Dark Meets Light

Chapter Thirty-Four: Ten Years Later

Well my lovely readers, this I'm afraid is the last chapter of this story.

Severus walks into the King's bedroom with food in one hand and paperwork in the other. Harry looks up from his position in bed and smiles at his mate. He waits until his food is placed in front of him before he speaks.

"Sev, you didn't have to bring my food or paperwork to me. I'm only five months pregnant, I can still get up and move around" speaks Harry as he starts to eat.

"I know but I was already up because Rose wanted some lesson in potions. So I decided to fix you some breakfast. I knew you wouldn't be up and about so early, I had time" remarks Severus as he sits down.

"Lucien and Damien with their masters?" asks Harry as he continues to eat.

"As Lucien told me 'I am the oldest in this family, eight years old and I will master everything so I can help out around the house more. Besides I will be the one to take over as King one day' and he took off" shrugs Severus.

"Lucien knows his duties just like I knew mine when I was his age. Damien will be six in a few months, what should we get him" ponders Harry as he pushes the rest toward Sev.

"Ask Tom, he knows Damien better than we do" states Severus eating from the tray. "Rose may be four but she knows what she is doing in the lab."

"She is the light of our day isn't she? Where is she anyway?" asks Harry looking around.

"Anita took her out to learn about the earth, she'll be back for lunch" answers Severus putting the tray away.

"You do know the maids and cooks will be mad at you right?" smiles Harry smacking Severus on the arm lightly.

"I don't care" smiles Severus as he bends down a little to kiss his mate on the lips.

"You sure are the Light of my day" smiles Harry.

"You are my Dark that shows me everything will be alright in the end" speaks Severus.

Harry meets Severus, Dark meets Light. The two were made for each other, Harry so innocent so light but holds onto a darkness that makes him show the world that he won't back down and face everyone and do what he must to keep peace. Severus so broken so dark, but holds a light within his darkness, something that shows he is not evil, nor mean, but has a heart of gold that needs to be protected from true darkness.


I'm signing out.


Dark Angel from Mercury

Dark Angel from Mercury