Well, I'm not sure this is a great idea or what. I'm not used to writing fics for anything other than FullMetal Alchemist, but we'll see what happens. I just got Sacred Stones, and although I've played through it once, there's a LOT more that needs to be uncovered, so if some of my details or whatnot are wrong, please correct me. I'm still getting used to writing for this. Anyway. Let's start on a happy drabble, shall we?


It was a strong breeze, so strong it threatened to drag Eirika down, but she didn't mind. It was part of the reason she loved it up here, high on the castle battlements. The strong winds meant that except for the ever-present soldiers on guard, she was mostly alone.

And, most importantly, to her, she was able to get a very good view of the training grounds for the knights of Renais. Usually, Seth would be out there, working with the trainees or whoever happened to need a little extra boost in their skills. If she was really lucky, he'd practice by himself. That was always a sight to behold. Seth wasn't Renais's youngest general for nothing; his swordplay was simply amazing, and when he practiced alone he would fly into the most intricate maneuvers.

He took her breath away. Even though she practiced whenever she could (which, to be honest, wasn't all that often- life as a princess was surprisingly demanding), she knew she'd never rise to his level of skill. This realization had made her a little upset at first, but, after all, he was a knight. He'd trained for this from a very young age. And it did make her happy to simply watch him.

She never thought he knew that she watched him. After all, she was very far up, and he did tend to get so wrapped up in his practice that she doubted he noticed much of anything else.

But today, he glanced up at her. And even though he was very far below her, she knew he was smiling at her. And she couldn't help but smile back.


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