Title: A Woman Scorned

Author's Name: Zucht

MPAA-style rating: PG - 13

Brief Synopsis: A 7Days/Jake 2.0 crossover. What happens when Claire gets revenge?

Spoilers: Seven Days, episode Parker 2.0; Jake 2.0

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A Woman Scorned

Friday August 3, 2007 6:30pm Washington DC

Diane was pissed. She had stopped to pick up some Italian food and her favorite 'little black dress' from the cleaners and was rushing home to celebrate her and Jake's 18 month anniversary when an NSA agent she didn't know forced her into a non-descript sedan and whisked her to a private airport in Maryland. Wedged between two goons and not being allowed to use her cell phone only increased her anger.

Cleaning her glasses on a tissue, she 'thought' for a moment, and then decided to try for sympathy. "Come on guys, I'm expecting and I've got a husband."

"Our orders are to take you to the Captain. No stops, no phone calls."

"What is this about?"

"The Captain will fill you in on the plane."

"I'm not going anywhere!" She harangued, "NohowNowayIwillnotbekidnappedordrafted!IwillnottalkwithanybodyuntiltheyhavebeencheckedoutorapprovedbymyimmediatedirectorIwillalsonotleavewithoutsayinganythingtomyhusbandYouhavenorighttotakemefrommylife…"


Donovan's head hurt; Olga had complained the entire trip from Never Never Land and hadn't stopped while the plane was being refueled. If he didn't need her to explain Frank's condition to Dr. Hughes, he wouldn't have hesitated to slip her a sedative.

Noticing the approaching car, he arose and walked away from her to await Dr. Hughes at the hatch.

Coming up behind him, Olga asked, "Do you think she can really help?"

"Executive Director Warner told Talmadge that she's the one we want… would you look at that!"

Stomping towards the jet was one very pissed off diminutive woman; followed by two limping NSA agents carrying her 'take out' bags and cleaning.

"It is times like this," Olga whispered, "that I am glad that looks do not kill."

"Amen to that."

As Dr. Hughes enters, Donovan extended his hand, "It's a pleasure to…" He doesn't finish as she pushed past him and Olga to angrily slam herself into a seat near the back.

Starting toward her, Donovan is arrested by Olga's hand on his arm. "Allow me Craig. Doctor to Doctor."

He stared at her then acceded.

Approaching Dr. Hughes, Olga handed her her own NSA identification before speaking. "Yes, I am Russian. I am also a naturalized U.S. citizen. As you notice on my identification I am Dr. Olga Vukavitch, I am lead doctor for project 'Backstep' at the Never Never Land facility. You may be more familiar with it as 'Area 51'. Our lead agent has a problem that falls under what we are led to believe is your specialty."

"How do you know what my specialty is?"

"I… We do not know. Executive Director Warner recommended you."

"That… She's a…" Diane's anger is almost at the breaking point.

"Please Dr. Hughes, Frank – Mr. Parker needs your help. I do not understand…?"

"I would prefer…" Diane interrupted icily, "…it if you would call me Dr. Hughes Foley."

Donovan closed the hatch as the plane started moving.

"Please Dr. Hughes Foley, the nanites are killing him!"

"How did you get your hands on nanites?"

"They were developed by Dr. John Ballard, to be used in interfacing with a human subject to increase the accuracy of the data we collect during tests."

"And this 'Frank' is having problems?"

"We think a 'Trojan Horse' program was inserted into the programming by Claire."

"Who is Claire?"

"She was the computer that shut down the world's nuclear arsenal a few years ago."

"I remember, frightening times… That was just before I joined the NSA… Wait, you called it she?"

"She was self-aware, independent of thought and opinionated."

"Independent thought? No wonder we lost control. How does that affect 'Frank' now?"

"Claire had a crush on him. He distracted her while interfaced with her. We were able to… We managed to install a delete program."

"And you think she is responsible for what is happening now?"

"I believe so. A woman scorned, you know."

"A nanite program would have activated long before now."

"Frank's work… I can't go into it, but it could have caused interference in the programming."

"I'll do my best to help your friend, but I need to call my husband – Now."

"We can't allow that." Donovan answered as the engines shut down and the lights went out.

"I'll go check with the pilot, we have to leave now." Donovan said as he moved toward the cockpit.

"He can't do anything." Diane stated softly in the darkened cabin, then louder, "Code: 'I shall but love thee better after death'. Cancel."

"What are you…?" Donovan began.

"Code: 'She walks in beauty like the night.' Cancel."

"I do not understand…" Olga started.

"Code: 'My love is like a red, red rose'. Enable." Diane added tartly, "You should have let me call my husband."

"How does a 'tech support' guy…" Donovan was interrupted by the hatch opening and the lights coming on.

Diane pushed forward to embrace the tall, gangly man that stepped through the hatch.

"Are you Ok Sweetheart?"

"I am now." She answered while squeezing him. She looked up and stared 'thoughtfully' into his eyes for several seconds, "They need our help."

Looking up at Donovan, his smile faded and his brows scrunch up. After several long seconds his smile returned. "Let's go."

"I can't allow that Mr. Foley."

"That's Agent Foley to you…?" Gesturing to Donovan that he didn't know who he was addressing…

"Captain Craig Donovan USN, assigned to the NSA project 'Backstep', based in the Never Never Land facility."

"Well sprinkle me with pixie dust, Peter Pan."

"We can't…"

"She's going nowhere without me. Besides, if speed is important you need to secure another plane."

"What did you do?"

Looking at Donovan with a tense stare, Jake stated dryly, "That's classified… Our team has arrived."

"How do you…" Looking out the hatch, Donovan sees three dark non-descript sedans circling the plane before coming to a stop.

Exiting the lead car, Jake's supervisor Kyle Duarte, strode toward the hatch holding his cell phone out to Jake. "Warner wants a word."

Putting it on speakerphone, Jake stood at attention while rolling his eyes. "Executive Director Warner, Agent Foley here."

"Agent Foley, what the hell do you think you are playing at?"

"My wife was snatched off of the street; I reacted like a husband. And as an NSA agent, I reacted having seen an NSA asset being kidnapped."

"She was under orders!"

"With all due respect Executive Director, she was never given any orders. Now, how do you want us to proceed?"

"Go to the Never Never Land facility and see what can be done."

"Yes ma'am. Another plane is needed while this one is being repaired."

"Just what did you do, Agent Foley?"

"I only fried a couple of circuits. There won't be a problem in fixing them, it will just take time."

"Another jet will be there in 20 minutes. No more interference, understand?"

"Yes ma'am."

Handing Kyle the closed phone, Jake smiled, "It looks like 'Tink' and I are off to Never Never Land."

"Better not let her hear you call her that."

"Good advice Kyle. Would you let Lou know where we are? I'd like to get out of here before Warner realizes that she ordered me to accompany Diane."

"Good thinking. Call in as soon as you land."

Looking at the plane his eyes narrowed, "You got it Kyle. One way or the other you'll be hearing from me. Have Sat Ops ready to triangulate the call."

"You don't trust them?"

"Not one bit."

"Good man."


A/N: This is my first Seven Days fic as well as my first crossover attempt. I hope you enjoy and review.