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Mr. Medina looked around the room, gazing for an open seat. Bingo! But why is that seat empty? Pushing his confusing thoughts aside, he instructed Rory, "Ms. Gilmore, have a seat right in between Mr. Dugrey and Mr. Huntzberger.

Tristan, who was previously looking at something outside the window, suddenly sat up straight and looked at his teacher, "Sorry Mr. Medina, I forgot it this morning."

Logan, sitting just two seats away from Tristan, also looked away from the girl he was eyeing and looked at Mr. Medina, "Oh, I didn't know we were assigned something Mr. Medina. I'm terribly sorry."

Stifling a giggle, Stephanie Vanderbilt, sitting behind the empty seat between Tristan and Logan, stared at two of her friends and whispered, "Is that your final answer?"

Tristan and Logan both glanced at Stephanie with confusion then turned their heads to a waiting Mr. Medina, "I'm sure you two boys could turn in whatever you forgot this morning or didn't hear, tomorrow. But right now, I'm just telling Ms. Gilmore here to sit in that empty seat between the two of you."

The two boys gave him an understanding look before focusing their attention on the innocent looking girl. She walked to her newly assigned desk without even trying to add a jaunt in her step. Yet, she managed to have it there anyway. Her plaid Chilton skirt came to an end right at her knees and just one button of her blouse was left open – one button that was in no way revealing.

Rory sat down on her new desk, already paying attention to what Mr. Medina was saying about a new in-class project. She readily took out her new notebook – bought for this special first day – and scribbled notes that weren't mandatory at all.

To Tristan Dugrey, she looked like a Mary being all studious and innocent.

To Logan Huntzberger, Miss Rory Gilmore looked like an Ace Reporter with her pen moving hastily across her notebook at an incredible speed.

To every other girl in the room, aside from Stephanie, she was a threat. Sitting unbelievably close to the two Kings of Chilton, this girl was a slut in disguise.

"So go ahead and get into groups of four for this project." Mr. Medina instructed.

"I pick Tristan and Logan." Stephanie simply stated smiling at both of her friends. "Okay, we need one more."

"How about…" Logan looked around, looking for someone he hadn't slept with… yet.

Stephanie looked at Logan, "Not one of your one night stands, Logan." She then turned to Tristan, "And not one of your exes." Stephanie warned not wanting to see some girl try to get into Dugrey or Huntzberger's pants.

The two boys leaned back and sighed, a small smirk plastered on their faces, muttering, "I guess that leaves out basically every girl in this room."

Stephanie rolled her eyes at the last comment and set her eyes on the person sitting right in front of her. "Hey," name, name, what was her name? "Rory. Hey, want to join our group?"

Rory turned to see the one who offered her a spot in their group. She gave the blonde a smile, "Sure." She rotated her desk so it faced Stephanie's and smiled.

"I'm Stephanie." She held out her hand with a smile.

Rory gladly took it and shook her hand, "I'm Rory."

Upon hearing Stephanie talk to another girl, possibly their last group member, Tristan and Logan averted their eyes from some girls winking at them. They were suddenly met with the sight of Rory Gilmore amicably talking to Stephanie.

"Where's Stars Hollow?"

"Not too far. About half an hour or so."

Stephanie tilted her head to the side, "huh, I've never heard of it."

"It's pretty small."

"Do you like it there?"

Rory smiled, her blue eyes twinkling, making them stand out more, "Of course."

Tristan adjusted his seat so it was right next to Rory's and facing Stephanie, "Hey Mary."

"It's Rory, you dimwit." Stephanie shot back.

Tristan shook his head pointing at Stephanie, "I don't think I was talking to you, was I Steph? I was talking to Mary here."

"Rory." Stephanie corrected once again.

"So Ace, I noticed you took some notes." Logan began, positioning his chair by Rory and inching closer to her until their arms touched, pretending to look at the notes she took.

What was up with the nicknames? Rory looked into his deep chocolate brown eyes that held mischief, "It's Rory. R-O-R-Y, Rory." She stated getting annoyed.

