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The Opposite Dreams

Miroku wandered around the forest, looking for Sango, Inuyasha, Kagome, or even Shippo, but they were nowhere to be seen. "Where are you all?" He asked out loud, but of course he got no answer. His brow furrowed in frustration, he continued to look in vain.

Finally he found something around besides just tall trees. It looked like the start of a village. Figuring that perhaps the others were in there, he entered the gate, not bothering to read the sign on the gate. What he didn't know was that it read in small red letters, All who enter must stay forever. Miroku looked around, seeing many men actively intrigued in their own little activities

"Excuse me," He said to one of the men who were involved in a chess game, "I appear to have lost my friends, have you seen them around?"

"Oh, you poor thing!" The man exclaimed, taking Miroku by the shoulders, "Here, I'll take you to the leader and he'll help sort everything out for you!"

"Wait, what?" The monk asked, confused, as he was being dragged by that odd man, "How can your leader help me with my problems?"

"It's ok, just follow me and everything will be explained to you."

Miroku didn't say anything more and just followed the man. Finally, after a minute or so, they reached a nice looking room. They both entered. Sitting at a desk was the strangest man the monk had ever seen. He had short brown hair and sad gray eyes. He would have looked young and handsome, but there was something about him so sad that it took away his good features.

"Hello there, Ray," The strange village leader said to the man who had brought Miroku here, "What do we have here?"

"This poor young thing haws lost all his friends!" Ray told him.

The man at the desk smiled, "Well, then monk, you have come to the right place. Do you know what village this is?" He asked Miroku.

Miroku was beyond confused now, "No," He said.

"This is the village of lost men," He explained, "And since you are a lost man, you'll fit in perfectly!"

"No, you don't understand," Miroku argued, "I'm not lost, I just can't find my friends."

"Of course you can't," The village leader sympathetically said, "It's hard to face loss, but you're going to have to some day."

Miroku sighed and gave in that man, "Ok, fine, I'm lost, happy? But I can't stay here, I need to get out and…" He made up an excuse, "Get married to my finance who is probably waiting for me right now."

The village leader put a hand on Miroku's shoulder, "Are you saying that you didn't read the caution on the gate?"

"What caution?" Miroku asked.

"All who enter must stay forever." The man quoted.

"Ok, fine I'll stay," The monk agreed, "Can I get a room?"

"Sure," The man agreed.

"And some supplies?"


"And some women?"

"Don't you understand the meaning of a village of lost men? There are no women here. We have no use for them!"

"No…women?" Miroku repeated, horrified.

"Nope. None at all. Just good old men. Nothing but men."

"WHAT??? And you expect me to stay here forever??? No!" Miroku got up, burst out the door and started to sprint toward the exit where the gate was. However, the gate was closed, and he couldn't open it. Outside, he could see the confused faces of many women, Sango along with them. "NO!" He screamed again, "I need to get out to get to the women! NO!!!"


Miroku gasped as he woke up from his terrifying, vivid dream. He looked around to find Sango curled up next to Kirara, deep in sleep. Miroku sighed in relief, "It was just a nightmare," He said to himself quietly, then rolled over and went back to sleep…


Jakotsu stared at the tall gate in front of him, wondering how the world he was going to get in there. Oh, why had Big Brother made him go out there to this strange village in search of the Jewel Shards? Jakotsu sighed, and tried to break down the solid silver gates again with his snake-like sword, but of course, his results were in vain. The mercenary sighed. One more try! He raised his sword, and to his surprise, the gate squeaked open without his sword touching it.

The man blinked in surprise, but went in, nonetheless. What he didn't notice was the pair of feminine, long-lashed mahogany eyes that peered at him from behind a bush. Walking down the pathway, Jakotsu scratched his head, confused. Something just wasn't right here, but he couldn't put his finger on just what it was. A pretty young villager smiled at him. The mercenary scowled back, but kept walking on.

Another young woman smiled at him. Jakotsu grimaced. Where were all the cute men? 'Hm, they must be out. What a shame' He thought, walking along, ignoring the adoring glances from the hundreds of women. Looking around, he found a small shop titled the Blacksmiths and went in to investigate in case there was a jewel hidden somewhere, which he now doubted. As he entered the odd looking pink store, he found a young woman there busily prettying herself up in front of a mirror. The beautiful girl gasped at the sight of him and the next thing he knew, many women were tackling the mercenary. "Let me go!" He exclaimed, reaching for his trusty beloved sword, only to find that it was gone. Jakotsu started to try to struggle, frantically squirming and kicking, but the women were much stronger than they looked and began to carry him away into what looked like a village meeting center or something.

Jakotsu stopped struggling to stare at the magnificent being that stood in the center of the meeting place. She was the loveliest creature he had ever seen with her gushing black hair, warm brown eyes, and fair creamy skin. She had wonderfully womanly curves that her tight kimono did not fail to show off. Most men would have ogled at her beauty and have turned themselves into mindless minions for this wonder, but not Jakotsu. He merely wondered what products she used to make her skin radiate a glow.

Finally the woman spoke, "Why what do we have here?" She asked, warmly smiling at him, her blood red lips curling up in the corners, "It's a man! An odd looking man, but a man nonetheless." All the women surrounding her, who were beautiful, but not quite as pretty started to giggle at him and bat their eyelashes in a feminine way.

Jakotsu scowled at her, "Yeah, I'm a man, got a problem with that?"

"Oh, no, of course not!" The beautiful leader of the village said, "I don't mind you being a man. In fact, I love how you are a man."

Jakotsu frowned and turned his back on them, disgusted by that woman's flirty behavior. Can't she tell that he just wasn't interested? But, the woman began to speak again, "Let me tell you a little story, sweetie," She said, making Jakotsu grimace, "You see, this is a village only of women whose husbands have either died or left them. It's been years since we've seen a man…"

"So, what does this have to do with me?" He questioned, not liking where this was going.

The female leader paused, twirling a piece of ebony hair around her finger, then said, "Well, you know, our village is going to die out if we don't have any offspring. And, since this is a village of only women, we need men… And you're the only man!"

Jakotsu gasped as he realized what they wanted from him, "No!" He screamed as the women began to tackle him, "NO!"

"Pick one of us! Any one of us!" The woman exclaimed and suddenly the mercenary was surrounded with hopeful women everywhere.

"NO!" Jakotsu screamed again, trying to ward them off, "I'm gay, I swear I am! NO! NO! NOO!"


Jakotsu gasped as he violently woke up from his horrid dream. He glanced around him to find all the male members of the Band of Seven sleeping peacefully around him. The mercenary sighed, "I'm just glad that was just a dream," He muttered and rolled over and went back to sleep…

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