Desert Rose II: Child of the Desert

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Prologue: Messed-up Reunion

Three figures dashed their way through the sandy terrain as the scorching sun made their vision hazy. "Ne, ne Sakura-chan, how long has it been since you two saw each other?" the heat of the desert was no match for the energy of the nosiest ninja of the hidden leaf. His pink haired companion could only smile as she replied "Nine months… six months I spent training with Kamui-niichan and three months I spent of our last mission," how could she forget the time she was obliged to spend away from her beloved sand master.

"Nine months… that's a long time," the blond tilted his head in thought. "So I guess that's why we have to hide our chakra so he wouldn't notice our arrival," their raven haired teammate concluded as their journey progressed. "A-Ah, I hope you guys don't mind," the kunoichi smiled at her two teammates as they returned her gesture.

"Don't worry about it Sakura-chan. I would also like to see the surprise on his poker face," Naruto tried to suppress a naughty snicker. "Thank you guys," she muttered.

The Kazekage was reluctant at first to allow her train with her silver haired relative but due to Sakura's persistence he finally agreed. Their relationship was no secret in fact they preferred it that way. The sand master's fan girls would stay away from him because they wouldn't risk having a very agitated girl friend punching holes in their faces. The pink haired kunoichi's admirers know well to keep their distance as well as their eyes off Sakura; they wouldn't risk being buried under meters of sand.

A charming smile unconsciously split across her face as she remembered their times together. How she misses him everyday when she wakes up and even more when she goes to sleep. But now those times are over as she saw a silhouette of the massive gates of the hidden sand.

"S-Sakura-san!" two voices greeted team seven's upon their arrival. The three turned to look at the blond woman and her tattooed brother. "Temari! Kankuro!" the three called in unison. "You should've told us you were coming," the two sand shinobi ran to the kunoichi. "Oi we're here too you know," Naruto poked the puppet master's back. "Oh yeah, yeah, Naruto, Sasuke welcome," Kankuro said hastily then turned his attention again to Sakura. A vein pulsated on the forehead of the two neglected leaf shinobi.

"I wanted to surprise him," she forced a laugh as she hid her blush. "Too bad Sakura, he's in a meeting with the diplomats of the hidden rock. It might take a while." Kankuro said in disappointment. "Why don't you guys head to our house first," the wind master offered. There was a loud growling sound… everyone turned to the whiskered shinobi. "Hehe, I'm hungry," he scratched the back of his head as he forced a nervous laugh. The others shook their head in reaction. Truly, Naruto never changed.

The sand siblings entertained them with stories about how cranked up their baby brother has become ever since his pink haired kunoichi left. Their stories were really interesting that it made Naruto laugh his heart out and made Sasuke more then smirk but then Sakura can't really concentrate on their discussions because something was bothering her for a while now.

Holding her tea cup, she gazed at the window with a full view of the vast desert. It was feint but she was having this feeling, a call from somewhere impelling her to come. Glancing at the wall clock, it would be five ours before the meeting was over. It wouldn't hurt to take a look. She said to herself as she replaced her tea cup on the table. "I'll just take a walk outside," she said to the others then she left.

With her trained speed, the kunoichi tried to search for something in the barren wasteland. As she ran north, the feeling grew stronger and stronger so she sped up her pace until she saw five figures looming over what appears to be a bundle of cloth. Her emerald eyes widen in shock as she saw a tiny hand appear out of the clothing. When one of the men unsheathed his sword, she knew what was up and she needed to do something quick.

"Anta-tachi, what are you doing?" her eyes reflected her strength as one of her hands was confidently on her hips. The five figures spun around to face her. Mentally, she stepped back seeing the murderous look on their faces. These guys are not push overs. Thankfully, she managed to keep her cool on the outside as she stated impatiently "I asked you a question," she retrieved her black gloves from one of her secret pocket on her back. She knew their answer would be nothing less than violent.

From the looks of it, she could tell that these men were smiling though they wore metal masks and what irritated her more was their mocking laughs as they saw her. They were clearly underestimating the pink haired kunoichi.

In an instant, two of them sprinted towards her with intent to kill in their red blood eyes. Grabbing her kunai, she engaged in combat with the two as the three watched calmly.