"Well I'm Logan. Logan," He paused, knowing this was when girls would fall for him even deeper than they previously were, "Huntzberger."

"That's great Logan Huntzberger but try to learn my name first." Rory said dryly, her patience for the two blonde boys growing short.

Logan tried to pick up a new conversation, "So why are you here?"

Definitely getting impatient, Rory replied dryly, "It's a Monday and the law states that I need to go to school."

Tristan chuckled at how Rory easily brushed off one of his friends, "Mary, what are you doing tonight?"

Stephanie sighed, "You have a girlfriend, Tristan. Summer. Does the bitchy name ring a bell or what?"

Ignoring the insult on his girlfriend, Tristan raised both hands in mock surrender, "What? I was just wondering what she was doing tonight. You know, to start on this project."

"We really should start on the project now." Rory said looking at the set of guidelines she had recorded.

"See?" Tristan pointed out, "I vote my place."

"It's an in-class assignment." Logan answered rolling his eyes.

"Oh." Tristan accepted defeat and slumped down on his chair.

"Yeah, oh." Stephanie nodded and instructed the boys to read through the guidelines that Rory took notes on.

Rory took out the literature book and began her trek to look for the correct page when Stephanie, in a perky voice, inquired, "So what's your schedule?"

Looking up from the book, Rory said, "pardon?"

"Your schedule."

Rory reached into her left pocket and retrieved a folded sheet of paper. Stephanie took it in one swift motion and looked at it.

1. English – Mr. Medina

2. Biology – Mrs. Smith

3. Gym – Mr. Johnson

4. Calculus – Mr. Stevenson

5. History – Mrs. Laurel

6. Spanish – Mr. Gomez

"Good schedule." Stephanie deduced.

Rory nodded slowly, "Thanks…"

"What's it like?" Logan asked, "any more classes that I share with the gorgeous Rory Gilmore?"

"I don't think she really wants to see you in another class Logan." Tristan said spinning the pen in his hand. "But me, however..."

"I highly doubt that. If it was a choice between the two of us, she'd choose me in a heartbeat." Logan responded giving Rory a smirk.

Stephanie looked at Rory's schedule again, glancing up every now and then, "Well, obviously, you have English with the two pretty playboys and I."

Logan and Tristan both gave Rory and award-winning grin, and then turned to Stephanie, "We're pretty playboys, now?"

"You don't usually associate the word 'pretty' with boys unless 'pretty' is an adjective for a girl a boy is with." Tristan said, "I'm not sure I want to be called 'pretty'. Sends a mixed message."

"You sure the message isn't true?" Logan asked smirking.

Stephanie sighed, "I use the word 'pretty' lightly. It means attractive. Look it up."

"Hear that? We're attractive." Tristan said.

"Yeah, I bet that's news to you." Logan replied smirking.

Continuing, Stephanie rolled her eyes at the childish actions, "So English with Stephanie and the playboys. That last word, I don't use lightly. Anyways, Biology you have with Tristan and his girlfriend of the month Summer."

"Glad to know you have such faith in our relationship Steph." Tristan quickly said.

She gave him a look portraying innocence, "what? You were hitting on Rory until I reminded you of the whore."

Rory gave Stephanie a short glance, "I'm thinking you hate her."

Stephanie leaned in closer, whispering, "She is such a bitch. Like last week- ugh. I don't even want to waste my breath on her." She leaned back again and continued with going over Rory's schedule. "Alright, Gym you have with Logan, Tristan, Colin, Finn and I. So that's basically all of us. That will be fun. No one in your calculus class, though. History, you have with Colin. He's mine." Stephanie smiled then persisted, "He's part of our little group. I'll tell him to look out for you.

Rory smiled, "thanks."

"Fortunately for you Finn is also in you History class. He's… how do I say this? He's…" she tried to search for a word that might describe Finn but failed miserably, "you'll find out. Then you've got Spanish with…" She seemed to be stuck for a moment and turned to Logan, "who has Gomez sixth?"

