Author's Note: I felt the need to work on this fic, and this is the result: another chapter of IMing fun. The other chapters have just been kind of random Chameron fluff, but this one actually takes place after the season finale, and I mention a thing or two about what will happen next season (and it's true...I heard it straight from the Fox's mouth via TV Guide). So, enjoy...and commmenttt!!!

Disclaimer: I'm on yo' FanFic-dot-net, not stealin' yo' characters. Ya dig?

SexiB!tch228 signed on at 8:37 PM

SexiB!tch228: Hey, House.

EvrybdyLiez: I'm busy

SexiB!tch228: You are not!

EvrybdyLiez: what, u psychic now?

SexiB!tch228: It's almost nine o'clock at night.

EvrybdyLiez: A doctor's work is never done

SexiB!tch228: Other doctors' work is never make sure you finish in time for General Hospital.

EvrybdyLiez: same difference

EvrybdyLiez: so what's for din-din, sweetie?

SexiB!tch228: I'm going out.

SexiB!tch228: you'll have to fend for yourself

EvrybdyLiez: where r u going?

SexiB!tch228: a bar

EvrybdyLiez: duh. w/ who?

SexiB!tch228: None of your business. And as much as I'd love to stay and chat, I've gotta run.

EvrybdyLiez: ur going out with Cuddy, aren't you?

SexiB!tch228 signed off at 8:39 PM

EvrybdyLiez: damn it

iAMabrainsurgeon returned from Away at 8:39 PM

EvrybdyLiez: boo

iAMabrainsurgeon: What do you want?

EvrybdyLiez: to chat with my bestest buddy eva

iAMabrainsurgeon: I'm logging off soon. I've got an interview tomorrow.

EvrybdyLiez: oooo

EvrybdyLiez: don't screw it up!

iAMabrainsurgeon: don't screw up your life

iAMabrainsurgeon: Oh, sorry, it's already too late for that

EvrybdyLiez: u really are becoming me, aren't u?

iAMabrainsurgeon is typing...

iAMabrainsurgeon: Good night, House. Try not to fuck up your life anymore than it already is.

iAMabrainsurgeon signed off at 8:41 PM

EvrybdyLiez: oh, poo

TruLoveFound signed on at 8:41 PM

EvrybdyLiez: who the hell is this?

TruLoveFound: leave me alone, house

EvrybdyLiez: the sucky grammar tells me it's...Cameron?

TruLoveFound: I'm busy

TruLoveFound: go away

EvrybdyLiez: busy wit what?

TruLoveFound: none of your business

EvrybdyLiez: Why does everyone keep telling me that?

TruLoveFound: b/c it's true

EvrybdyLiez: ...and what's w/ your sn

EvrybdyLiez: ????????

TruLoveFound: also none of ur business

EvrybdyLiez: did Chase change it 4 u?

TruLoveFound: im leaving

TruLoveFound: Talk to you never, I hope

TruLoveFound is Away.

EvrybdyLiez: I want to call u something...sounds like witch, but replace the w with a b

Auto Response from TruLoveFound: packing...back tomorrow

EvrybdyLiez: packing?

Auto Response from TruLoveFound: packing...back tomorrow

EvrybdyLiez: where the hell r u going?

Auto Response from TruLoveFound: packing...back tomorrow

EvrybdyLiez: yeah, i know, i know

EvrybdyLiez: CHASE!!

Auto Response from WombatMD: The Big Move is tomorrow. Talk to you when I talk to you.

EvrybdyLiez: where are u going?

Auto Response from WombatMD: The Big Move is tomorrow. Talk to you when I talk to you.

EvrybdyLiez: u know u wanna answer me

WombatMD returned from Away at 8:47 PM

WombatMD: Arizona

EvrybdyLiez: wat about it?

WombatMD: I'm answering you.

WombatMD: I got a job in Phoenix.

EvrybdyLiez: Looking 4 a chance to be reborn, huh?

WombatMD: If you're just going to mock me, I'm going to sign off. I've got a lot to finish tonight.

EvrybdyLiez: Cameron coming with you?

WombatMD: What do you care?

EvrybdyLiez: I was hoping shed be available for the occasional bang now and then

EvrybdyLiez: much harder to get to her if she's in Arizona

EvryBdyLiez: i need time to plan

WombatMD: I hate you.

EvrybdyLiez: u hate that u like me

WombatMD: If anything, I hate that I respected you.

CuddleBuddie signed on at 8:50 PM

WombatMD: Go bother Cuddy, all right?

EvrybdyLiez: when iget the info I want out of u, I will

WombatMD: I've got better things to do...

WombatMD signed off at 8:51 PM

EvrybdyLiez: Cuuuuuuuddddeeeeee

CuddleBuddie: what?

EvrybdyLiez: everyone's being mean to me

CuddleBuddie: I wonder why.

CuddleBuddie: I've gotta go.

EvrybdyLiez: ahhh, Wilson awaits?

CuddleBuddie: See you tomorrow, House.

CuddleBuddie is Away at 8:53 PM

EvrybdyLiez: I'm lonely

Auto Response from CuddleBuddie: I'm away from my computer at the moment. If you have to contact me, you can call me at the hospital at 671-2359, ext. 0153, or call my cell phone at 981-2344.

EvrybdyLiez: oooo, cell phone number...time to bust up a date : )

EvrybdyLiez signed off at 8:53 PM