The Wizard and The Genius

Spell 11: Feather Duster

As Crono followed princess Nadia, more often known as Marle, down a long corridor of Guardia castle, he wondered what possessed his girlfriend to think of the activity they were about to perform. She claimed that cleaning the library together would be a very romantic and relaxing activity. He didn't think dusting a bunch of books so old they were about to turn into dust themselves was romantic, or fun, or worthy of being done by any human being, or robot, or amphibian, in their right mind. But alas, Marle had insisted so much that Crono had no choice.

The princess had recently read a romance novel, in which the main characters ended up having quite an interesting afternoon while cleaning a library together. Inspired, she thought it would nice to spend some time together doing something original. She had already gotten some guards to chase away whoever was at the massive library at the time, so that she and her beloved Crono could have it to themselves.

"What should we do first?" Crono was completely oblivious of the fact that that was the hero's exact question in the novel.

"We must find a feathery feather duster of feathers!" Crono failed to notice what was so funny about Marle's odd reply since he did not know of the heroine's answer in the novel.

Crono shrugged and started looking. After searching for a short while, Crono spotted a feather duster on a book shelf. Its once white feathers were now gray from use, but he didn't see any other feather dusters, so that one would have to do. It was quite high on that shelf, but Crono didn't think too much of that. Jumping would not be an option, so instead he climbed.

Just as he was a few feet away from the feather duster, Crono's feet slipped and he held on to the bookshelf for dear life. He regained his balance, but board of the bookshelf where his hands were broke, sending Crono to the floor, followed by the row of books that was on that level. Above, on the book shelf, the feather duster sat in calm silence as if it was mocking him.

To give the final blow, just as Marle was helping Crono to his feet, the feather duster fell on his head, causing him to have a sneezing fit. Soon Marle started sneezing as well. Perhaps cleaning the dust was more necessary than they thought, but they were no longer looking forward to doing it.

Crono shook his head, indicating he didn't want to deal with more dust, he almost never really spoke aloud. He dusted off his red hair and waited for Marle's answer.

"Maybe we can give this one more try." Marle was certainly not one to give up. With a frown, Crono handed her the feather duster and watched as she began to dust the books.

Marle started sneezing more often than she could tolerate. "Stupid dust!" She threw the feather duster at a particularly dusty book. This was not a good idea, a large cloud of dust soon surrounded them.

Coughing, sneezing and with watery eyes, Crono and Marle escaped the death trap that was the library. "I'm never going in there again," Marle declared.

Crono nodded in agreement. Lucca would have to venture into the library by herself from that day on.

It appeared that the cleaning supplies were out for revenge that day, a trail of water was left behind by a mop that was recently used to clean the hallway. Sure it was more the fault of the person carrying the mop than of the mop itself, but that is not the point. The point here is that Marle slipped and Crono rushed to catch her. He too fell victim to the wet floor and with a slippery dance, that would be funny to everyone except the people doing it, they were both thrown into a broom closet.

As the Chancellor walked by the princess and her boyfriend fell out of the broom clost, entangled in cleaning supplies. "Princess Nadia, a broom closet is no place for royalty to be!"

"We were just leaving," Male took Crono's hand and ran off, pulling him towards an undefined destination.

xoxox xox xoxox

In the middle ages, a certain purple haired inventor had fallen pray to boredom. She had traveled through time, visiting her friends. She brought Robo and Ayla along for the trip and her next stop was to find Frog, but she didn't find him. He was, from what she heard, off in a trip somewhere, though no one appeared to know where. Thus Lucca settled for visiting Magus instead and he was not happy about it.

While the wizard and the scientist had an argument, Robo took time to notice how dusty the castle had become without Ozzie's gang around to clean it. Using a new feature Lucca had recently installed, Robo produced a feather duster from his arm and started cleaning.

For a moment, Magus stopped glaring at Lucca to briefly glance at the others and confirm that they had not broken anything. To his surprise, Ayla appeared to be behaving unusually well, but Robo was cleaning without permission. Not that he minded too much, but then he noticed that the robot was about to dust off some magic dust that was sitting on a table unattended, as if it was common dirt.

"Don't touch that!" Magus tried to stop him, but it was too late and the magic dust was activated. This particular type of dust didn't affect machines, so Robo was unharmed, but where Magus once stood there was now a blue bunny.

Ayla grinned with anticipation, "yummy blue bunny for Ayla eat?"

"Don't eat him Ayla," Lucca took the bunny in her arms. "You'll get sick if you eat him."

"But Ayla hungry," the cave woman complained.

"Robo, could you take Ayla to wherever the kitchen is in this castle?" Lucca asked.

"Affirmative, I will pin point its location," Robo answered.

Once Robo and Ayla were gone, that left Lucca alone with a very angry bunny. The spell wore off and Lucca could no longer hold him when he grew back to normal. This resulted in Lucca falling on the floor with Magus on top of her. The inventor squirmed out from under Magus, "Robo, Ayla it's time to go!" Lucca ran for dear life, with Magus throwing random curses and jinxes at her.

xoxox xox xoxox xox xoxox xox xoxox xox xoxox

Spell 12: Gate Key

Some time after the fight with Lavos was over and things were finally getting back to normal, Lucca's room was a bigger mess than usual and after searching to no avail for a certain item. "Where is that Gate Key?"