"Me." Logan answered smirking as he slung his arm around Rory's shoulder. "Hola mi bonita."

"Smooth, Logan." Tristan commented.

Unable to concentrate with Logan's arm on her shoulder (really, who would?), Rory hesitantly shrugged it off, causing Logan to frown and Tristan to chuckle. Rory said, "Okay, back to work. I'm not sure I want a failing grade for my first project here."

The group began their project, Tristan and Logan stealing looks at Rory as she read the required steps and Stephanie occasionally unleashing some interesting facts about her and her friends.

The bell rang and Mr. Medina announced, "Have a great day! Don't forget to do some extra research on your projects, it will help out greatly in the end."

Rory picked up her belongings and gave Stephanie a small, thankful smile for making her first day a bit easier, "So I guess I'll see you in Gym during third period?"

"Right-o." Stephanie replied happily, waving as she walked out of the classroom.

"Bye Ace." Logan winked giving Rory a light touch on the arm.

"Rory." She corrected, "Learn to say it right Huntzberger."

"I'll see you later." He said before walking out with a grin.

A group of girls passed, sending Rory the dirtiest looks she had ever received.

"Bitch." One muttered as she passed by, not right out saying it in her face but intending for Rory to hear.

"Whore." Another spat.

"Slut." One said with a death glare.

"A Mary? Yeah right. She's just trying to get Logan and Tristan's attention." A girl scoffed.

"Wait until Summer hears about her. That will send this girl running back to her old school." The last one said, emitting snickers from the others.

What was up with these girls? Rory heard herself ask as she picked up her belongings faster. She was appalled. Completely astounded at what these girls would dare say about her, knowing she could hear them. And it was her first day? Enemies on her first day? Yeah, she was going to make the best of friends here.

She began to walk though the halls of Chilton looking for her Biology class when suddenly, out of nowhere, she felt an arm place itself on her shoulder. "Don't worry about those girls. They just want attention from the hottest guy in school. Namely, me." Tristan smirked, winking at Rory.

Rory ducked out from his embrace and grinned, "Correct me if I'm wrong but I heard Logan's name also and I'm pretty sure he was mentioned first, you last." She entered a classroom, which she correctly assumed as her Biology class with Tristan still trailing behind her.

"Well, you know what they say about saving the best for last." Tristan said with a parting grin before they both heard a short squeal.

The same brunette from earlier in the morning, by the lockers, came sauntering over to Tristan and made sure to sway a bit as she passed a group of boys calling out to her. She ignored said guys but grinned at knowing she could entice them, and walked straight up to Tristan, her arms immediately finding its way to his neck. She leaned up to capture his mouth into a passionate kiss and the two stayed in the embrace until Mrs. Smith came strolling in.

"Mr. Dugrey. Ms. Chatsworth. I'm sure there are other places for such behavior but I assure you that my classroom is not one of them. Take your seats." With smirks on their faces, Tristan and Summer walked to their seats, conveniently located in the far corner of the class.

Mrs. Smith glanced at Rory and said, "I don't think I've seen you before. Are you a new student?"

"Yes Ma'am." Rory answered politely.


"Lorelai Gilmore but I go by Rory."

"Fortunately for you, since Robert dropped out just a week ago, there's a student in need of a lab partner. Ms. Gilmore, your lab partner will be Ms. Gellar." Mrs. Smith said pointing to the lab table by the window in the second row.

Oh goody. Rory thought as she approached the same girl she had tried to ask directions from earlier.

"You've got to be kidding me." The girl muttered.

Taking a deep breath in, Rory decided that it would be best if she introduced herself, "Hi. I'm Rory."

The girl turned her head to look at Rory straight in the eye, "Look, Rory, I'm Paris and I'm not here to sit around and gossip about who kissed who last Saturday night at the party. I'm here to learn so I can get to a good college. If you'd rather flirt with the male species go ahead and waste your life and ruin your grade but you are not bringing me down with you so get to work."

That was a warm greeting.

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