Never underestimate Haruno, Sakura!!! Her inner persona shouted as she gripped one of her opponent's wrists and planted a strong punch in his midsection sending him plummeting to the desert floor. With her trained agility, she evaded a critical attack from the other man. As he was about to unsheathe his katana, Sakura kicked the blade back to its sheath and kicked his chest with her other foot.

Sand rained on the battlefield as the two brutes fell almost beside her. "Don't let the hair fool you gentlemen. I am a kunoichi first and foremost," she twirled her kunais on her both her forefingers as she stated her challenge.

She grew more nervous as she saw their cold expression. Something tells me these three are different. Though the two men who attacked her were much bigger in body size, her instincts were cautioning her that a slight mistake could mean death. Being an expert chakra reader, she knew they were holding back their true power and if that is true then she's in trouble.

Sweat broke through her skin as she saw two of them advance. Forming her battle stance, I think I can still handle them but if I can't… I have to ruin my surprise.

Their quick blows were heavy. Heavy was a complete understatement considering the fact that Sakura inherited the lady hokage's monstrous strength. Sakura bit her lip as hold off their attacks with her kunai but it wasn't surprising when her blades broke from just the impact of her opponent's blades.

I guess I have no choice then. She tore the phoenix pendant from her neck and summoned "Wake up Whisperwind!" the sword materialized for a split second before it became invisible.

Whisperwind! The last man that was watching stepped back a little as he saw how summoned blade. "Keigo! Saeki! We're taking her down!" a strong male voice commanded her two opponents. In a blink of an eye, the three were right in front of her. Their aura now freely flowing out of their body as they stood there glaring at her with their blood shot eyes.

Their attacks came all at once that she barely managed to defend herself with a few major injuries. Blood trickled down her forehead as she held her injured arm. Though she had already performed emergency healing on her wounds, the bleeding just won't stop.

As the three dashed towards her, she accumulated all her chakra into her fist and hit the ground she was standing on creating a huge crater in the process as well as sending her enemies back. That should get their attention. She said to herself as she landed a few meters away from the baby.

The meeting was finally over. It took all of his self control to prevent himself from hurting those idiotic diplomats. Finally, he was nearly home. But when he was about to turn the door knob, he heard an unmistakable laughter. The Kazekage almost tore the door open to see Naruto and Sasuke seating on their couch. Looking around, his pink haired kunoichi was nowhere in sight. "What are you doing here?" he asked in irritation and hidden disappointment.

When the blond was about to open his big mouth to reply, all of them stood there frozen for a moment before they all dashed out of the village and into the desert. "There's no mistaking it. That chakra belongs to Sakura," the Uchiha protégé said as they exited the village.

It was not like Sakura to call for back up. She would only do this if this was her last resort. His pink haired kunoichi was the strongest medic nin there is, whoever she was up against must be someone… his thoughts was broken by the rage that threatens to consume him whole. Whoever dares to lay a finger on her will die!!! Sand whirled around the Kazekage reflecting his wrath as his jade eyes narrowed in impatience.

Her groan resounded throughout the place as a katana was buried deep into her leg. The burning sensation crept from her leg to her entire body. The katana has poison! She broke her opponent's blade and plunged her first into his face.

Barely managing to land with both her legs, her breaths were becoming labored as her vision spun. The drug was taking its toll on her system, she had to remove it quick. A smirk formed on her lips as she felt distinct chakra approaching them.

"Finish the job already!" she heard one said as they also felt a wave of raging chakra towards them. Her two previous opponents that were knocked unconscious a while ago stood abruptly then withdrew their swords.

With a speed their eyes didn't catch, Sakura sprinted in front of the baby and with a slash of her invisible blade, their swords was sliced in two. As the two men retreated, the kunoichi planted her sword in front of her, made quick hand seals and was about to start healing herself.

"Aren't we too confident? Performing your foolish healing jutsu right in front of us," one of her three strong opponents said with a mocking tone. With lighting speed, he appeared behind her ready to slash her head off.

