:The Letter:

Dear DiZ,

If this letter is shorter than my usual ones, it is because I ran out of time. I believe today is the day that I'll die. I realized too late that the information I have uncovered in the past about the Maidens of Kingdom Hearts leaked into the hands of a new enemy: the Order. They will come here for one. She is my apprentice Alana. She is here with me or at least, half of her.

They captured her and for weeks I have waited for her return. However, she returned to me as a Heartless. I never had remorse for creatures of the kind but because I saw my student, I spare its life.

I know that the Order will come soon to retrieve her. I don't fully understand their actions or how she became like this, but I'm certain they want Kingdom Hearts for their own personal gains. As you know, the heart is not a simple thing that can be understood perfectly to every extent. I fear that this group of Nobodies will tamper with it to the point of catastrophe.

With the research they stole from you, they are more threatening than the Heartless. They are creatures that can plan, think.

If you're interested, old friend, you may use my mansion. There is a lab hidden under the floor of the library. With your caliber, I'm certain you will find the entrance. You can use it as a base for your research on the Nobodies; a lot has been appearing in Twilight Town recently.

I see two cloak figures outside, heading for the door. I must leave.