Lucca had asked Crono about it and they searched his house in case she had left it there. She also told Marle and searching the entire Guardia Castle was an exhausting experience they won't soon forget. When searching Marle's room, they found things the princess had long forgotten she had and each object came with a childhood story that Marle happily told.

Lucca came to the conclusion she had been denying to herself since she realized she did not have the Gate Key. She dropped it in another time. Or she could have dropped it during the fight with Lavos and it was destroyed. For the world's own good, it had better been destroyed. She didn't want to think about what would happen if it fell into the wrong hands. The thought of someone other then her friends and herself messing with time was most unpleasant.

Now she had something to worry about. Why couldn't she just be like Marle? Lucca remembered what Marle had said about the missing Gate Key. "It's okay, you can make another one," Marle was missing the point. It's not that Lucca couldn't make another one, she could; the problem was the original may cause unwanted effects in time if someone got a hold of it and happened to come across a gate.

Crono gave it more concern that Marle, but not as much as Lucca. He believed it was very unlikely that anyone would find it and use it on a gate, besides weren't the gates gone now that Lavos was gone? However, Lucca had already made another Gate Key and tested it on the gate in the fair grounds, being this the first time she hoped her invention did not work and it did.

So another unanswered question was added to the list. If Lavos made the gates possible, why was there still a gate there if Lavos was gone? The most logical answer would be because they defeated Lavos in the future and he still existed in that time. Would that mean the gates to the past where Lavos still lives worked but the gates to the future didn't? The more she thought about it, the more confusing it became. Lucca was used to having everything figured out, but this time she couldn't and annoyed her.

Looking at the bright side of the situation, if any changes in time were made, she would notice, right? Unless such changes wiped her out from existence, was that possible? What would happen then? Lucca tried to remain calm, thinking that it was very unlikely that she, Crono and Marle would all be erased from history at the same time and that whoever was left, would somehow save the others and together they would get rid of whoever or whatever caused the mess in the first place.

xoxox xox xoxox

Magus was, as he has been doing for some time, searching for Schala. This would be so much easier if he would stop getting those strange dreams and visions. That's what he called them from lack of better name, but they where in fact memories of things that never happened. Every time he was exposed to the gates, he got them, as if every alternate future past and present wanted to get into his head, but the search would continue.

He took a walk along the snowy fields of the lands surrounding the village in the dark ages. The ice was starting to melt away, but it was still cold, especially after sun set. Up ahead he noticed a red light. He stared at it as if the light was calling him, almost unconsciously he began to run towards the light and another vision took over his mind.

There was a purple haired woman and fire. He could still see the red light; he reached for it with the Gate Key. The purple haired woman in his vision pointed at Magus, there was a flame in her hand. The red light became brighter, taking him to another time. The woman shot the fire ball at him and then the scene changed. It was an endless void of shades of red. There was the purple haired woman again, why did she look so familiar? She didn't have the angry look she had in the previous vision, now she was not surrounded by fire, she was smiling at him, the red lights became brighter before everything went black.

"Janus... Janus... Brother please wake up," Magus slowly opened his eyes to find the one he had been searching for, his sister Schala. A million questions filled his mind about the red gate and the strange visions, but none of it mattered, all that truly mattered was that he found his sister.

"Schala..." He said her name, almost afraid that it was a dream from which he would be cruelly awakened.

"It's okay Janus, I'm here now," she hugged him like she had when he was a little boy and he knew she was real, he found her, or she found him, they where reunited. Schala and Magus, or Janus as she preferred to call him, spent the next few hours at her house in a time between the Dark Ages and the Middle Ages that could not be reached by ordinary blue gates, talking about everything that had happened in their lives. She had figured out the Prophet's true identity when he tried to save her from Lavos.

xoxox xox xoxox

It had been a week since Magus's arrival at the era where Schala lived. He lay awake in his room; he hasn't slept in, in years. Even if he was awake, it was nice to just stay in bed and do nothing for once, he was finally feeling relaxed after such a long time of constant stress and pressure, as if he was becoming Janus once again. He stared up at the ceiling until he saw the familiar red light, he did not have time to move before Lucca fell on him from the red gate that had appeared on the ceiling.

"What just happened? Where did I land?" Lucca adjusted her glasses and Magus's face came into focus.

They blinked letting the current facts sink in and just as Lucca's body was about to regain movement, Schala came, letting herself in since the door was opened. "Janus breakfast is... Oh, a visitor, Janus, why didn't you say your girlfriend was coming over?"

"She's not!" Lucca quickly got herself off and both stood up. "What are you doing here?" Magus demanded.

"I was cleaning my room since I made a pretty big mess desperately searching for... for something I lost and found a red gate at the bottom of my closet that brought me here, what is this place anyway?" Lucca was confused.

"This time is between the dark ages and the middle ages," Magus explained.

Then something clicked in Lucca's mind, "the Gate Key, the first one I made, you have it don't you?" Magus nodded at Lucca;s question, all that worrying and he had it all along.

"So you're the one who made the Gate Key," Schala realized, "Lucca, right? My brother told me about your adventure, come, let's all have breakfast together.

While a cheerful Schala, lad a smiling Lucca away, Magus couldn't help it but to feel a heavy foreboding in the air. He wasn't sure he wanted to listen to their conversation, but he followed them anyway.


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