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Summary: Kyo's wearing a skirt for the first time in a long while. So, Chiharu's reaction would be…?

Warning, a little bit of OOC and a change to the ending of Girl Got Game.


Chiharu gawked as Kyo approached them with a nervous look on her face. The women's uniform fit something like he thought it would, (well, actually, that was a lie, it was almost impossible to imagine Aizawa in a skirt) it made her seem smaller, and maybe a little more fragile, in a way.

But…that …

His face flushed a brilliant scarlet, but he quickly fought it down as Kyo asked, "How does it look?" He didn't really pay attention to what she had said. That Thing was distracting him…

The yellow, plaid skirt wrapped around her waist, giving him a nice view of her legs, which were long and looked smooth to the touch. Also, it was fluttering with the wind, giving him a nice view of…

He almost punched himself. No! I am not going there!

He'd be damned if he went there. He did not want to become a perverted moron at his age. Besides, if Aizawa ever noticed that he had caught a glimpse of her…uhh…

Never mind. But seriously, she'd kill him. Death by girlfriend. Gah. Please, no.

As the conversation between his friends and Aizawa continued, he couldn't really help but notice that she was extremely nervous about how she looked in her uniform.

She needs to stop worrying about stuff like that.

But it didn't come as such as a surprise, she had been posing as a guy for a long time, and it had caused her to worry about whether or not she looked the part. Her appearance as a guy had been of the utmost importance.

"It's been such a long time since I wore a skirt! I forgot how much room it gives you down there, you know!" Aizawa said sheepishly.

Chiharu nearly face-planted himself into the concrete. He really didn't know a more honest person.

Maybe she's not all that worried, He thought with a small smile. She shouldn't be anyway, that skirt looks really good on her.

Before he could mentally berate himself over what he had just thought, Yura said something to Aizawa about looking 'cute.'

Sirens went off. And he lunged.

And without thinking he yelled, "That's my skirt you're talking about!"


Meh. Not really happy with the ending. Oh well, though. This was thought up on a whim, and would NOT leave me alone! Whew, glad I got it out of my system.

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