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Wish Upon A Black Shikon

Chapter Four

Split Ends

Passing through the well was a relaxing as well as painful experience for Inuyasha, seeing as the time distorting magics surrounding the well were destroyed in the past in the eve of the final confrontation with Naraku. The precaution was necessary seeing as they weren't very sure that they would survive the conflict and with Naraku's ability to assimilate powers the risk of him being able to go to the future and enslave all those in the future were too high.

However didn't make the decision any easier for Kagome. Her conscience and sense of duty obligated her to destroy the well, but her heart and soul yearned to be with her family and friends. In the end she was the one to destroy the well, leaving her a victim of time and fate; trapped in a past that she didn't belong in.

Suppressing the nostalgic effect the well had on him, Inuyasha shook the images of Kagome silently crying that night while trying to forget the heavy scent of hopelessness and sadness that accompanied those memories. Hardening his resolve to make sure nothing like that would ever happen again, or better yet make sure that something like that was never necessary again, Inuyasha hopped out the bottom of the well preparing himself for his meeting with the newly revived Higurashi family.

'The root of 'a' when taken to the third power is equal to the square of 'b', which in term is the square root of 'c'. Given this information is it possible to form a graph of the exponential function!?'

Kagome just looked down at her textbook wondering if it was even speaking Japanese any more. Signing she closed the book for the fourth time in ten minutes while allowing her thoughts to drift back to the forests of the Feudal Era. Despite the dangers of youkai wondering around the area, the natural beauty of the past belittled the dangers that is hid. Slowly Kagome's thoughts drifted away from the forest itself to its inhabitants, especially one Inu-hanyou.

'Come one Kagome! You're acting like a girl with her first crush, snap out of it and think the real person Inuyasha is. He's rude, rash, and boorish… but then again he did come and save me from the bandits and when we chasing the raven he didn't compare me to Kikyo when my archery wasn't as good as hers. Plus he given…,' Kagome immediately caught on to where her thoughts were headed before blushing a bright red. Letting out a frustrated groan Kagome realized that she had, yet again, stopped doing her homework and started daydreaming of Inuyasha. Opening the confusing texts once again Kagome swore that this time she wouldn't get distracted, or so help her the next person she saw was going to get a…

"Hey wench could you let me inside? You know for a hostess you really…,"

"SIT BOY!!!" Kagome shouted at the top of her lungs. Not caring that she had probably startled everyone in the house with her outburst, possibly given her Grandpa a heart attack, or killed Inuyasha after he feel from her roof to the stone path below; Kagome stood up from her homework and stormed her way outside to deal with a certain hanyou.

Finding Inuyasha unmoving, except for the slight twitch in his foot, Kagome was ready to but the dog boy through a meat grinder of a tirade when Inuyasha unexpectedly sat up and beat it to her.

"What was that for woman!?" Inuyasha yelled actually a bit relieved that Kagome had been that frustrated at home.

'Which means she must be thinking of the Feudal Era,' Inuyasha thought with a smirk before he rose to his feet, bones clicking back into place with every movement. Kagome's expression went a bit remorseful at that point, Inuyasha may be half demon but was also half human as well and being slammed to the ground off of the roof of a second story building wasn't something any one, half human or not, should have to go through.

After spending years with Kagome, and the mood swings that accompanied it, Inuyasha was able to recognize her change of temperaments before his nose even spotted it. He supposed it was the bond they had developed over the years, but his empathy with the girl had managed to survive even the magic of the Shikon jewel. Keeping in character Inuyasha made no comment of how much the fall had hurt him, more specifically his back, before walking right past Kagome and up to her house.

"You coming woman, I'm not dying or anything and if I remember I am the guess here and you have yet to show me into your house," Inuyasha called from over his shoulder with his trademark smirk slapped smugly on his features. That seemed to snap Kagome out of whatever depressing trance she had been in before she followed after Inuyasha and with a slight smile on her face as well, she called after the hanyou as he made his way to the front of her house.

"My name's Kagome! Come on say it with me K-A-G-O-M-E!!!"

Watching Inuyasha playfully pulled at Buyo's, the Higurashi family cat's, Kagome suppressed the urge to send Inuyasha face first into dinning room floor. However that wouldn't be the wisest choice as it would through his cap off his head and revealed the two triangular dog ears on the top of his head. Her prays were answer though, when the cat broke free and left three angry claw marks on each side of Inuyasha's face. Lucky for the overweight cat Inuyasha was too stunned that he had been actually scratched to do anything, Kagome settle for telling Inuyasha he got what he deserved instead of sitting him.

However before Inuyasha could retort Ms. Higurashi walked out from the kitchen with a handful a platter of different sorts of food. To her surprise, Kagome watched Inuyasha get up and help her mom with the platter without so much as a word before, sitting back down beside her and asking her, "So what do you deserve for that?"

Ignoring the double entendre, Kagome tried to focus solely on her food and make the awkward dinner move quicker when her mother had to ask, "So why have I never seen Inuyasha before today?"

Simultaneously both teens, despite one being technically over fifty years old, choked on their food. Looking from her mom to Inuyasha with pleading eyes, the hanyou just sighed before answering the answering the extremely embarrassing question.

