Dark Meets Light

Chapter One: Return

Two people walk down a path together trying not to be sad as one of them must leave. Leave the world of Elf's to go to a world of wizards, a place neither truly belong to but he must go. Great evil is there and he must get rid of it as fast as he can to protect the world he loves.

"Do I have to go to this place in England? I'm not fit for their world, I don't belong there, and can't I stay here" A young voice says walking up to his old time friend and master.

"I'm sorry but you have a job to do. You must go Kai you belong there" states an older voice smiling as he continues to walk along a path of trees.

"I belong here more than I do there, Master Zion" sighs Kai touching a tree he smiles as he feels the energy running through the tree.

"As a friend go do your job, as your master you must go and save all worlds from this evil" states his master sadly knowing it his Lord's job to save the world.

The two walk into the town of huge trees that hold the homes of the Elves. Sighing Kai walks up to his home, looking around to make sure he has everything he needs. Whispering a spell his stuff pacts itself into his trunk, putting his hand on the locks he locks up his trunk.

Shrinking his trunk he places it into his pocket, looking around his place he smiles and says goodbye to it as he walks out of the house he has lived in since he can remember. Walking to the greetings hall he walks in to see all his masters and he looks at all his familiars.

"Kai how are you this fine day in our lives?" asks a young looking women walking up to him. She has short black hair, with golden eyes wearing the traditional clothes of an elf. A small white shirt to cover her breasts and .long white silk skirt that goes to her ankles.

"I am fine Trinity. How are you?" shoots back Kai hugging her.

"I do hope you find your soul mate and stop trying to take mine" smiles a young looking man walking toward him. He has long silver hair with golden eyes wearing only a pair of white pants.

"Come now, Zexion I would never do that to you" smiles Kai hugging him as well.

Zion smiles as he watches everyone walk up to Kai, saying some last minutes jokes or thanks to him. All of his friends are there to say goodbye to him, as they know they will not see him for a little while.

A young women walks up to him, hugging him she smiles. "May the Spirits be with you always" she says to him before backing up.

"May the Spirits be with you all, and with you Raven forever" says Kai as he and Zion both put on cloaks to hide their face and body.

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"Headmaster, Harry Potter has been missing since he was three, and I don't think he is still alive sir" states Severus Snape Potion Mater of Hogwarts.

"I believe he is alive and will come back to us" replies Albus Dumbledore Headmaster of Hogwarts.

The two walk into the Great Hall which is awaiting the arrival of the students for another year at Hogwarts. The two walk to their seats as the students start to fill into the hall.

"I must insist in dropping the act and stop looking for Mr. Potter" states Severus Snape.

"I won't stop looking for Harry I must have hope in the fact that he is still alive" sighs Albus as the sorting finishes.

"Welcome all to another year at Hogwarts. Let us welcome the new Defense Against The Dark Arts Professor Kadaj. Now let us enjoy this wonderful feast" smiles Albus waving his hands and making the food appears.

The students and professors dig into the food, not giving a care in the world about anything else. The students strike up conversations with each other talking about the upcoming school year. As well as what they all did over the summer time, and what they wish to do the next summer.

Albus strikes up a conversation with Minerva about the new students, as Severus wonders about this dreading feeling that he is getting. The whole hall is buzzing with excitement with what the year is to bring. Although some of the students and staff fear the next Voldemort strike on the school this year.

A wind picks up in the hall whirling around the whole hall, before targeting in front of the two middle tables. The wind picks up speed, whipping around and getting smaller by the second. When the wind dies down, standing where the wind was, are two figures cloaked in black, nothing can be seen.

The tallest one takes a step forward as well as taking down his hood; this man has pointed ears, pale skin, and long silver hair. He is smiling up at Albus waiting for him to recognize him, the shorter one twirls around looking at everyone in the hall. Walking up next to the taller one as Albus stands up walking over to the two of them.

"Zion, my old friend welcome to Hogwarts. How are you? What brings you here?" asks Albus shaking the elf's hand.

"Albus I am fine my Kyuuyuuda(1). I come bearing good news, well two pieces of good news. One is we have found the King of Elves; he shall be coming here sometime tonight. As well as he requests a room with Mr. Potter, one bedroom a sitting room and a bathroom is all the two will need as one shall not be sleeping in the room" smiles Zion.

"I'm afraid Mr. Potter is not among the students" drawls out Severus as he walks up to Zion.

"I disagree with you there Mr. Snape, as I am standing right here" comes a voice from under the hood of the small man.

