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It was a seemingly nice day in the village of Konoha. The birds were chirping annoyingly, the villagers were shopping at supermarkets like they were in Chinatown, and a big pack of wild dogs were running after Naruto, cause he smelled like bacon flavored ramen. It all seemed like a casual day, but it was gonna get all too intense in a number of hours…or maybe minutes. MOVING ON.

Ino was walking down the roads of Konoha delivering an invite to her favorite shinobi, Sasuke, completely ignoring the horrific screams from Naruto. She was planning on a party tonight, and of course she wanted Sasuke to be there. As she was coming up to the house of the all too famous Uchiha himself, she saw a certain pink-haired kunoichi, going to what seemed like the same destination. Ino got a menacing look on her face as she approached her ultimate rival.

"And just what do you think you're doing here billboard-brow?" Ino asked in a hoggish manner.

Sakura looked at Ino with a deer-in-the-headlights expression on her face, because she didn't even notice her at all. She was too busy dazing about how her and Sasuke's children were going to look like when they were older and married. Ahh, wonder what Sasuke's kids would look like with black eyes, and pink hair? (Don't try to imagine it. I did, and I almost had a stroke…)

"Not that it's any of your business Ino-pig, but I was just on my way to see my glorious, wonderful and totally hot lover, Sasuke." All this time inner Sakura was throwing a fit and just about ready to rip ino's head off CHA! (Don't you guys hate it when she says "CHA"??)

Ino's eyes bugged out of her head and she sweat dropped 'And I thought I was a stalker…,'she thought to herself. Then it hit her that Sakura had referred to Sasuke as her "lover", and her eyes bugged out even more "What in the hell do you mean LOVER!?! Sasuke was totally all over me at the meeting the other day" Ino said, glaring at Sakura with a pleased look on her face.

"What are you, delusional?!? He was trying to get away from you, not get on you! You were the one trying to get yourself on him! If it wasn't for you, I would have been able to invite Sasuke to my party tonight!! Sakura said, with steam coming out of her ears like an over-heated train.

"I was not—"Ino's ears twitched at Sakura's last statement. "You're having a party tonight?? And you were planning on inviting Sasuke?"

Just then Naruto ran past now with only one pant leg and half a shoe screaming at the top of his lungs "SOMEBODY HELP ME!!"

Ino watched and sweat dropped, then turned back to Sakura and stated plainly "Well, I'm having a party, too" Ino raised her head, "And I'm gonna get Sasuke to come to my party instead of yours. But I doubt he would refuse me anyway." Ino smirked while her head inflated to the size of a watermelon…not really.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY, INO!? Sakura screamed with an anime vein popping from her forehead.

YOU HEARD ME FOREHEAD-GIRL! SASUKE IS COMING TO MY PARTY!" Ino screamed back just as loud as she got closer to Sakura, with those scary eyes all anime girls seem to get when they're pissed off.

Now, their faces were about 2 inches apart. "O YEA!?" yelled Sakura.

"YEA" Ino yelled back.

A spark of electricity was shooting from their eyes. They both turned to face Sasuke's house, cheeks touching and made a mad dash for the handsome Uchiha's door with a trail of dust following close behind them.

Naruto was perched in a near-by tree watching the two girls fight; meanwhile, one of his shadow clones was being torn to shreds by a hungry mutt. He narrowed his eyes and watched the two girls intently as they closed in on the Uchiha's doorway. He looked on, puzzled as to what they could possibly be thinking in those messed up heads of theirs.

We'll get back to Naruto later. Let's see how Ino and Sakura are doing in their race, shall we?

They were still connected at the cheek, racing to the Uchiha's door and staring at each other menacingly from the corners of their eyes... They were kind of making a zigzag pattern because they were "trying" to veer each other off the road without any success. All they did was stare. Not really paying any attention at how close they were, they kept running at the alarming speed until BAM! They went face first into Sasuke's door with great impact, but not breaking it, surprisingly. They just stood there for probably a split-second before sliding down and falling backwards with swirls in their eyes.

