Title: Tush


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A little romance intermingled with a little smut. Just a warning. And no, this chapter has nothing to do with anyone's tush, I promise. It just fit somehow.

"Take me downtown, I'm just looking for some tush…" - ZZ Top

He held on to her, keeping her close in his embrace while amusement racked her body, ultimately pulling her even tighter when she smiled and said, mirth in her eyes and on her lips, "I love you, Bruce."

For a moment, he couldn't reply, could only stare at the vision of loveliness before him, the woman he had wanted and lusted after for so long, her eyes sparkling with laughter, her lips telling him that she loved him, those legs he'd dreamed of tangled with his own, and all he could do in return was whisper, "Thank you," and pull her in for another heated kiss.

And as a fresh wave of lust and desire raced through his system, he let his lips part, entering the softness of her mouth, plundering the depths much as a diver looking for pirate's gold. The kiss seemed to go on forever as they lost time in one another, as they came together in her room, isolated from the rest of the League and wrapped together, those legs he'd spent so many hours dreaming of brushing against his own and reminding him that this was a moment that he'd wondered about for a long time, ever since he'd first laid eyes on those legs.

They had been one of the first things he'd noticed about her. Rather than the blinding smile, the ebony locks that looked like flames in the wind, or the full figure that stopped so many other men in their tracks, instead, he was attracted to those legs, almost drawn to them. She was like a siren, pulling him in with her spell and he couldn't help but dream, but fantasize about what would have if he answered the siren's call.

Now he knew.

He had drowned in her, in the kisses, in the beauty, and now, in the love. Yes, it had been the legs that had been the first thing that caught his attention, but subsequently, he'd realized that she was a woman of wit and intellect, possessing knowledge that spanned the classics, the annals of history and mythology. And yet, part of him had been entranced by the fact that she had been so innocent, so naïve when she'd first come to Man's World. She wasn't obsessed with raising her social status, didn't view money as a god and greed a goal; instead, she had chosen the virtues of truth, faith, and peace to be the things that she had brought with her on her journey. She had a faith in mankind that was almost unparalleled and a goodness of the spirit that was rare to find in anyone, much less someone who had decided to take on the evils of the world as a hero.

And yet, Diana never hesitated to go toe to toe with anyone once her ire was up and he couldn't imagine that she'd ever back down from a fight. She simply wasn't that kind of woman; she hadn't been raised to walk away and let things. Many saw her as the ideal woman, but to him, she was just Diana.

And Diana was less than perfect. Her ability to hold a grudge was almost infamous among the League and all of them knew not to cross her when her dander was up and her protective instincts were availed.

She was, plain and simple, a warrior at heart and unrepentant about that fact.

Much as he loved those legs, he craved that heart. And now, here he was, his lips pressed to hers and his mind reeling with the fact that she had just admitted her love for him. Out loud. In plain words. Bold and unashamed, that was Diana to a tee. No other woman would admit so readily to being in love, particularly with a man like himself, a man that most of the world thought was an urban legend and those that knew him still considered him to be an emotionless bastard.

But here he was and here she was, wrapped up in each other. He pulled away to press hot kisses along her neck, lingering on the soft skin that felt like silk and enjoying the sounds of her labored breathing as he continued his sweet ministrations.

"Bruce…" she whispered and he could feel shivers race up and down her spine, bowing her back as her arms tightened around him, pulling him closer, unwilling to relinquish the hold that he had on her body. The cowl tossed aside, he looked up, seeing her fevered flesh as he gently trailed his lips along her neck before reaching her jaw and nipping at her lower lip.

Staring into her blue eyes, filled with passion and love, he felt overwhelmed, unsure if he deserved the wealth of emotion pouring out of the depths of her irises, lined with charcoal lashes that fluttered with every breath. Undeserving he might be, but he was determined to make sure that in time, he proved himself worthy of every thought, every feeling that was racing through her body right now.

And when she whispered, "I love you," once more, just before their lips met, he couldn't help but drag her closer, reaching back and wrapping her legs around his waist, running his fingers up the taut lines of her calves and thighs before pushing her into the wall behind them, to hold her in place and give him access to her body.

For a few minutes, he let himself indulge, let himself trail burning fingertips along the line of her star-spangled panties, let himself taste the sweetness and the honeyed goodness that was her mouth, let himself fill his hands with the globes of her breasts before he realized that along this journey, along this path they'd set themselves on, he'd neglected to mention one thing to the beauty woman wrapped around him.

He pulled back, letting their lips cling before ultimately releasing her and dropping his face down into her neck. In all his fantasies about her legs, he'd somehow never imagined coming to this point, to having this woman actually be in his arms and have words of love burning on his lips. It should have seemed odd, coming from someone such as himself, and yet, it didn't feel odd at all. She felt good in his arms and out of them, as he knew from the friendship they'd developed over the years.

She possessed an intellect that could rival his own, a smile that brightened his soul, and a fierce spirit that he admired for its daring and boldness. It was not only her legs, but that combination of things that had led him here to her room. If it had only been about the legs, he could have easily resisted, and yet, there was something about this woman – that siren's song that told him that with her, he'd found something that went beyond the physical and involved his emotions as well.

And while a part of him worried that he was ill-prepared to handle the emotional side of himself and their growing relationship, he also knew that Diana wouldn't let him shirk back now without some serious scars and reparation to their friendship that would never be prepared.

She did, after all, hold quite a grudge.

And he preferred to be where he was – in her room, in her arms, in her life, those legs wrapped around his waist like a vine on a tree and her eyes hazed over with a combination of love and lust that he found alluring, that he couldn't quite look away from.

Before he knew what had happened, he whispered, "I love you, Diana," and watched as her eyes lit, the emotions flooding them increasing with every second and a brilliant smile the likes of which he'd never seen before gracing her lips. It had never occurred to him that he would say those words and suddenly, here he was, whispering them to the woman he'd been fantasizing about since their first meeting. It felt…good. A warm feeling pervaded him and suddenly, he realized that he hadn't felt this way in a long time, that he wasn't sure he could ever recall a feeling like this overtaking his body before.

But before he could analyze it further, she pulled him closer and their lips met once more in a heated display of the love and lust that flared within them. And as one kiss let to another, and another, the Dark Knight decided to stop thinking and analyzing and just enjoy Diana and her legs. The long, lovely length of leg that he'd dreamed of for so long had become a reality that was his to touch, to feel, and to take pleasure in.

As the hours went on, they both found themselves completely satisfied with their newfound relationship and the fulfillment it brought them.

And to think, it all started with her legs.

The End.

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