"The reason is Ms. Higurashi, Kagome and I haven't been close until recently. It wasn't until she opened my eyes and I got rid of her pest problem did we really bound. See she even got me these authentic prayer beads as a thanks," Inuyasha answered being as honest as he could. In truth he wasn't lying just omitting some of the more graphic truths, and from the look on Kagome's face she seemed to have appreciated the gesture.

"Well isn't that sweet, for a second I thought my daughter had offended you somehow and was trying to make it up by bringing you back here for dinner. You wouldn't believe the things my daughter does when she's angry, once she even tried to reprimand a police officer…,"

"Mom! No one wants to hear that story again!" Kagome cried desperate to end the conversation. Having never heard this story Inuyasha just smirked at the teenage girl before telling her mother to go on with the story. Even though he wasn't very familiar with all the customs of the future, from the information Inuyasha gleaned from his time with Kagome in the past, he was sure that a five year old reprimanding a grown police officer for trying to steal her doughnut in public would have been a hilarious sight. Especially when the young Kagome demanded that the man go back, and by her another one. The whole table was cracking up by the end of the story Inuyasha still noticed how mortified Kagome was and decided to change the subject.

"Well your daughter can be a bit demanding Ms. Higurash, but she's a good person at heart or she would have never given me this necklace. Plus she was so sincere about it I never take it off now." Instead of being relieved Kagome was angry that Inuyasha was pretending like she was really this great person when the necklace was obviously a bad thing for him. However it never occurred to her that Inuyasha was trying to build the conversation up the point where she would 'sit' him and would have to explain her predicament with the jewel to her family, until she actually sat the boy in the middle of dinner.

Glad that they were inside as Inuyasha preferred carpet or stone any day, the silver haired boy sat up as Kagome was trying to explain to family that what just happened was a game they played when Souta noticed the two dog ears adjourned at the top of Inuyasha's head.

Crushing the need to rend flesh when Souta started rubbing his ears or when his grandfather slapped a sutra charm to his face and started doing what looked like a chicken dance to exorcise his evil spirit; Inuyasha simply stood up, causing Souta to fall off of his frame, and peeled the sutra off his face before shouting at the top of his lungs.


The shout, bordering on primal roar really, caused every one to stop what they were doing and look at the red clad hanyou that was clearly irritated with the family's weirdness. However once the intensity of the movement died away and was replaced with an awkward silence Inuyasha blushed before clearing his throat.

"Thank you. First off yes I am a 'demon', as your grandfather so eloquently put it; but don't worry I'm only half so you don't have to worry about me eating you in your sleep. However the real reason I'm here is to take you daughter back, and no I'm not going to eat her, but we have a mission to complete."

Following his speech the whole family sank back into their seats intent on hearing the rest of the story, or in Grandpa's case trying to figure out the appropriate spell for exorcising a 'half demon' you just had dinner with.

Slowly Kagome began to retell, the heavily edited version of, the event of the past few days she had been gone. Inuyasha inserted his two cents every now and then like with the subjugations beads and Kagome's fierce temper, but it was most to break the thick atmosphere that hung over Ms. Higurashi as well as Grandpa. After she finished Kagome stated that should would go back and fix the mess she caused otherwise she couldn't live with herself, and despite her doubts her mother and Grandpa agreed, rather quickly at that.

"Well if Inuyasha's accompanying you, then I really don't have anything to worry about do I?" Ms. Higurashi asked before giving her daughter a sly grin of her own. Kagome blushed; although she didn't know why, and Inuyasha tried to seem nonchalant even he his face was tainted red as well. Grabbing the large yellow bag from Kagome Inuyasha ignored her protests as he hooked one arm through the loops of the bag and the other under her legs before jumping down the well and yelling his goodbyes to the Higurashi family over his shoulder.

The ride back to the Feudal Era was far less morbid, as Inuyasha was concentrating the girl in his arms. She seemed to keep all the depression images out of his head, probably because the fact that she was even alive was a beacon of hope for him. Smiling at the thought, a true genuine smile, Inuyasha hopped out of the tempest of whirling time magic before the scent of blood and fire immediate caused the smile to drop from his face. Sensing something attacking him to the side Inuyasha's demonic instinct roared to life.

Throwing his weight to the side Inuyasha tossed Kagome's bag to the side, and while ignoring the girl's protests shifted his body so that he would take the blunt of the attack. Wire thin tresses of hair ensnared the two in mid air, and unfortunately for Inuyasha his choice to protect Kagome was the reason his arms were now bound together by the demonic hair.

"What do you we have here? Two beautiful heads full of hair! I can't wait to add those wave black tresses or those darling silver locks to my collection," a feminine voice rang out from the trees. Peaking over Inuyasha's shoulder Kagome caught a clear view of their captor's cleavage.

Looking up hastily Kagome would have believed the woman were human if it were for glowing pieces of hair saw her manipulating with her hands. Although Kagome was fairly sure that it was only her, she decided to ask Inuyasha if he could see the glowing strands of hair.

