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:The Possible Tool:

Two men walked through the dark woods. It wasn't a chilly night although the season, autumn, called for it. The trees were bare so the moon was visible between their branches. So were the stars that shown brightly overhead. However, this scene wouldn't last long. Sunrise was due in a couple of hours and the night sky would be replaced by day's.

The men's black cloaks flowed out from behind them as they began to move faster. Since their hoods were off, their faces were visible.

One of the men had fiery red, spiked hair that reached his shoulders and vivid emerald eyes that were simply amazing. He had one upside down purple triangle underneath each eye. He glanced at his 'friend'. "So, why am I coming with you, Demyx?"

The other guy turned and faced him. He had blonde hair and blue eyes. All his hair was slicked back in a Mohawk except for those few, small locks of hair that came down across his forehead. Demyx sighed. "Come on, Axel. How many times do I need to say it? They keep sending the wrong guy for these missions! Now they want me to spy on some chick!"

Axel raised his eyebrows. "What chick?"

He thought about his answer as if trying to get the story together. Then after a moment or two, he began talking. "Okay. Um, there is this girl who happens to be the apprentice to this old guy called Dimitri who just happens to be affiliated with Ansem. According to the Superior, this girl could be . . . useful to us."

Axel smirked. "In what way?"

Demyx shrugged. "I dunno but we're about to find out once we find her."

The girl they were talking about stood in the same woods, watching the Nobody she would fight. Her hair was an extremely dark shade of brown and her eyes were slate. She wore large, gray cargo pants and brown boots that would have taken anyone forever to lace up. She wore a white tank top that exposed her belly a bit and a black choker necklace. The girl, without realizing it, fidgeted with her bracelet as she tried to catch her breath.

Chasing a Nobody was hard work because of the strange way they move. However, she had managed to keep up and had chased the Nobody into a clearing. Or maybe she hadn't been the tactical one. Perhaps it had led her to the clearing to fight because it finally faced her to battle. Either way, she didn't care. She needed to fight it. Her slate eyes focused on the Nobody as it did its unpredictable, bizarre dance.

The girl held out her hand in front and a weapon appeared in her hand. It was a midnight blue staff with a curved blade at each end. The part where her hand clutched onto was covered in gold. She twirled the staff in her hand before setting one of the blades into the ground.

"Do you . . . want to be whole again?" She calmly asked. The Nobody didn't say anything but she felt its aura pulsating and could already tell she had its other half, its heartless, with her. Swiftly, she pulled out the staff and pointed a blade at it. "Then I must attack you." The Nobody charged at her, gliding so close to the ground before popping back up behind her. She turned around just to see it attack and moved out of the way.

This time, she ran toward it and gave it a slash against its torso. Then she delivered a kick with her brown lace-up boot. The Nobody fell down and she jumped up into the air. Just like everything else that goes up must come down, so did she, her blade pointing at the Nobody's torso. Before its body could be pierced, it glided out of the way. The blade got stuck in the ground. She attempted to pull it out but it didn't budge. Meanwhile the Nobody was coming toward her.

Her hand released the gold handle and her foot kicked it. Directly in the middle of the gold handle, the staff broke into two pieces. She grabbed the top part and drove the blade into the Nobody's chest.

The girl back-flipped away from the creature and reached into her cargo pants. Suddenly, she whipped out a small, glass-like, blue cube. Inside of it was a swirling black mist. She held it out, closed her eyes and said, "Release." A heartless spilled out and laid on the ground before her. Then the girl ran over to the Nobody and pulled out her weapon. Without thinking about possible repercussions, she cast it to the side.

"Now," she said, as she outstretched both arms away from her body, her hands open. A small circle spread out from underneath her feet. It grew until it reached its limit. It was probably five feet in diameter with her in the center of it. The girl checked to make sure that both creatures were at least touching the circle. After seeing that they both were, she clasped her hands together and cried out, "Unite!"

There was a bright light as the two entities swirled together and formed a blob. That blob, after ten seconds, finally began to take shape. A head was easy to perceive first because two eyes appeared. Then arms and legs began to appear, first as stubs. Eventually they became longer and grew toes or fingers.

Don't lose concentration now, she thought to herself. This is a one-shot process. I can't mess this up.