Sasuke slowly opened the door and saw the two pathetic stalkers lying knocked out on the dirt. He sighed and closed the door with a silent "losers" as the door swung shut.

Sakura woke up and pounded on the door ferociously and yelling "oooooh SASUKE!!! IT'S ME, YOUR BEAUTIFUL YOUNG AND INTELLIGENT LOVER HERE TO GIVE YOU A PRESENT!!!!"

Sasuke unlatched the 12 locks that he had on his door and cracked it open ever so slightly, that only one eye was revealed to the obsessive young pink-haired girl. His eye began to twitch as she attempted to push through the door.

"What do you want" Sasuke asked, pretending to care.

"Oh well…uhh, I just wanted to give you this, hun!" Sakura handed Sasuke the letter shyly as a blush crept across her face. Sasuke took the letter and glared at it, then attempted to close the door again, before he could shut it, Ino wedged her hand between the wall and the door and pathetically handed Sasuke the invite.

"Don't accept that Sasuke! Come to my party instead, its going to be 10 times better than fore-head girl's! Ino said as she shoved Sakura out of the way.

Sasuke's eyebrow slightly twitched. "Didn't my lawyer give you the papers?"

"Papers?" Ino said, putting a figure up to her mouth questioningly. "What papers?"

Sasuke's eye twitched more. "The papers stating that you can't come within 100 feet of me unless it has anything to do with a mission. Or in simpler terms, a restraining order."

Now Ino knew exactly what Sasuke was talking about. She got the restraining order about a week ago from Sasuke's lawyer stating all the guidelines she had to follow.


Ino was in her family's flower shop, watching the store while her mother went to pickup some food for dinner that night. She sighed as she rested her head on her hands as she stared out into space starting another day-dream.

Daydream inside a flashback.

"Ino, all I've ever wanted to do was be with you" Sasuke said as he held Ino in his arms. "From the day I first saw you with you're hair swaying in the wind. Your beautiful golden locks were all I could think about. You were all I dreamed about.

Ino turned to face Sasuke right in the eyes. "W-what??" She asked, totally taken back by what he was saying.

Sasuke slightly smiled a real sexy smile "I knew I acted like an ass at times…and I never acted like I had any interest, but that's the only way I could express myself. I didn't know what you or anybody else would think about me if it got out". (AU: he'd be labeled as a total pussy!! Thank God this is only a daydream)

She stared intently into his Onyx eyes, almost getting lost in them. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. "Sasuke, what are you trying to say??"

Moving slightly, he lifted his hand and caressed her cheek. "I'm saying that I lov---"Ms. Yamanaka??

Her daydream was rudely interrupted.

End daydream

Ino looked up surprised at a tall man wearing a pure white suit, with a matching pimp hat and a shiny-gold tie to finish the package. Her eyebrow twitched because it was odd to see someone like that to walk into a flower shop…or to see one at all.

"Y-yes? How can I help you??" Ino said shakily. This guy made her feel sort of uneasy.

"Well, you could start off by wiping away the drool you have on your face" He said with a smile as he handed her a golden tissue.

Ino's cheeks flushed red as she took the tissue and quickly wiped her saliva away. 'What kind of guy is this!? He looks like a damn pimp who treats girl's nicely when they're alone then when no-one's watching he kidnaps them and forces them to do unthinkable things!!' Now Ino was kinda freaking out. On the outside she was clutching this tissue, almost ready to rip it as she began to sink to the ground.

"Uhh, are you ok??" The man said, looking at Ino from over the counter.

"Ooh, I'm fine!!" Ino said, jolting up with a smile on her face" I-I-I was just checking on these flowers!! Cant have them ruined for when the customers come to pick them up!" She said, sweat dropping "But, what did you say you were here for?? I never told you my name" She stared at him questioningly

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't introduce myself. I'm Hataku Norigashi, Uchiha Sasuke's Lawyer.

"Lawyer?" Ino questioned

He wanted me to give you this," he said as he handed Ino a yellow envelope. "I trust that you will read it thoroughly. Mr. Uchiha went through a great deal of trouble to have me deliver this as soon as possible to you. And he wishes that you read it immediately as well" He said while straitening his shiny tie.

