The Wizard and The Genius

A luma drabble collection!

Spell 01: Cosplay

As he walked in the territory of the Kingdom of Guardia his ego was quite happy. It didn't come as a surprise that young women turned their heads to look at him but today they did so more often than ever before. Of course they had no idea of who he was, for he was supposed to have died over four hundred years ago or so said the history books.

Regardless of the mood his ego was in, Magus himself was mostly annoyed. He was fine at first but after a little while, the constant stares started to get on his nerves. It had to be those clothes. Lucca had sent him the black leather outfit as a Christmas gift. He had to admit he was quite surprised when he heard the doorbell ring and by the time he answered it, he found nothing but a gift wrapped package.

Lucca was smart, she knew that she had a better chance of having him accept the gift and actually open it if she didn't stick around to personally hand it him. It worked because Magus curiously opened the gift and didn't realize who it was from until he saw the card inside.

The gift itself wasn't bad. The clothes looked cool for lack of better term. Black leather pants, boots, gloves and a long coat to match. There was also a rather big belt. The coat was a bit complicated, at least for him. It took him a moment to figure out that the small belts went in the shape of an X across his chest instead of two straight lines. He was tempted to hang a cape from the silver armor that rested in the shoulders of the coat but decided against it.

You must wonder then, why would he be wearing Lucca's gift in the first place? The answer was in the card. Lucca had dared to challenge him to wear those clothes. She was as aggressive as the written word allowed and declared in more ways than one that he was a coward if he didn't wear them. Normally, Magus would disregard the challenge as unworthy of his time but something about the fire user just pissed him off and he wanted to wear those clothes if only to see her expression when she was proven wrong.

So there he was, strolling across Lenne Square, looking for the purple haired young woman. Lucca just happened to be passing by chatting with Marle, about technical things the princess did not understand. They were searching for Crono, with whom they were supposed to meet, in the crowd of girls that for a reason so far unknown to them had gathered in the square.

"Look!" Marle suddenly squealed when she found the cause of the female gathering.

Lucca stared, eyes wide, jaw slightly dropped. She couldn't believe her plan to make Magus accept the gift had worked, but she was certainly glad it did.

"It's so ironic" Marle commented. "Because he hates the Masamune..."

Magus saw the princess and the inventor and walked towards them ignoring the random girls who tried to make conversation. He seemed rather satisfied by Lucca's expression.

End of Spell 01

In case anyone missed it, Magus is dressed as Sephiroth. To have Magus in a Sephiroth cosplay is something both Lucca and I would love to see and I'm sure we're not the only ones. :D Disclaimer, I do not own Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy VII.

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