Author's Note: Just a short little oneshot piece of fluff...actually, I got the idea from a Without a Trace fanfic, and figured it would be a cute idea for the ducklings. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own House, MD, or the characters portrayed on aforementioned show. I do, however, own their fictional screen names. :)

WombatMD signed on at 8:59 AM

UKnowULoveMe: Bored?

WombatMD: Who is this?

UKnowULoveMe: 7 o'clock.

WombatMD: Yours or mine, mystery messenger?

UKnowULoveMe: Yours, you ass.

WombatMD: Oh. Hey Cameron. Aren't you supposed to be answering House's mail?

UKnowULoveMe: Your pen's about to explode.

WombatMD signed off at 9:02 AM

WombatMD signed on at 9:15 AM

UknowULoveMe: Smooth.

WombatMD: Shut up. Damn, there's still ink in my mouth!

UKnowULoveMe: lol...I tried to warn you.

WombatMD: What's with the chat speak?

UKnowULoveMe: Well, we are chatting, aren't we?

WombatMD: Yeah, but it's annoying as hell.

UKnowULoveMe: but itz fun 2 rite like an ignorant fool! anywhoz, ur supposed to rite like this when u im, duh

WombatMD: Are you mocking me?

UKnowULoveMe: Maybe ; )

WombatMD: Cute.

UKnowULoveMe: Thanx, but tell me something I don't know.

WombatMD: You should be a comedian.

UKnowULoveMe: Comedienne, thank you very much.

WombatMD: Sorry...I'm new to the country, remember?

UKnowULoveMe is typing...

WombatMD: Hold that thought. I've got another message.

iAMabrainsurgeon signed on at 9:27 AM

iAMabrainsurgeon: Nice move with the pen. I'm still laughing.

WombatMD: Everyone's a comedian today.

iAMabrainsurgeon: Don't blame me for your stupidity, Chase.

WombatMD: Cameron's bugging me to write back...want to start a chat room?

iAMabrainsurgeon: So that's what you're smiling so much. And sure.

UKnowULoveMe: I'm waiting...

UKnowULoveMe: still waiting

UknowULoveMe: What the hell are you two talking about???

WombatMD: Sorry. Chat room with me and Foreman?

UKnowULoveMe: If I must.

WombatMD has created a chat room at 9:33 AM

iAMabrainsurgeon has entered the chat room

UKnowULoveMe has entered the chat room

WombatMD: Hey guys.

UKnowULoveMe: The silence is killing me.

UKnowULoveMe: Nice screen name by the way, Foreman.

iAMabrainsurgeon: Thanks...and why, oh WHY did House have to induce a damn migraine?

WombatMD: He had to prove that guy wrong. Wait, hasn't he done this before? still sucks that we all have to suffer because of it.

UKnowULoveMe: Who's suffering? I love instant messaging!

iAMabrainsurgeon: That's because you're still a teenager at heart.

WombatMD: Burn

UKnowULoveMe: Been watching "That 70s Show" reruns again, have we?

WombatMD: I love that show.

iAMabrainsurgeon: lol

iAMabrainsurgeon: I bet Cameron watches Dawson's Creek.

UKnowULoveMe: No way!

iAMabrainsurgeon: Sure

UKnowULoveMe: Not in awhile, anyway...

WombatMD: How did we know?

UKnowULoveMe: koala lover

WombatMD: goody two shoes

UKnowULoveMe: pheely shipper

WombatMD: What the hell is a "pheely"?

iAMabrainsurgeon: Phil and Keely BELONG together.

UKnowULoveMe: LOL! Foreman hearts "Phil of the Future"

iAMabrainsurgeon: I am an occasional viewer, thankyaverymuch.

UKnowULoveMe: I bet.

WombatMD: You backed yourself into that one, Foreman...

iAMabrainsurgeon: Shut it, Aussie.

UKnowULoveMe: Yeah stifle, kangaroo boy.

WombatMD: I don't have to take this abuse. I'm leaving.

iAMabrainsurgeon: Toodles.

UKnowULoveMe: Wait...don't go.

UKnowULoveMe: Don't give me that look. I'm just enjoying our conversation.

iAMabrainsurgeon: I'll leave you two lovebirds alone. I've gotta go get some results anyway.

WombatMD: Later, Foreman

UKnowULoveMe: I do not love Chase!

iAMabrainsurgeon signed off at 9:47

UKnowULoveMe: You can't just leave! Damn you, Eric Foreman!

WombatMD: Wait, his name is Eric Foreman? Heh, just like on That 70s Show.

UKnowULoveMe: omg

WombatMD: omg yourself. So. Guess it's just you and me.

UKnowULoveMe: Just you, actually. I gotta run.

WombatMD: Where?

UKnowULoveMe: Errands. Talk to you later.

WombatMD: Cameron wait!

UKnowULoveMe: I'm still here...what?

WombatMD: Do you want to have dinner with me tonight?

WombatMD: Well...?

UKnowULoveMe is typing...

UKnowULoveMe: all right

UKnowULoveMe signed off at 9:54 AM

WombatMD: : )

WombatMD has signed off at 9:55 AM