Ino stared at the envelope with curiosity before she looked up and smiled at Mr.Norigashi. "Thank you for going through all the trouble to give this to me" Ill read it soon" Ino said.

He smiled. "Thank you" He said as he turned and headed for the door. "Have a nice day" He winked at Ino and exited the shop.

"Damn, I knew Sasuke was cool, but I never new he was cool enough to have a pimp for a lawyer!!" She said as her eyes went into star shapes. "I wonder what's inside this envelope..." She didn't waste anytime. She ripped it open and began to read the nicely printed document. And she sweat dropped as her jaw opened more and more as she read on. "WHAT?!" She couldn't believe what she was reading. "NO! This cant be right…it has to be some mistake!" Anime tears were now running down her face. "He should be giving these to fore-head girl!" She laid her head hopelessly on the counter. "How am I gonna get near Sasuke now??"

……..A long pause….

Ino looked over to see her cat's litter box. "Hmm…I could just 'accidentally' lose them somehow," Ino said, with an evil glint in her eye. She smirked at her own genius

End Flashback.

"I don't remember getting any papers. Your lawyer must have given them to the wrong person," Ino smiled innocently, hoping Sasuke would buy her act.

His eye twitched more. 'Hataku told me he delivered the damn papers, so I know she got them. Do I have to go with him to make sure she actually reads them???? I'm not paying him that much so he can go and play pimp when ever he wants. Next time I gotta tell him to make sure she doesn't "misplace them". Damnit... ' The sound of Sakura's voice brought Sasuke out of his precious plotting.

"HAHA Ino-pig! Sasuke put a restraining order against you so you'd leave him alone! Now its proof that he loves me and not you!!"

"Liar! He should have had one put against you more than me!" Ino yelled, holding up a fist. She looked over at Sasuke. "Why don't you put one against this big fore-headed freak!? She's deserves it!"

Sasuke was getting rather annoyed. "I would of..." He looked down, eye still twitching vigorously, "But we have to be around each other because of the missions…"

Sakura's eyes almost popped out of her head. "You don't mean that, Sasuke!!"

"That doesn't matter! Find someway around it! Have your pimp-lawyer look for a loop-hole!" Ino then gasped, because she let something slip that she didn't want to let out.

A light-bulb lit into Sasuke's mind. "A loop-hole?" he questioned. 'Mental note to self: Pay Hataku extra to look for a loop-hole to my problem(s)'

Sakura grumbled then smiled at Sasuke. "So, anyways Sasuke, my party is tonight around 7 so yea id rea…" just then Ino cut Sakura off and stepped in front of her.

"All restraining orders aside, Sasuke," she twitched. "MY party is tonight at 7 also, and of course you'll come to mine, right??" Ino smiled and gave Sasuke big puppy dog eyes.

He rolled his eyes and sighed, he was just about to give the two girls an answer when Naruto swooped down from the tree and stared at Sakura with narrowed eyes

"Sakura, you're having a party tonight? Who all is coming???"

Sakura sweat dropped and sadly let out a mumbled "Everyone…"

Naruto face lit up in a child-like excitement "Awesome!!! I'm so there! BELIEVE IT!"

Ino pointed and laughed at Sakura, then Naruto turned and looked at her. "Ino you're having a party, too, right?"

She turned to Naruto with a stone face "Yea, but no one said you were invi…"

Naruto cut her off. "HEY!!! I have an idea!!! Why don't we combine the parties into one?! Then we can all go to both of them!" He was jumping around in delight at his newly formulated idea.

Sakura and Ino shot Naruto a dirty look while Sasuke stood by with a blank look on his face.

Sakura had an annoyed expression on her face. "NARUTO THAT IS THE DUMBEST IDEA YOU HAVE EVER--"

But before she could finish scolding Naruto, Sasuke interrupted her. "Sure, why not…," He said, sighing 'At least then they won't waste anymore of my time fighting with each other…'

Ino and Sakura sweat dropped and looked over at Sasuke "You really think that's a good idea?" they both questioned the Uchiha in unison.