He pulls the hood down revealing a young man with long black hair tied lightly in the back, pale skin just like an elf. His ears are pointed and his eyes are slit with gold in the middle and emerald on the outside. The lightning bolt shaped scar can be seen clearly as his bangs are tied in with the rest of his hair.

"Dear lord you are alive" gasps Albus.

"Yes Albus Dumbledore I am alive and well. I have been living among the elves since I was three, I am very well aware of my duty to hunt down and kill this Dark Lord Voldemort. I shall be attending the seventh year in hopes of a death eater telling this Dark Lord of my return" Harry Potter states twirling around to look at everyone again.

"We can talk more in my office, Severus lead Harry to my office and eat dinner with him I will be up when everything down here is done" states Albus going back to his seat.

"Goodbye Master I do hope the spirits will stay with you forever" bows Harry to him master.

"I shall see you in the future, may the spirits be with you" bows Zion leaving the room in a whirl of wind.

Harry turns toward the exit, walking away leaving Severus to follow closely behind him. Along the way neither say a word to each other, Harry doesn't wish to speak and Severus doesn't believe it is Potter. Harry stops in front of the gargoyle, reaching out he pets the gargoyle softly.

The gargoyle jumps to the side letting the two pass without a password, Harry steps up onto the whirling stairs. Severus just keeps his eyes on Potter not wanting to let his guard down for one minute. Harry smiles as he summons up two chairs for them both to sit down in, Harry sits down as food appears in front of both of them.

The two eat in silence as time ticks by for the both of them; Severus keeps his eyes on Potter making sure he make no threatening moves. Harry chuckles at this stopping to look at Severus to see why he is watching him.

"Are you going to watch my every move until Albus get here sir?" asks Harry back looking at Severus to know the reaction.

"I don't trust you" Severus replies with.

"I don't blame you I would not trust myself either, but I can tell you this I could never in a million years lie to you Severus Snape" Harry states looking at the door.

A few minutes later Albus walks into his office with Minerva at his heels, smirking Harry turns to look ahead of him. Severus just looks at Potter wondering how he knew that Albus was coming up to see him.

"So care to explain everything Harry?" asks Albus.

"That dear headmaster is easier said than done. I was taken from Private Drive when I was only three by Zion. He took me to Yama Mori Rikuchi or Mountain Woods Land. There I was told my true name, Zion and many other Elves teaching all that I need to know how to survive in both worlds. So that is all that has happened to me" explains Harry not looking up to meet anyone's eyes.

"Why would the elves take you at such a young age to begin training?" asks Albus trying to understand everything.

"Simple to get me away from that which would not take care of me" answers Harry smiling.

"I highly doubt that your relatives would not take care of you" sneers Severus.

"Obviously you don't know my family very well, the three years that I was there. The only time I can remember them touching me was when they had to. No toys accept those that were broken and hand me down clothes. Barely any food to survive on, plus my aunt and uncle tried to get me to start doing chores the day I turned three. Need I say more about the ones Albus put my life in" Harry shouts snapping at Severus with a cold hard glare.

"How do we know you are telling the truth?" asks Albus.

"I cannot lie when I am around my soul mate" states Harry.

"What do you mean?" asks Albus.

"It mean that elves cannot ever lie to the one they are destined to be with for all eternity. All elves are bound by the nuri(2), no one can disobey them. Who's your soul mate Potter" states Severus before asking.

"You Severus Snape Lord of the Royal Family that serves the King of Elves, and if you want me to confirm it I can always say your true name" Harry replies calmly looking into Severus eyes, letting him into his mind to hear his true name.

"I understand, but I will not acknowledge it" growls Severus leaving the room.

"Albus you should call him back in," speak Minerva for the first time.

"I wouldn't fret about it for now, he needs time to adjust to the fact that he will no longer be alone for the rest of his eternal life" smirks Harry getting up "I shall leave as well the King shall be coming soon," Harry leaves that room to go to his own room.

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Who does he think he is? Saying that I am his mate, I am unworthy of such a title to be given to me. I am just glad he did not say my true name or Albus would have gained total control over me. Although that does mean Potter has total control over me because he knows my true name.

Thinks Severus as he goes down to his private chambers to think about all Potter has said today in the office of the headmaster. As well as get ready to teach the student tomorrow in potions his favorite subject.

All names are not mine; I just use them for this story so don't sue me, all from different games, movies, and shows.

1. Kyuuyuuda an old friend

2. Nuri rules/laws

TBC Will Potter actually attend classes as a student or will just sit in some to watch how the teachers teach? Well to find out anything please stay tuned for the next chapter in this exciting story. Man I feel great well bye,

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