The pink haired kunoichi knelt there not even moving despite the fact that her death was inches away from her. Her smirk grew as they all heard the falling of sand. Instantly, her attacker was blown away by a strong tendril of sand as a small sandstorm formed in front of the kunoichi.

As the sand receded, there stood the sand master with his arms crossed in front of his chest as his eyes reflected his intent to kill them… slowly and painfully. Seeing the other ninjas arrive, the five men decided to retreat.

His sand grabbed the two brutes and with the closing of the sand master's fist, had the life squeezed out of them but as the sand dissolved. Gaara found that it held nothing. Bunshin eh… he clenched his fist tighter.

He immediately turned around to see his injured kunoichi trying to get up despite the blade that was still on her leg. Her knees buckled and gave way. She fell into a pair of strong arms as her sight grew dim.

Carefully, he carried her bridal style. Looking around the battlefield, his jaw line hardened upon seeing all the blood that tainted the sand. There was no doubt that those crimson liquid belongs to the kunoichi he was carrying now. His wrath escalated knowing that those men escaped without tasting even a bit of his fury.

"Sakura-chan! What happened?!" the blond ran to the sand master's side and looked at his injured teammate. "I'll be going ahead," was the only reply of the Kazekage then sand rose from the ground and enveloped the two.

"Looks like she had one hell of a fight," Sasuke said as he looked around the battered battlefield. "What's that?" the blond kunoichi pointed at the bundle of clothing. As they all approach the foreign object, they immediately stepped back as they heard a cry. "Are… it's a baby," Naruto looked at it with an unmistakable Naruto smile.

Upon the Kazekage's insistence, Sakura was brought to his house after her treatment. So now she's there on his king size bed with bandages and all. Inspecting her condition, he clenched his fist and gritted his teeth in anger at his helplessness. Calming his nerves, he sat on the nearby stool closed his eyes and tried to heal some of her wounds using the technique Sakura had taught him back then.

His eyes shot open as he felt her soft palm on his cheek. "Sorry to make you worry," she muttered as her gentle forest green eyes reflected her love. "I'm glad you're alright," he covered her hand with his as he leaned over and brushed his lips against hers.

It was too long… way too long since they shared their last kiss but considering her state it wall they could do now. The language of their lips spoke those untold words they wanted to say. After a long while, Sakura with Gaara's assistance sat up while leaning on the head board of the bed. The sand master sat beside her and wound his arms around her protectively.

"What happened?" he growled. Being clueless wasn't exactly the feeling he wanted to have. "I don't know, myself. All I knew I that when I was waiting for you, I felt someone calling me from the desert and when I got there I saw five men around what seems to be a baby. Well… everything got violent from there on…" she answered honestly. "But those men… they're really strong. And the injuries they gave me are not easily healed by common jutsu," she stared at his jade eyes.

"So… you wanted to surprise me…" his eyes glinted with mischief. "Ah… but I guess that's pretty messed-up now," she smiled at him while he smirked. "It's not too late…" Gaara was about to lean it for another kiss when someone knocked at his door.

Not waiting for an invitation to enter, the whiskered blond stepped into the sand master's room while holding a bundle of cloth. "You know what… you two could've just told us the truth," his statement made Sakura and Gaara look at him questionably.

"Don't play innocent with me… especially when I'm holding my solid evidence," he grinned naughtily. "Naruto… what are you…" Gaara's statement was cut short when the blond showed them what he was holding.

It's a baby… with flaming red hair and a few pink highlights. His eyes were strong pair of jade just like Gaara's and his skin was porcelain just like Sakura's. The two looked at each other blushed madly then turned away.

"Are, judging by your expressions. Naruto's hunch seems to be precise," Gaara's sister entered the room together with Kankuro and Sasuke. The shade on their faces grew into a deeper shade of red but Sakura was the only one to verbally react "N-No… it's not like that… h-he's not ours…" her stammering was interrupted by a breaking sound that came from the baby.

Looking at the baby, it seems that he has broken his rattle… with his bare hands and if that wasn't proof enough… sand tendrils rose from the floor as the baby playfully waved his tiny hands. "And still you will deny it?" Naruto, Kankuro and Temari said simultaneously as the couple blinked in confusion.

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