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It was hard to have faith in a god that let sweet, new mommy's who read bedtime stories and baked cookies and pretty, pre-law students who were going to advocate for children burn alive on ceilings.

It was hard to have faith in a god that seemed to be napping while evil ravaged the innocent. He'd seen too much to have faith in an avenging god that doled out justice.

So when the congregation lifted their hands and bowed their heads at the command of Pray with me friends he did no such thing.

Pray to what? Why? How many prayers criss-crossed the earth unanswered?

He kept his eyes on his brother.

My brother here has enough faith for the both of us.

Dean's words echoed in his mind suddenly. His brother was right-- and he was wrong.

Sam had faith alright, but it wasn't the kind of faith a person placed in a god.

He had faith that no one, not anyone in this tent, in this entire state-- this world even, deserved this more than his brother.

He did have enough faith for the both of them-- faith that no one deserved this more than Dean, maybe no one deserved it even as much.

Something would save his brother-- Dean had done too much, saved too much, sacrificed too much for it to be any other way.

As the Revered put his hands on Dean's face, Sam knew he need not believe in anything more. He didn't need to specify a god or a religion for his faith. He had seen the handiwork of true Evil and he knew that somewhere out there Good had to leave behind fingerprints too.

Dean would live.