A/N: The laws mentioned in the story are still on the books.

The snow was falling outside the car as they drove along the lonely stretch of old highway. The radio was playing as Sam drove and Dean rolled his eyes now and then at the choice of music coming out of the speakers.

"It looks like it's getting worse."

Sam glanced at his brother and then turned his attention back to the road. The windshield wipers were attempting to clear the windshield was wasted. The snow was flying at them. Sam drove straining to see more than six feet ahead. "Yeah, maybe we will find some place to stop until it clears."

"We should have taken the newer highway. My baby is getting dirty. Pull over, and let me drive." Dean looked out the window and saw only snowy woods and fields. No signs for any restaurants or motels.

Sam pulled over and opened his door, as Dean moved around to the other side. Sam got in, and watched as Dean changed the station before driving off. "So far our little vacation isn't going so well."

"Quiet Sammy, before the darkside hears you and sends us trouble."

"Oh Dean, I don't think we will have any problems. Haven't heard of any odd things happening in this area. Should be safe enough."

Dean just shook his head. "Doesn't mean that will continue. Just means there hasn't been any yet. The next town should be just a few miles ahead."

Sam saw a sign that read: You are entering the city limits of Martinville. Population 2,001 1/2. He smiled, soon they could get something to eat. His stomach had been growling for the past two hours. Dean had put all his candy in the trunk after Sam had kept eating it. He wanted those gummy sour ribbons, and the jelly beans of all flavors. Dean didn't know that Sam had a large bag of hershey kisses under Dean's seat and the five pound bag of gummy bears under his jacket in the back seat. If only he could get some without Dean seeing him.

The town came into view and the brothers could see the one and two story buildings that looked like they were built in the 1940s. Dean and Sam looked for a place to stay. Dean drove down the street, memorizing where the stores were, theatre and the bars. While Sam looked for restaurants. Several streets down the main drag they came to a motel off to the right. Dean pulled in. Only two cars sat in the parking lot. Dean got out, as Sam reached under Dean's seat and grabbed a handful of candy. Unwrapping the chocolate and putting the silver wrappers in his hoody pocket. Now he was thirsty.

Dean returned as Sam started to put another piece in his mouth, and instead stuck it in his pocket. Dean got in, backed the car out and moved it to the space in front of the door. Sam got out, opening the back he grabbed his jacket, the candy, and followed Dean to the back. Grabbing his share from the trunk. A few kisses fell out of the bag landing at Dean's feet.

"Sam?" Dean was looking at his brother, and toed the candy. "Keep that up and you are going to be chubby Sammy, and in need of a dentist."

"No I wont." He glanced down at himself, and sucked in his flat stomach. "I am not fat...I can eat anything."

Dean just shut the trunk and walked towards the room, the key danging from his fingers. Sam followed him.


The restaurant was warm and filled with scents that made their mouths water. They had found a table by the window so they could watch the street. Sam picked up the plastic menu and glanced at the list.

The middle-aged dark-haired waitress came over, removed the pencil from the back of her hair and smiled at the two young men. "What can I get you boys?"

Dean gave the older woman a bright smile, seeing her tired expression. She brightened."Well ma'am, I want a cheese burger, fries, apple pie and coffee."

"And you?" She turned to Sam, wanting to push the hair out of the boys eyes.

Sam smiled, and shut the menu. I'll have the chicken breast, rice, and green beans. A slice of your cheesecake, and coffee." She turned to turn in their order.

"That's not going to make up for all that candy you ate little bro."

"Yeah it will, you should try healthy foods instead of all that grease."

"It gives the food it's flavor. Did you see the movie theatre? I was thinking maybe later we could go and see a movie."

Sam studied the world outside the window for a moment before turning around to his brother. "A movie? Why not. I haven't done that in over a year. Popcorn, candy, drinks..."

After eating the boys went back out into the snow. Sam got that look in his eyes and when Dean got a step ahead, he picked up some snow. Moments later Dean felt the snowball hit him in the back of the head. He turned. "Ah, so little brother wants to play does he?"

Sam was scooping up another handful of snow...as he saw a set of legs that didn't belong to his brother next to him. He glanced at Dean and then the man next to him. The sheriff stood there. The 200 pound, solid muscled 30ish red haired man stood there, two inches taller than Sam.

"Boy you are under arrest."

Dean's eyebrow rose, and then he moved closer to the Sheriff. "What is he under arrest for? He didn't do anything."

"I run a peaceful town, and I don't like lawbreakers. It's against the law to throw snowballs at others. He pulled out his cuffs, as Sam stepped back.

"This is unbelievable, there is no such law."

"Yeah there is boy. Trying to tell me that I don't know the laws? In this town we follow them."

"I want my brother out of jail now."

"Well boy, after two hours you can collect him. It's his first offense. Sam walked across the street with the Sheriff, his hands cuffed behind his back. Dean stood there fuming.

"I'll be back to pick you up in two hours Sam." He yelled across the street.

Dean was at a loss as to what to do for the next two hours. He didn't want to go to the motel without Sam.

So Dean decided to go to a bar. He walked down the street and entered the bar. Two women and three men were in there. Dean went over to the pool table, and picked up the cue stick. The pretty brunette walked over to him and smiled. Dean returned the smile as she picked up her own cue stick.

"Want to play?"

"What game shall we play?"

"Well now that depends on you." She said as she moved closer to Dean looking up into his green eyes.


When Sam got out two hours later he looked around for his brother, finding only the car. Two possibilities where Dean was concerned...a girl or a bar. He wanted to go to the motel and rest for awhile. Try to forget getting arrested for something stupid. No one used those old laws...they were out of date. He went looking for his brother.

Dean was outside in the alley with the pretty girl. They were in a doorway, and she was scorching him with her hands, and her mouth. He had let her win, and this was the cost, so worth losing the game he thought with an inner smile. As he forgot about everything else including the snow coming down and the cold air, he was quiet warm.

"Hold it right there you two. Carry, your daddy is going to be mighty disappointed in you." Dean pulled away straightening his clothes, and turned to the voice behind him. The Sheriff stared at him, anger burning in his eyes.


"This is a good town, mostly." He glanced at Carry and gave her a look. "You get out of here, your daddy will deal with you, after I call him." She turned and ran off. Dean turned back to the Sheriff.

"What is the problem?"

"Problem boy, seems to be your middle name. It's against the law to have sex without being married, and tickling a woman. Do you have no respect for women boy?"

Dean frowned, as he shifted his feet. "Maybe you need to lighten up some, Sheriff. Is it because you dont' get any, you don't want anyone else to? This isn't the 1950s."

The Sheriff pulled his gun and aimed it at Dean. "Smart mouth, you got a smart mouth on you. Maybe I should keep you in my jail until we know if little Carry is pregnant, and if she is...get my shotgun and us have a town wedding. " He motioned towards the street, and Dean walked out onto the street, and turned heading for the jail.

Sam had just entered the other bar in town and has missed his brother's embarrassment. Dean walked, thinking he had fallen through the rabbit hole. What could happen next?