Hey all this is my first anime related fic (along with the Fruits Basket story I am working on now) so hopefully I won't mess it up too much!

Miroku's cursed hand is getting steadily worse, and a new and terrible power is stirring after being sealed for more than one thousand years. Stumbling into a hidden land filled with deadly secrets and strong enemies Inuyasha and the gang must navigate a whole new set of dangers as they try to save their friend and stop a great evil from being loosed onto the world.

Expect all the usual characters we have grown to love and hate as well as lots of action and a bit of romance. Enjoy!


Darkness; heavy, suffocating darkness shrouded the underground passages and corridors of the tomb complex. Rambling endlessly for miles the tunnels had been constructed centuries ago to confuse the senses and prevent intrusion. For a thousand years they had succeeded in repelling any living thing from entering but over the continuous erosion of the years the barriers had weakened and now, for the first time since they were sealed, the black tunnels echoed with the crunch of footsteps.

Moving quickly through the unnaturally smooth stone passages a small group of cloaked figures wove their way deeper and deeper into the earth. Lighted by a small white orb suspended over the palm of the lead figure the group plowed through the dimness, their shadows jumping madly over the glossy walls. Puffs of white mist burst from the mouths and nostrils as the temperature dipped well below freezing.

Clutching their cloaks closer to ward off the arctic chill the group passed several side passages without a second glance; they knew exactly where their destination lay despite the maze around them. A prickly layer of frost crept across the floor and ceiling the further into the tomb they went and the intruders were forced to slow their pace to a careful trot as their feet began to slide out from under them. After a time the frost was replaced with amazingly clear ice and then a light dusting of glittering snow. The leader silently raised his hand up over his head and the small orb cradled an inch above his palm throbbed a brighter white, reflecting in a thousand tiny rainbows across the rippling ice covered walls. He slowed his pace further and then came to a complete stop when in the distance the steady glow from his hand caught upon something that glittered gold.

Sucking in a reverent breath the lead figure carefully stepped forward, his finely beaded sandals leaving dark footprints in the thin layer of undisturbed snow. As he drew closer to the golden object its shape became more clearly that of a large ornate door. Showing no signs of either handle or lock the structure was held fast by something far more powerful. Carved into the metal from floor to ceiling and wall to wall were hundreds of tiny, archaic characters that were arranged into neat lines and spelled out long forgotten binding spells.

Reaching up with his free hand the lead figure ran a pale finger over some of the carvings, his eyes under his hood catching the light and glittering with awe. "Beware," he murmured, reading a larger string of symbols set directly in the middle of the door. "For a terrible poison slumbers within which only awaits its freedom to consume the world. Enter only if you possess great strength than we, strength enough to destroy that which cannot die."

Turning to his companions the leader's quickly widening smile could just be seen amongst the shadows clinging to his face. "We are in the right place…" Jerking a delicate chain roughly from his neck he held the necklace up to the door as if in offering. A pale opaque, blue stone swayed unremarkably upon the chain for several moments before it visibly shuddered and burst into a blinding point of light. "That which cannot die… perfect…"

Pressing the blazing stone against the golden door the man visibly struggled to keep a firm grip upon the necklace. The metal of the door groaned against the power beating against it and then slowly the lettering upon its surface lit with sparks of bronze fire and melted from view. As one seal after another gave way the cleft between the doors buckled inward until finally being wrenched completely open. A mighty shudder rocketed through the earth around them, dislodging chucks of ice and snow from the ceiling to rain down upon the group in a glittering shower. Knocked off their feet by the force, the figures didn't notice the visible shockwave racing along the tunnel behind them as it lit a sinister trail through the darkness.

After several breathless seconds the blue stone faded to a simmering ember and a fine webbed lacework of cracks could be seen over its surface. Shaking slightly from both fear and excitement the group regained their feet and peered into the oppressive silence beyond the doorway.

Looking down at the now flawed stone in his hand the leader slowly closed his fist around it, cutting off the faint light with his long pale fingers. "We must return and gather more power before we can dare to continue," he murmured impatiently.

Tucking the broken stone into his pocket his smile grew incrementally to a fanatical leer and the leader took a step into the deathly still chamber beyond. "But soon it will be time to begin the awakening ceremony."


Undiluted by distance or the thick stone of the tunnels the ring of raw, uncontrolled power released from the broken barriers spread through the tomb complex until it reached the surface and broke free into the cool predawn air beyond. Shaking the ground with a deep roar and rattling the leaves off nearby trees the shockwave coursed outward from its epicenter with terrifying speed. Tearing across the sleeping landscape it traveled for miles before loosing some of its force. Petering out until it was felt as little more than a tremor it reached an impossible distance before running into the sea and disappearing.

A plain, unremarkable well that was located in the middle of a wood some distance from human occupation momentarily trembled and leaked long curls of black smoke from its dark interior before settling down into stillness.


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