Summary: With a brand new school year come brand new kids. Rory Gilmore happens to be one of them. What will Chilton have in store for her? A cocky blonde boy, perhaps?

AN: Couple of things you should know: No Dean. Lorelai went to Andover. Luke and Lorelai are together. It makes it so much easier for me; I wouldn't have to write a Luke/Lorelai in the making.

Well, this is definitely new. It looked more inviting the last time she saw it. Now it looked more

"…Off with their heads." Lorelai uttered tilting her head to the side.

Rory followed suit and tilted her head at the same angle as her mother's, "Yeah, and more intimidating."

"Are you sure this is Chilton?" The older Gilmore asked, turning to face Rory.

Rory remained looking at the bell tower on the roof and replied, "I'm pretty sure that the 'Chilton' sign and the Chilton uniforms mean that this is Chilton."

"Well, they look like they're smart enough to fool people like us. I bet they sent people to the real Chilton overnight and stole the sign. Then this morning they put arrows that said 'Chilton' on them that pointed to here. And now we're not in Chilton. We're in Hilton!"

"Mom…" Rory started, looking at her mom seriously.

"Okay, okay." Lorelai gave in and moved a stray hair away from Rory's eyes.

They looked at the massive building in front of them and sighed at its intimidation factor. Lorelai stepped out of the car in her blue suit with the flippy skirt, her hair pulled back into a low ponytail and smiled politely at people passing by. Rory pulled her backpack out of the jeep and stepped down onto the gravel road, and rid her skirt of dirt. She walked to her mother's side and looked up, "So, do I look okay?"

Lorelai smiled proudly at her daughter, sixteen years old and a heartbreaker. And she didn't even know it yet. "You look great."

Rory continued to look at her mother and smiled, "You sure?"

Lorelai stepped closer to her daughter and gave her a hug, "I'm sure. Rory, you earned this, you're smart, and pretty and I love you. Now go in there and show them that, just call me if you need anything." She began to walk towards the jeep but was stopped by Rory's demanding voice.

"No, mom. You have to go in there with me and meet Headmaster Charleston."

"Why? You know I have to go back to the inn. Where Michel is. Managing the inn. Alone. When we need to work on the wedding party. Michel. Alone. Are you catching my drift here?"

"Mom! Come on, Michel is fine and Sookie is there. You look great in your flippy skirt and you're not wearing something completely embarrassing so you can come with me." Rory argued pulling her mother through the gates of Chilton.

"But even his name sounds boring and stiff. Headmaster Charleston. It's like Headmaster Erickson all over again." Lorelai muttered as she remembered her own headmaster from Andover.

"Who?" Rory asked as they stopped in front of a massive building.

"My headmaster in Andover. Is this where we're supposed to go?"

Rory pulled out a piece of paper and examined it, "it says we have to go to the Ambroise building."

"Well, is this the Ambroise building?"

"Possibly." Rory examined the piece of paper again and began to flip it around.

Lorelai cast an incredulous look at her daughter, "you don't even have the map on the right direction."

Rory bit her lip and stuck her tongue out a bit, "Wait…" She continued in turning the piece of paper that had no writing but black and white boxes in it. "Stupid map. It doesn't even have names on the buildings."

"What kind of map is that?" Lorelai asked peering over at the paper. "That's not a map, that's a freaking get lost guide."

Rory gave up in trying to figure out the workings of the map and stuffed it in her bag. "How are we supposed to get to Headmaster Charleston, now?"

Lorelai smiled brightly, "I guess we won't have to then. I'll see you later sweets." Lorelai turned around and immediately bumped into a passing brunette. "Oh, sorry love."

"Whoa. Make a noise next time." Lorelai uttered as she picked up her purse that fell to the ground.

She looked up to find the brunette walking away, "sorry again love. Hey guys! Wait up!"

"Well, good to know that you're going to have great classmates here Rory."

"Yes, they're the exact epitome of polite." Rory deadpanned. "Come on mom, let's ask someone where the Ambroise building is."

"At least we know that they have sexy accents here." Lorelai commented as Rory pulled her arm.


"Did you not notice the sexy accent?" Lorelai asked disbelievingly. "My own daughter disappoints me. Shame."

Rory rolled her eyes only slightly, "Yeah, shame." She wandered over to the nearest Chilton student. "Excuse me." She patted the girl's shoulder.

The girl turned around her facial features giving away the fact that she was not happy of being interrupted. She had long straight blonde hair and held on to her single-strap messenger bag with ferocity. "What?" She barked at Rory.

Rory was a bit taken aback at the girl's attitude. First, some impolite guy who bumped into people and now a blonde who looked like she was ready to pounce. Chilton sure was turning out to be a great school and learning environment. "Uh- I was just wondering if you knew where the Ambroise building is."

The blonde gave her a look over and scoffed, "Do I look stupid?" She didn't wait for Rory's answer, "No, I'm not stupid. I know where the Ambroise building is." She turned away, ignoring Rory and focused her attention on another blonde and raven-haired girl.