"Whatever..." he shrugged, not really caring. He was planning on just not showing up. Surely he could make up some excuse later if they were stupid enough to come looking for him.

"GREAT," Naruto exclaimed, giving a thumb's up. I'll go tell everyone that we are meeting here at Sasuke's house!"

Before Sasuke could get a word in edgewise, Naruto had already taken off and the girls were pushing through the door. Sasuke stood there dumbfounded and twitching. He'll definitely need therapy after this little escapade.

While Naruto was off "gathering the troops" Sakura and Ino were on decorating duty. "Hey lets hang these here" said Sakura who was pushed down immediately after by Ino "no, no, no, you idiot they're going over here..."

Sakura stood up and blankly looked at Ino then realized, 'I'm not gonna let Ino-pig get in the way of my special night with MY Sasuke.' She sighed and took a deep breath to relieve her anger. While Ino was busy with the streamers, Sakura went over and tapped Sasuke on the shoulder.

"Umm Sasuke?" she muttered, he turned around with a grim expression on his face… horrified that she was still here.

"Yea?" he replied.

She looked at him with deep sympathetic eyes then yelled in his face, "Do you think we should play spin the bottle or truth or dare??." she batted her eyelashes a few times and Sasuke twitched and turned towards the wall and began to hit his head against the striped wall paper.

Sakura looked confused "…Sa….Sasuke?" ………. He beat his head continuously………..just then a ringing came from the door "thank god" he muttered under his breath. He walked over to the door and opened it to reveal Hinata and Ten Ten. Hinata bowed sheepishly and TenTen flashed a peace sign as they walked in. Ino greeted TenTen with a hug and nodded to Hinata.

"So…where is everyone" Hinata asked shyly. Sasuke lifted his head from the wall for a second and said "Naruto is getting them" then continued hitting his head.

"Oh" Hinata looked at the ground and pressed her two fingers together. Meanwhile TenTen was helping Sakura hang up the crepe paper.

The rest came stumbling in the door little by little until everyone was here…except three… "Oh man, this is such a drag" said Shikamaru as he sat in the corner waiting for the other three to arrive. 'Where could they be' thought Hinata as she looked down 'I hope Naruto's alright'. Just then Naruto burst through the door dragging Neji in by his hair kicking and screaming, which TenTen immediately went nuts over, since no one…and I repeat no one, should touch Neji's excellent hair. "This is so dishonorable!" shouted Neji still trying to get away from Naruto's grasp. "oh suck it up" Naruto said with a blank look.

"great" murmured Sasuke….."the gangs all here" he sighs then walks over to where the others are sitting and plops down.

"NOT SO FAST!" a yell from the street stirred the young shinobi. Lee kicked down the door and with a cloud of dust made his entrance. "let us use our power of youth to the fullest this night!" as the dust cleared all they saw was lee standing in the door way with his teeth gleaming in the setting sun and giving a thumbs up to his fellow genin. Sasuke sighed and Sakura began to twitch.

"ALRIGHT! LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!!..." Naruto yelled to his class mates……he paused…. And sat down, "So…waddya wanna do?"

"hey!" TenTen began "let's play truth or dare!!" "that's so stupid" replied Sasuke…totally destroying Ten Ten's confidence. "well, there's nothing better to do" said Sakura…"buuuut I guess we COULD play spin the bottle….or perhaps 7 minutes in heaven" Sakura leaned on Sasuke's shoulder and looked desperately in his eyes, Sasuke began to twitch and blurted out "fine…truth or dare it is…"

Naruto raised his hand and called out "ok, ok ill ask the question first!!" he scanned the room looking for a formidable victim. "errr….KIBA! Truth or dare?"

Kiba looked up and grinned then shrugged "dare, bring it on!" Naruto grinned "alright" he looked around "ah HA! Kiba I dare you to cop a feel with old lady Tsunade!"

To be continued….