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Wish Upon A Black Shikon

Chapter 1

The Wish

'Is this what we fought for? Is this what we bleed and cried over? To get this far be beaten by a deformed spider and his army of low life demons?' Inuyasha thought while pinned under the demon known as Naraku. The hanyou was gloating again saying how this was the inevitable fate and that he would rule the world.

'Like hell. If I could just more arm Naraku would be dead by now'. But unfortunately Naraku made sure that the Tessaiga was far out of his reach. Looking at his impaled arm and the four fuzzy legs impaling it Inuyasha held back some curses, denying Naraku the pleasure of seeing frustrated. Instead Inuyasha ignored the disgusting half demon and looked to see the state his friends were in.

Miroku, the perverted monk and holder of the dreaded Kazana, was lying on his back breathing his last breaths with his taijiya lover Sango. Both had entered the battle determined to make it through together so that neither would have to live with the fear of Miroku or any of his sons would contract the wind tunnel that would eventual suck them into its black void. The battle was far more then they had anticipated and because of that Miruko was forced to use his Kazana to suck up the vast armies of demons Naraku brought with him for the final confrontation; including more Saimyosho insects then he had ever seen.

Even after Miroku's valiant actions a huge mass of demons survived and that left Sango to protect a dying Miroku. She did just that and to her last breath she fought the demons with her faithful companion Kirara. They cleared almost all the demons before both fell covered in blood and dirt waiting for the few remaining to take their lives, and in the last seconds before death Sango crawled over to Miroku's poisoned body to see the damage down.

He was purple, from the miasma that the Saimyosho were spawned out of, all except for his face in which he had a small smirk on.

"It seems we won't be able to have children Sango dearest," Miroku told Sango trying to hold back any pain that he was feeling. His body was on fire and he knew that het posion working through his body had already reached his heart and he would be dead in a matter of seconds. Sango knew it too and that he wounds would send her to the afterlife right after Miroku departed.

"It seems so Miroku, but at least we know that we gave it our all and that Inuyasha will find a way to avenge our deaths," Sango told the corpse of he fallen lover and then the last bits of life left her body.

Across the field Inuyasha heard their last words and took them to heart. 'They entrusted me with their revenge and I won't let them down,' the silver haired hanyou thought while trying ot figure out a way to retrieve his Tessaiga.

'I have a chance,' Inuyasha thought while moving his landed on his only living relative. Sesshomaru had forsaken his humanoid body when both his retainers were killed by the masses of demons, both lowly and fierce, had swarmed him. Although they weren't strong enough to lay a finger on him Jaken and Rin weren't so lucky.

The two had become a conscience of sort to him. Jaken was the regal, unbending demon that knew of his duty and was a constant reminder of how a stereotypical Demon Lord should be and Rin was his going kindness showing him that been gentle wasn't a weakness and that those who are weak do not deserve death. Now both were dead and Sesshomaru without his conscience was nothing more than a berserk demon.

The three-legged dog demon tore through Naraku's defensive line with ease and made the sick hanyou turn his attention from Inuyasha and to the howling threat behind him.

"So this is what the mighty Sesshomaru has been reduced to. A angry ball of fur with only three legs, and I once thought of you as an equal but now you are just a sad shell of what you used to be," Naraku chimed in his silky voice. The words had the desired effect and Sesshomaru sprung at Naraku not caring that he was falling into a trap or that Naraku would more than likely kill him, all he cared about was tearing the half demon in two and avenging the only two beings that he could call family.

Inuyasha saw this and handed it to his pompous older brother for finally growing a heart even if it cost him his life. Rolling to the side Inuyasha escape from Naraku's grasp when the two demons fought in their true forms, and he knew that even with all his rage Sesshomaru wouldn't last long against the Shikon empowered Naraku.

Retrieving Tessaiga Inuyasha looked down and saw the reason he was pinned in the first place. Kagome lay on the ground dead with a disfiguring hole in her side and beside her was the Shippo who had jumped in the way of the tentacle that killed both him and his adoptive mother. Turning his head away from his little friend Inuyasha focused on Kagome and the sorrowful expression on her face. She had died believing that her love for Inuyasha was unrequited.

'Inuyasha I know I'll never replace Kikyo and that you and her will always be in love, but I have to tell you…I love you,' the last words of Kagome burned in his head as he gripped his demonic sword and tried to hold back the tears that where staining his face and her dead body.

'She didn't know… And she died believing that I didn't love her,' Inuyasha told himself while standing over the girl. He had laid Kikyo to rest before the battle, knowing that if they lost now Naraku would chase her to the ends of the earth. Not the wisest decision on his part, but he knew he owed it to Kagome to be by her without the though of Kikyo in the back of his mind, but he hadn't told Kagome and because of that she died believing she was unloved by the one that truly mattered to her.

