I told myself I'd never write one of these things . . . so I'm going to.

Obviously, it's been ages since I updated Door Number Two. The reason for this is, as I hinted at the end of chapter forty-six, because I have virtually none of chapter forty-seven written. I am stuck on this. I know where I want it to go, but for eight months could not figure out how to get it there. Therefore, I have shelved Door Number Two at least for now – which I hate to do, because it's gotten so much love – and begun to rewrite it.

For anyone who isn't aware, at the time of this notice's creation I have already posted the first three chapters of Vis-à-Vis, which is the new title for the rewritten Door Number Two. Go look at it because it's levels better, and please don't let the idea of a "rewrite" frighten you – Vis-à-Vis is going to contain eighty percent or more of what Door Number Two currently does, and that eighty percent will have been injected with illegal substances to improve its performance . . . or would have, had it been a human. There will be "new" characters – parallel!Shikamaru, parallel!Lee, and others, including cameos by the parents of parallel!Kakashi and parallel!Iruka – and more information on the clerics. Parallel!Naruto and canonverse will also get some more attention. If I'm feeling particularly inspired, there may even be the inclusion of battles which I skipped over in Door Number Two.

So for the time being I will be focusing all of my energy on Vis-à-Vis. Updates will be much slower in coming than they were with Door Number Two, but I am confident in saying that they will be worth the wait. Do not wait for Door Number Two to be updated – I would like to think I'll be finishing it, but I can't guarantee that it will ever be checked up on again.

Please, do not respond to this through a review. If, for some reason, you have a question or comment – though I don't know why you would – either PM or e-mail me. DO NOT REVIEW THIS NOTICE because I will not be reading it. Thank you for all your support with Door Number Two and I hope you'll stop by Vis-à-Vis, enjoy it more than you did its predecessor, and then leave a review there telling me so.

–RN (LS)