He doesn't know when he stopped being a good father – but when he really thinks about it, it must have been a little after his dreams came to a screeching halt even before they began, and especially after his wife died. Both of them tragedies. Both of them destroying a possibility for a future.

Kyo copes the best she can by keeping busy as much as possible. For a little while she is the brightest student in most of her classes, drowning herself in her studies to try and forget the loss of someone that could never be replaced, a love so suddenly torn away and taking a part of her with it. Awhile after that she begins to restore the friends she drew away from, and becomes even more involved in basketball. She wants to be the best, and he knows it, because she wants to make him proud. He's all Kyo has left and she knows just how fragile that bond is. It becomes important to make him happy.

And then he takes advantage of it. One day he realizes he is old. That he is going to die alone, without a wife, and all he is going to leave behind is a dead dream. He is out of control – and he pulls his daughter's life right out from under her feet, spilling every glass and breaking every plate, and forces himself to think that everything he is doing is for Kyo, it is, it is, but he's always been a bad liar.

He goes to America anyway and makes the biggest mistake of his life. It wouldn't be until he stepped off the plane in Los Angeles that he will realize, when he really notices just how huge and open this country is, that he misses his daughter. And he thinks, that maybe, he should turn around and go back to be with her, because now he really is alone.

Someone bumps into him from behind and mumbles a quick apology. It's enough to bring him out of his thoughts, and he tucks them into a little corner of his mind. He will deal with his thoughts later. Much later.

A/N: I have no idea why I wrote this. I mean, it's been a few years, it's really short and I've recently realized just how much anime REALLY matters to me (which is practically nothing), but it seems that Girl Got Game is still tied into that twelve year old version of myself, and it refused to let me ignore this...whatever it is. Also, sorry that I didn't include Kyo's father's name - I didn't want to go dig through all those volumes.

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