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Final Moment


The snowflakes wafted through the air, carried on the swiftly chilling breeze, and a stray white formation managed to brush against his cheek, prompting him to open his eyes and peer into the moon-like face of the boy. His body was slowly transcending, he was sure of it, through time...His lips were numb, yet he attempted to part them, to speak just one syllable of his name...But found himself unable to.

What a strange position he was in; on the outskirts of life, and perched before the gate towards death. It was as if a God of some sort was preserving the life within him, by way of the snowflakes that swirled amidst the air peacefully. Zabuza wanted to smile. Haku would have found joy in watching the snow drift, each fragment searching endlessly for its final resting place. Didn't every snowflake land, at some point, on a surface of some sorts?

If so, then say HE was a snowflake...When would he, himself, be able to break through this shell, and float above towards his true resting sanctuary? Haku surely had already found his.

It was lonely, this broken moment that Zabuza found himself in. Haku's lifeless body lay beside him, his eyes closed yet Zabuza still felt as if the boy were somehow able to stare him down. He was alone, he realized.

Slowly, the taste of the blood that was present within his mouth began to fade, as did his sense of his surroundings. He was only conscious of his slowing thoughts, the ones that seemed to be on their way to a sure stop. Zabuza didn't have much time left, and he knew that he should have been thankful for the time that he had received, to contemplate the death that he was experiencing. Maybe somewhere in his heart, he was, but in the surface layer of his mind, he truly wasn't. He wanted to return, to go to Haku's current dwelling. He wanted to be with him, just the two of them, in their own final moment alone.

A snowflake slid down his cheek, and it went unregarded. He was waiting patiently, for the moment to come. It WOULD come, right?...A spell of sleepiness began to take its toll, as did the exhaustion of his previous battle. Not just the one he fought physically, but the one that had raged within his mind. Each time he blinked, though even that he could not pick up on, his vision shifted in what should have been uncomfortably, yet it somehow brought peace. Finally, his eyes closed.



'Zabuza-san, I'm here.'