Mein Kampf
I had a dream
That my children will live in a perfect society
Where the people shall be beautiful
With golden hair
Deep blue eyes
They shall be tall
And will be wise

I had a dream
That my children will be taught well
They will have healthy minds in healthy bodies
"Mens sana in corpore sano"
But the health must be considered the most important
As the mind
Can be trained later

I had a dream
That my children shall be part of a strong workforce
And will not need to stop working
Until they die
My children shall live longer that i will
Because more healthy minds
Shall produce medicine
To keep bodies healthy
And from aging

I had a dream
That there will be no racial discrimination
Because there shall be only the master race
There shall be no confusion
Because the only language spoken
Shall be German
Everyone shall be happy
In body and in soul
So that national pride
Shall be in each man's heart

I had a dream