After sometime, the circle disappeared and so did the glowing light. Now a human lied on the ground before her, soul, heart, and all. It was a man dressed in a tattered suit. He had a grizzled beard and red eyes probably from stress or fatigue. After a moment, he got up and stood on his own two feet. He looked at his hands before staring at the girl.

"You can go now," she said quietly.

The man slowly nodded and took off in the direction of the city. She closed her eyes and sighed. She felt entirely drained of all her energy and she knew it would come back in two days but that was too long of a wait. She plopped down on the ground, sat against a tree, and closed her eyes. The wind blew. It was then that she wished she had worn a sweatshirt other than her white tank top. Also, she wished she was in her room because there she would be under some protection and could regain her strength. And there, she could slip into sleep more comfortably than she was on the ground.

A tree branch snapped and her dark eyes opened. She saw two guys in black cloaks in front of her and abruptly sat up. "Who—?"

The one with red hair clapped slowly and teasingly. "Good job," he said, his voice thick with sarcasm. "I can see why Xemnas is so interested in you."

"Who are you?" She asked.

The guy laughed. The blond took over for the redhead. "We're part of this group called Organization XIII. I'm Number Nine but you can call me Demyx. This guy is Number Eight, also known as Axel. We came to . . ."

He held up one finger, his mouth partially open before searching his robe for something. "Where did I put it . . . Oh, here we go!" He pulled out a crumpled piece of paper and unfolded it. Then he read it out loud. "Find target and study its abilities . . . I did that. This was an easy mission." Demyx looked back at the girl. "Don't mind Axel. You're just what Xemnas wanted. We'll pick you up in the afternoon."

The one called Axel smirked. He pointed to his head and arched an eyebrow. "Got it memorized? 'Cause I'm going now." A black portal opened up behind him and he stepped through.

Demyx put one leg in and stopped there. He looked back at her. "Bye. Oh wait, what's your name?"

"None of your business."

The blonde grinned. "Oh, feisty." She thought Axel was laughing on the other side of the portal, wherever it led to. But she knew Demyx was laughing for sure. He was, afterall, right in front of her. The guy waved goodbye before he completely went into the portal. Shortly afterward, it closed.

The girl forced herself onto her feet and rested against the tree for support. Who were they?

Daybreak was several hours ago and it wasn't so long ago that she woke up. That was why she had jumped into the water that had been gathered by the waterfall. It was just to wake her up. It had been cold at first but her body had adjusted. She was now washing her long, dark hair. Master Dimitre had said she should cut it because long hair gets in the way during a fight. However, she chose not to pay attention to his advice.

The hours before sunrise was still on her mind. Organization XIII seemed to be something important to worry about. They had said they would come and get her. To go where? She didn't know. If they did come, she would be nearly defenseless against them. Her strength hadn't came back yet. It was amazing she could walk this morning to the waterfall and not collapse.

The girl swam a little to test her limits before looking next to the rock where her things were. Occasionally, she would look up at where she had put her clothes and other belongings. Just to make sure that everything was there and intact. She didn't know when those Organization people would show up and didn't want them searching through her stuff. The girl looked up again and didn't see anyone around. It was then that she chose to stand up out of the water as she made her way over to her clothes. Then she heard someone whistle.

"This is one thing I got to memorize. It's not often I see a sight like this."

She recognized that voice. It belonged to that redhead from last night (or this morning, whichever way you look at it), the one who was part of the Organization. As if to confirm her suspicions, Axel jumped down out of the tree. He smirked at her as his emerald eyes examined the shocked girl. "You know, I wasn't expecting to catch you like this . . . with nothing on."

Immediately, she went back into the water, already feeling her face burn red with embarrassment. She wondered if he had seen everything there was to be seen. It seemed she was out of the water long enough for him to do so.

Her mind went off that topic when she saw him walking over to her clothes. He picked them up before he sat on a rock. Then Axel began to rummage through them as if he was looking for something. He glanced at her, the smirk still on his face. "Don't worry. It's only me. What can I do to you?" There was that sarcasm again. Axel picked up her bra before throwing it carelessly aside. "If you're taking a bath now, then you obviously didn't memorize what we told you."

She didn't say anything but studied his movements. When she saw Axel with the small blue cube in his hands, she started. "Put that down."

Axel looked at her as if he had no interest in what she was saying. "This thing? Is it really that special to you?"

"I said put it down."

Axel laughed, his eyes full of mockery. "You want it? Then come and get it yourself, if you want it so badly." I wonder what she uses it for anyway.

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