may still have some smoke still in your lungs so you'll we wheezy for a while" The doctor explained. Hermione nodded, and ran her hand through her hair, only to find out that half of it was gone.

"Oh Merlin, what happened to my hair!" Hermione shrieked, climbing out of bed and running into the bathroom that was in her room. She let out a whimper when she saw that her long honey-brown locks were gone and that it was in a cropped up that fell just below her ears and was layered. As she stared at her refection she saw slight scar from burn marks on her arms and legs but you could only see them if you were seeking them out. After running her hands through the hair that she had, she slowly started to like the shorter look and decided that she could live with it. But what would her parents say about it? Her Parents!! Hermione spun around and ran over to the doctor. "My parents, where are they?" Hermione asked.

The doctor looked at her with sad eyes, "I'm sorry ma'm, they inhaled too much smoke and went into cardiac arrest. We couldn't revive them" he answered. Hermione went numb. No, they couldn't be dead, they just couldn't.

"Sorry what did you say?" Hermione whispered, not believing that he had said that her parents were dead.

"Your parents didn't make it. They're dead, I'm truly sorry for you lost. We did everything that we could to save them, but they didn't pull through" He stated. Hermione nodded and walked over to the window in her room. She tried to cry, she wanted to cry…but no tears came. She stared out the window as she heard the door close. She was alone in the room, alone forever. Suddenly the door opened again and Hermione turned around to reveal a very distrait Mrs. Weasley.

"Oh, Hermione, I am so sorry" she whispered, pulling Hermione into a hug. Hermione nodded and waited for her tears…but they never came. For some reason she just couldn't cry and it made her mad. The people that she loved the most had just died and she couldn't even cry for them. Hours passed many of her school friends stopped by, including Harry, Ron, and Ginny. When they all had left a woman with blonde curls and green eyes stepped in.

"Hello Ms. Granger, I'm Marcy Ford, from the Adoption Agency" The woman smiled. Hermione nodded. She had known for a long time that she had been adopted, it wasn't new news for her. "Well, since the recent death of your adoptive parents, your biological father's secretary has been notified and we've been told that he is going to take full custody of you again" Hermione nodded numbly. She didn't even know who her biological father was, nor what he looked like, or the reason why he gave her up.

Hermione gulped and stared out the window. She was going to meet her father, her real father. And she was scared as Hell.