Lorelai was appalled at the nerve of this girl. How dare she? "Excuse me." Lorelai asked with certainty in her voice.

The blonde whirled around once again and gave Lorelai an unwanted look, "what?" She noticed that she was speaking to an older woman instead of the younger one and gave her a look over. "You're not supposed to be on school grounds. You don't have a uniform and I'm assuming you don't go here."

Now, Lorelai was annoyed, "Hey, we're just asking a question –"

"And I answered it already. I know where the Ambroise building is."

"Well then where is it?" Lorelai asked impatiently tapping her foot.

"You could've just asked that in the first place." The blonde smirked and pointed out. Instead of answering she walked away but not before she stated, "Madeline, tell them where it is."

The two Gilmores stared after the blonde and watched as the raven-haired girl, apparently known as Madeline, walked up to them, "Forgive Paris. She's just…well… Paris. The Ambroise building is right behind you." Madeline strutted away with a small wave.

"That was…" Lorelai began.

Rory finished her thought, "interesting."

"Interesting." Lorelai nodded in agreement. "You're going to make the greatest here. I can just tell." She smiled at her daughter and placed her arm around Rory's shoulder as they went back to the building where they were minutes ago.


"Here is your schedule, your locker number and combination, the map of Chilton, the rules, the Chilton Honor code and the school song which must be recited upon demand and if you do it in Latin, you get extra credit. Welcome to Chilton." The lady, known as Mrs. James, welcomed in a raspy voice.

Rory thanked her and looked down at the pieces of paper, all of which were printed in Chilton stationeries, and took a deep breath in. She noted that her first class was English with Mr. Max Medina in room twelve then she looked at her map and looked for room twelve. "On the other side of school, great." She muttered before stepping out of the office and into the marble halls of Chilton Preparatory.

The bell still hadn't rung yet so she decided to stop by her locker. Locker number one hundred fourteen. Rory noticed as the numbers on the lockers gradually became higher until she finally got to locker number one hundred- what? Low and behold was a blonde boy pushing some girl against locker… one hundred twelve probably. And just a few feet from that blonde boy was another blonde boy making out with another girl – at least this one didn't have the girl pushed up against the lockers. Rory noticed that her locker was in the gap between the two blondes and she slowly reached for the lock with one hand, and held up her locker combination with the other. She opened it and placed some of the books that were in her bag into the locker and was about to close it when she heard a familiar voice with a heavy accent, "Huntz! Dugrey!"

Another boy, brown haired with a more business-like look to him, was behind him and shouted out, "Tristan! Logan!"

A blonde girl, who had her arms wrapped around the brunette, rolled her eyes at the two blonde boys. "Break it up already."

The first blonde boy – the taller one, Rory noticed - broke off with the girl he was with and ruffled his hair. "I got to go," he said to the girl he was making out with just a few seconds ago.

The girl giggled, "okay. Bye Tristan."

"Bye Summer. I'll see you after class." The blonde, apparently know as Tristan, said.

"Definitely." Summer giggled again and gave Tristan a parting kiss.

Tristan watched as Summer walked off in the other direction, glanced at Rory before dismissing her and focusing his attention on the other blonde boy who must be Logan. "Logan, man."

Logan broke off from the girl and gave her a grin. The girl giggled in an all too high-pitched voice, "bye Logan."

"Yeah, bye-" He seemed to have forgotten her name and coughed or was it cleared his throat as to say her name, "ehemurgh."

She waved as she walked away with a certain sway and with a parting giggle she disappeared into the other hall. Logan diverted his attention away from the girl and focused on his group but not before he gave Rory a smirk and a "hey."

Before she could even utter a word, the boy with the accent launched into a story about his father finding him naked in the study. Just then, the bell rang and the group separated into two directions. Rory closed her locker and her bag then took out her map. Room twelve, English with Mr. Max Medina. She strolled over to her classroom, hoping she wouldn't be late and got there just as the bell rang. Not knowing where to sit, and whether or not she was supposed to be assigned a seat, Rory stood by the door and waited for Mr. Max Medina to walk in.

"Well, hello there. I'm assuming you're the new student from Stars Hollow High Headmaster Charleston was talking about." A man clad in a suit with a case in one hand, asked.

Rory nodded in confirmation, "Yes, I'm Rory Gilmore."

"Alright, well, I'm Mr. Medina." He looked down on a sheet of paper, "I don't have a Rory Gilmore in this class. I have a Lorelai Gilmore but not a Rory Gilmore."

"Oh, Rory is my nickname."

"So, that's what you would like to be called? Not Lorelai?" Mr. Medina asked.

Rory answered, "Yes."

"Wonderful," Mr. Medina replied as he jotted down 'Rory' on the piece of paper. He faced the class and cleared his throat and once everyone was seated and his attention he announced, "class we have a new student. Say hello to Rory Gilmore. She just transferred from Stars Hollow High and I would like you to give her a warm welcome."

The obligated response came. "Hello Rory."

Welcome to Chilton Rory Gilmore.

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