Heiress of the Dark Lord – CJ Wellington

Summary: Now known to the world as the Dark Lord's Daughter, Hermione is forced to choose between the two things she loves most: Her father or her friends. And when her friends turn their back on her, Hermione's tears a dried by the boy who has disgraced her for seven years.


Chapter Twenty: Years Passed (Epilogue)

27 year old Pansy Fair-weather stood in the middle of a cemetery. It was the middle of fall; the leaves had turned from their bright green façade to the warm colors of red, orange, and yellow. Some many years had passed since she had stood where she was that afternoon. The air was chilly with the coming winter, wrapping her coat around her body tighter. Her blonde hair was pulled back into point tail and long gone were her teenaged looks. She looked older, aged, but still held her beauty. Behind her, her daughter sat on a bench reading a book. Next to her stood Marco, his arm around her shoulders as they stared at the two head stones before them and laid flowers by the base. With tears in her eyes Pansy thought back to that night so many years ago.

She had returned hours later to the Manor with Marco with her for protection. The manor was very quiet as she remembered it, so quiet she could almost hear her heart beat against her rib cage. As she came upon the ballroom she found the once beautiful wooden doors lying in splinters on the floor. They had stepped carefully over the broken wood and into the destroyed room. Pansy seemed to lose count of the number of bodies that covered the scuffed up floor, both Death Eater and Auror alike. All of them bore emotionless faces and Pansy knew exactly how they died. Walking through the room stopped suddenly when she came upon the body of a young brunette in a silver dress. She cried out of Marco as she fell to her knees next to the girl. Brushing the hair off her face she revealed the woman to be Hermione. In one night she had lost both of her friends, first Draco and then Hermione. There was nothing left for her here as she rose back to her feet.

A short while later some Death Eaters who had escaped returned to see if their loved ones had made it. Pansy stood next to Marco as she listened to mothers cry out and younger kids stand numbly next to their lost parents. It was almost too much to bear as Pansy turned her face away from the death and allowed Marco to wrap his arms around her. They were soon joined by Narcissia and Lucius Malfoy, both distraught over the loss of their son. Together they agreed that arrangements must be made and a service for all those who were lost would be held. Pansy would represent the family of Hermione, getting her affairs into order and working with Narcissia to get things together. Belletrix was one of the many that was killed during the war and Pansy had to look away when she was found by her younger sister. Lord Voldemort's body was no where to be found.

With the help of other Death Eaters they removed the bodies of their own and left the manor, leaving behind their enemies for the rest of the world to deal with. A private funeral was held in honor of those who lost their lives and Pansy requested that Draco and Hermione's bodies to be placed next to one another. Narcissia and Lucius agreed after Pansy had told them about their secret. After the ceremony had taken place the young blonde had packed up her things and moved as far away as possible to live with Marco and raise their daughter. Hope; who was at the age of ten.

Now years later Pansy and Marco returned to England for their daughter would be attending Hogwarts next year. They had decided together that it was time to return home and the first thing Pansy wanted to do when they arrived back was to visit her best friends. And so she stood with her husband of nine years as she read the ascriptions' on her friend's head stones.

Draco Malfoy

1980 – 1998

Son, friend, & partner

"May you be happy where you are, with the one that you love"

Hermione Riddle

1980 – 1998

Daughter, friend, & partner

"May your dreams take you where the world could not"

In her own heart she knew that finally Draco and Hermione happy. They had gotten what they always wanted. To be together, forever. "I miss you guys so much" Pansy whispered as she took her husbands hand in hers. The sun was starting to fade behind them a young girl with blonde curls came up next to Pansy.

"Who are these people mother?" She inquired, placed her arm around her mother's arm.

"These two people were the bravest people I had ever met. I wish you could have met them Hope" Pansy whispered, kissed her daughter's head. Hope nodded and laid a lone flower in between the head stones.

"Well we best be going the sun is going down" Marco announced softly. Pansy nodded and placed her arm around her daughter's shoulder.

Turing around Pansy walked with her family towards the gates of the cemetery and before she crossed to the other side of the fence she looked back at where her friends laid and in the distance she saw them. Standing side by side with their arms around one another, smiling at her and as the sun dipped below the hills Pansy watched as they turned away from her and faded into the sunset.

They had found their happy ending and so had she. Her maybes had finally come true.

-The End

Author's note: I hope you all liked the story! This is the first story that I have ever completed. Thank you all for being loyal readers and reviews, all the comments that I read I took to heart and I appreciate every one : )

-CJ Welling ton