"No I can see the pieces glowing but I can smell them and still see them even though its hard," Inuyasha managed between grunts. Every second the hair that bound him was getting tighter and tighter no matter how hard he pushed. Looking down Inuyasha cleared his throat, grabbing Kagome's attention away from the scantily clad woman.

"Wench use some of the miko powers of your and purify the strands of hair!"

"But won't that hurt you too!?" Kagome countered yelling over Inuyasha. The boy seemed taken aback for a second before his features softened. Blushing at the surprisingly kind face in the midst of battle, Kagome looked away from Inuyasha while the boy did like wise returning to his battle with the every tightening strands of hair.

"Look it won't hurt me at all if you just focus on her youki, and besides I'm half youkai meaning I'm also half human something that holy power doesn't affect unless I'm particularly evil so just zap the hair and get us out if here!"

Complying with Inuyasha, Kagome dug deep down like she had done when she fired her arrows. Pulling out that force inside the fuelled her whole being Kagome, could only watch amazed as a wave of pink power flowed out of her and along the lines of hair that were blinding them.

The wave of energy flowed through Inuyasha much to his displeasure, and even though it wasn't attuned to seek and destroy his own brand of youki the fact was the holy energies naturally clashed with demonic energies and unless the owner of either the demonic or holy energy had perfect control over their powers they would attack, whether it be intentional or not, any opposing powers.

Falling heavily to the ground Inuyasha rolled to the side so he wouldn't fall on Kagome and took a minute to catch his breath. The miko energies in his body had temporarily overloaded his sense of pain ever act from breathing to looking up at Kagome's worried eyes was more painful than being suffocated by Sesshomaru's poisonous hands.

In an act of blatant disregard for his rules of engagement with Kagome, Inuyasha actually lifted his hand up, despite the massive pain it put him in, to stroke her face and tell her he was alright. Noticing for a split second that the claws on his hand faded, Inuyasha gathered from the way that Kagome's eyes widened that his hair flickered black for a moment.

Feeling his strength return to him, Inuyasha grabbed the strand of hair that was moving to strangle Kagome with deft skill before leaking Inu-youkai poison from the glands on his hands, melting the hair in the process. Raising to his feet, Inuyasha flexed his hands as he eyed his opponent.

"Kagome I don't sense a heartbeat within her, so she probably won't die no matter what I do to her. So it's up to you to find what is keeping her alive," Inuyasha called over his shoulder without taking his eyes off of Yura. The memories of this demon had come rushing back and unlike last time Inuyasha wouldn't be caught unprepared. Covering Kagome with his fire rat jacket Inuyasha noted that the hair demon had been busy while he was having dinner with the Higurashi's.

Leaping forward Inuyasha dug his nails into his palms before whirling his body around. It was a technique he picked up after training for months with Sango. Unleashing his Blades of Blood during his spin the mixture of blood, Inu-poison, and youki flew in all directions destroying all the strands of hair that came with five feet of him. Landing Inuyasha smirked when he realized that doing that technique hadn't even made a dent in his youki.

Flexing his claws once again Inuyasha just looked up at Yura darkly before asking, "You want to try that again, because I promise next time I'll make sure to do more than just cut your precious hair."

The hair demoness snarled before drawing her sword, manipulating another wave of hair with one hand she charged Inuyasha sword raised high ready to decapitate the hanyou and retrieve her prize. Smirking at the challenge Inuyasha raised his hand before leaping forward, sending a wave of golden youki and Inu-poison at Yura's hair wires.

Bringing his other claw up for a second Iron Reaver Soul Stealer, Inuyasha was hit with a wave of déjà vu when his hand pierced Yura's breast as he went to cleave her heart but like last time their was nothing their. Wrenching his hand back Inuyasha spun off to the side, committing himself to another set whirling Blades of Blade before landing sure footed on the mood of skulls under him. Rearing up for another attack Inuyasha's eyes widened when he saw Yura's attention turn from him and towards Kagome who was stationed over a red skull with an arrow she had retrieved from her backpack in hand.

Throwing her sword as Inuyasha collided into her Yura's aim was slightly off as the sword ran right through the arrow rather than Kagome's neck. Struggling with the hair demoness in mid-air Inuyasha called out to Kagome.

"Kagome use your miko powers!"

The urgency in the dog hanyou's voice tore any doubt anyway from Kagome's mind and without a second thought she found that well of energy within her again and with a bit more focus this time she poured it out onto the red skull in her grasp. The skull cracked in several places as the pink light grew brighter and brighter before disintegrating as the light became blinding. A loud cry of pain was heard, before it warped out into nothingness as well.

Climbing to her feet Kagome staggered tiredly over to Inuyasha was once again paralyzed by the miko power was emitting. Looking up at the girl and the waves of pink energy that were cascading off her body; Inuyasha ignored the pain and rose to his feet, catching the girl as she feel into unconsciousness.

'Kagome didn't have this much power the first time around. I wonder if this is what Midoriko meant by finding me? Could she be sending her powers to Kagome in an attempt to call me?' Inuyasha wondered thoughtfully as he gather Kagome's belongs back into her giant yellow backpack before carrying the girl back down to the village were the both could get the rest they so rightfully deserved.

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