Taking one last look at Kagome's dead body Inuyasha felt his demon blood boil and like his last charge on Naraku Inuyasha flew at him, Tessaiga singing for blood and his once golden now a deep crimson.

Jumping over Sesshomaru's broken body, Inuyasha unleashed the strongest Kaze no Kizu he could muster. The golden rays of demonic energy ripped at the spiders head an Naraku howled in agony as the attack blinded him.

Trashing around the spider managed to slam Inuyasha to the ground. Using his arms as his new eyes Naraku moved his massive body onto of Inuyasha pinning him again and slowly squeezing the life out of him.

As his demon body fought desperately to stay alive, Inuyasha's mind drifted elsewhere. Thinking of his adventure and his friends Inuyasha settled on the one topic that brought more pain to him than Kikyo.

'I'm sorry Kagome… I let you down just like I let everyone else down in my life… I'm a screw up even though you never thought so and even after your death I still can't find a way to kill Naraku… That bastard took so much from me, from us and yet I can't even kill him… If you can hear me Kagome I swear to you if they was any way I could get another chance I'd…,' but before Inuyasha could finish his thought a voice interrupted him.

'Child do you mean what you said?' Inuyasha looked around. He saw nothing, excluding a confused Naraku who seemed to creeping closer and closer to his head. When the voiced asked the question again Inuyasha called out, "Yes every word." Naraku's blind head snapped in his direction and the myriad of demons edged its way to him as if coming in for the kill.

'Well then there is hope. The Shikon can grant your wish, but be warned the consequences could be much, much greater than anything you could imagine,' the voice called out. Inuyasha recalled the positions his friends, family, and lover where in at death and felt as if nothing could be worse.

'I don't care anything is better than this,' Inuyasha called out to the voice as Naraku reared his head back, ready to plunge his black fangs into Inuyasha vulnerable torso.

'Very well then, I will guide the path to the Shikon and from there you are to make your wish,' the voice said and in that instance Inuyasha could see the completed jewel. Its black aura stuck out like a piece of rotting flesh in Naraku's mouth. Watching the spider's head come down for the kill Inuyasha threw Tessaiga with all his might cut the jewel free and dropping it into his hand.

The thought of becoming full demon never crossed his mind and while looking at all wounds from his battle with Sesshomaru come back to haunt Naraku, Inuyasha made his wish while the cursed spider demon rolled over onto its back and finally died.

'I wish for another chance. A chance to set this world right and make sure something like this never happens again,' and with that a flash of light shot out from the black jewel blind Inuyasha before encompassing the battlefield.

Inuyasha stood in what he thought was heaven. There was no clouds, no angels, no happiness only light. Sitting down Inuyasha wondered, 'Did the wish work or did I fuck up the world even more?' To his surprise though the same voice that guided him spoke out, but this time it had a body to go with it.

Looking up Inuyasha saw Midoriko, the creator of the Shikon jewel. Inuyasha saw a sad smile cross her face and without a word he knew something was wrong. Before she could even say anything Inuyasha asked, "What's wrong?"

The priestess just smiled and said, "Your wish, although pure has consequences as well. It has broken the incantation on that bond my soul and the soul of a creature far darker than Naraku to the Shikon Jewel. We are now freed and I fear that your second chance will be spoiled by his interference." Inuyasha just looked at the priestess with his patented scold.

"So is there any good news," Inuyasha asked and to his surprise Midoriko nodded. Looking at the women Inuyasha waited impatiently for her to tell him and with a smile the benevolent woman said, "Yes there is. I will be companying you to the past and I will help you defeat this evil much like I did in the past."

Inuyasha just looked at her and asked, "How will I know where to find you?" and to his surprise the woman laughed. Her laughter was like a sweet melody that reminded him of Kikyo and more importantly Kagome. Feeling his dog ears droop at the thought of his dead love, Inuyasha fought the tears with the thoughts of how he will make it up to her this time.

'I'll be damn if she ever thinks I don't love her. Kagome this time you will get the ending you deserve even if it isn't with me,' Inuyasha thought to himself before turning to Midoriko who had just said, "Well Inuyasha our time together is up, and as for how will you know where to find me. Do not worry I will find you," and with that Midoriko turned around and disappeared causing the light to fade and a dark shape to leave after her.

Feeling his body fall into darkness, Inuyasha focused his mind on Kagome and how this time he would be so much better than before while he felt his consciousness slip and sleep take over.

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