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White. All around, nothing but white. A teenage boy was blinking desperately at his surroundings, hoping to see something other than the blinding whiteness, but that seemed to be all that existed in this place.

There wasn't even ground to focus on; looking down, the boy could see only his own sneakers blurring in the white of their non-existent background. He seemed to be floating in an eternity of nothing.

"Hello?" he called out. His voice seemed to be swallowed up in the expanse. He wasn't even sure if he even heard himself or if he was just imagining it. "Is there anybody here? Hello?"

He was met with silence. He was beginning to panic. What was going on? How did he get here? Where was here? Why was there nothing and nobody here?

The boy was caught off guard when he suddenly became aware of a golden something shimmering in the distance. He held his hand up to his eyes, trying to shade them from the brightness so that he could see it. He didn't care what it was; it was something in all this nothing, and that was a relief.

As the object got larger, he realized that it was coming towards him, getting closer all the time. When the details of the object were close enough for him to recognize it, he gasped, trying to back away but finding himself unable to find purchase on the nothing.

It was a golden triangle with the Egyptian symbol of the eye of Ra dividing it into three sections. Around the triangle was a ring of gold, off which was hanging five golden pointers, like an Indian dream-catcher. At the top of this was a golden loop meant for turning the whole thing into a pendant.

The triangle ring came just within arm's reach of the boy and stopped, hovering ominously with an odd humming sound, a faint glow radiating from the gold.

The boy watched it. "What do you want?" he finally asked faintly.

One pointer on the base of the ring lifted in his direction before dropping and clinking gently against the others. He swallowed hard. "Why me? Because of... him?"

The ring began to vibrate, its pointers clacking together in a sound of negation. Three cracks began to form in the gold of the ring right at the points of the triangle inside. The boy stared. "You-you're breaking?" He reached out a hand. "But how can I help? Why me, of all people?"

"Because you are its guardian."

The boy gasped and turned around as best he could to face the direction the voice had come from. Standing there were three young women, dressed conservatively in three different colors. Their eyes seemed to glow with knowledge and power, and their hair flowed iridescently matching the colors of their dresses.

The one in the middle, in all red, nodded at him, indicating that she had spoken.

"Who... Who are you?" the boy asked with reverence in his voice. It was hard not to be in awe of these women.

"We are the three goddesses, creators of a land not far from here." They spoke together, their soft voices in harmony and ringing with power.

"I am Din, Goddess of Power." The red-clad woman said.

"I am Farore, Goddess of Courage." This was from the one in light green.

"I am Nayru, Goddess of Wisdom." The woman in blue nodded at him.

The boy stared in shock. He was in the presence of goddesses? He bowed his head to them. "I-I mean no disrespect, but what do you want with me? Why is the Millennium Ring acting like this?"

Din spoke again. "The sacred triangle is about to be discovered by a man who does not deserve its power. You are the Guardian, the perfect balance between the three forces and you must help the hero to rejoin the pieces. If you do not, the world itself will fall."

"Rejoin the pieces?" The boy repeated. "Pieces of what?"

The three spoke together once more, all holding out both hands to him. "You will understand. The hero will hold the power to destroy evil, but only you hold the power of the goddesses. The pure power of the Triforce, which can put Our land back together."

There was a sound of shattering behind him and he turned to see what it was, but felt himself falling before he could see. He let out a yell.

"You will understand." He heard faintly once again. Then, suddenly, he awoke with a start.


Ryou Bakura shot straight up in bed with a gasp, running his hands through his hair and finding that he was drenched in a cold sweat. What kind of a dream was that?

The dream... He glanced over to his nightstand where the Millennium Ring lay, glinting innocently in the moonlight. He picked it up and ran his finger around the ring that encircled the center triangle and found that, obviously, there were no cracks or even dents on its surface.

"What are you doing?" a voice asked him. He jumped, dropping the Ring back onto the nightstand in surprise.

"Nothing." He said quickly. "Just had a strange dream is all."

He immediately regretted admitting this as the spirit of the Ring rolled his eyes. "Dreams are dreams. You don't need to go checking over everything every time you have a dream about it."

"I know. It just makes me feel better." Ryou said, lying back down on his bed and sighing, thinking about the dream. "I've never had a dream like that before, though..."

The spirit considered his host for a moment before sitting at the end of the bed. "Tell me about it. Sometimes dreams have meanings that can be interpreted."

Ryou gave him an odd look, then shrugged, not seeing any harm in it besides the fact that he had school in the morning and it was currently around 3 AM. He began to tell the spirit about his dream.