Summary: Erik thought life had no meaning after Christine left, but Demetrius changed all that. Now a vampire Erik takes a look at life a whole new way. But what happens when the little beautiful girl he met before turning in an immortal shows up all grown up? A new love blossoms, but this is not the vampire way. If one bretrayes the Vampire must pay the price.

Chapter 1: A Life Not Worth Living

I drained the bottle in front of me and called the waitress to bring me another bottle of brandy. She came and set in front of me as well as setting a small glass down, I smacked the glass away from me causing the girl to flinch.

"I told you the first time I don't need it!" I growled at her. Her eyes were wide and she nodded, she lingered in her spot for a few seconds before leaving. Every time she would serve me she would stay longer then she needed to, she would stay the extra three seconds to try and see the rest of my face.

I placed the bottle on my lips and began to drink. The taste lingered on my tongue and finally it went down. It burned my throat and I shut my eyes to ignore the taste.

"Christine," I murmured. I gave her all, the gift of song, fame, my love! All I expected from her was to love me back; one small thing and she couldn't do it. Yes she kissed me, but it was all out of pity and to save her love.

"Why," I asked myself over and over hoping the answer would be at the bottom of the bottle. But no, no answer I thought as I pushed aside the new empty bottle. Why am I cursed with this face? Why was I even born? Why could I not be a handsome man, a handsome, talented man who has a beautiful caring wife who will always love me forever?

Too many questions and they all keep stabbing my mind like knives. Another drink is what I need right now. And a young, innocent girl is what I'll have later.

I ordered my drink and the same waitress came, she was not unattractive, just utterly annoying when she stares at me. I took the drink and drained it all the time with her watching me. When the base of the bottle hit the table I stood and she immediately took a step back. I looked at her up and down my face still in the shadows; she frowns with such confusion I chuckle.

I toss her three francs and she takes them with glee and runs off. I stand, placed my scarf around my face, the fedora over my head and left the bar.

I head toward a small building only ten blocks from where I was. The whore house is what everyone calls it.

I made my way in my scarf tight around my face. Young girls with excellent skill in the bedroom stare at me in sudden arousal. But an experienced woman is not what I need now. What I need is someone innocent, I need someone like Christine.

I headed toward a small desk where behind it a big busted woman sat. Her flowing red hair was messy around her. Her clothes were purposely torn to show off the delicate skin of her shoulders and thighs.

"What you need love?" She asks. Her accent was strong as she stared at me with a slight frown.

I explained to her what I needed. An innocent girl who will do as I command, just like Christine. Someone with flowing brown locks that go wild around, like Christine. Someone with big chocolate eyes that pull you in, just like my Christine.

The woman stares at me a while longer before she suddenly grins.

"I have exactly what you want," and with a snap of her fingers four young looking girls come rushing out from behind a red velvet curtain and quickly line up before me.

My eyes hurry to the first young woman in line. Her hair, curly locks all around, but it held a hint of red. She is not for me. The second possessed Christine's hair except her eyes were green. The third I would have picked, if only she were not experienced. Finally the fourth, hair, brown long locks, her eyes, big chocolate eyes, her skin, a milky white.

I turn to the mistress of the whore house.

"Is she innocent?" I ask silently.

"Indeed Monsieur," she responds.

I turn back to the young whore, I lightly touch her face, and she gently flinches. Oh yes, innocent. I grin as I take hold of her wrist and pull her forward.

"She will do," I say immediately. The woman nodded and led me and the small girl behind me to a room. The thoughts within my head, some were anxious to what great desires I shall receive. Some were shouting at me to turn back now and don't risk getting caught. But my anxious thoughts got the better half.

We reached our destination, a small room yet I did not mind. A bed big enough for two, wine glasses, a full bottle of red wine right next to them. Candles were lit all around lighting the whole room giving it an exotic atmosphere, I nodded to the mistress and she left with no worry. It was then I walk to each candle and blew out the fire around us leaving only one for me too see my new surroundings. I take off my hat then turned to the girl and studied her, her body is small and I suddenly began to wonder.

"How old are you?" I ask her. She blinks and takes a breath.

"Sixteen monsieur," she replies silently looking away. I grin at her nervousness and grasp her chin with slight firmness. I lift her face and gently tilt it to one side, it is then I lower my head to her neck and lay light kisses around her throat.

She lets out a small whimper as I suck on the sweet skin. Oh how good it was to taste such sweet flesh, but it would be nothing compared to Christine's I know for a fact her flesh would taste just like heaven. But this young whore would just have to do.

My eyes were closed shut as I imagined Christine's neck I was kissing; it worked if the girl had not spoken.

"You wish to do this standing?"

Naïve child I thought undoubtedly. I lightly growled as I pulled her toward a chair, I sat on it and pulled her on top. She sat on my lap, her chest heaving up and down as I begin to gently rub her thighs. My hands made their way to her face and I pulled her toward my lips. I closed my eyes as her tongue tangled with mine. This child kissed nothing like Christine, but I had to ignore it. I placed Christine right back in my mind.

"Christine," I murmured lustfully. The girl stilled on top of me.

"That is not my name,"

"It is for tonight!" I shouted. The girl flinched at my sudden impatient attitude, I tore the corset off and palmed her small breast and she gasped at the rough touch.

I pull her forward again and rubbed myself against her hint of wetness.

"Oh Christine," I murmured. The girl stilled again. I sighed and grabbed her chin forcing her mouth on mine. The girl squeaked and her small hands went to my chest. She had not meant to do this small action I knew that much. It was her job to act as if she was enjoying this; I guess you can call it pleasure. I feel her relax on top of me and I couldn't help but feel a hint of triumph within me.

My hands traveled all over her, in places I have only dreamt of touching. They traveled and traveled till they landed on her thighs, they caressed in a way I have never caressed. But as my caresses lingered around the soft fabric that covered her thighs her hands did actions of their own, actions she and I will regret. Her hands traveled to my face, slowly caressing my chin and in one swift movement, her hand slipped under my scarf and tore it away. I froze, I couldn't move. What was happening? I felt her move away and I felt her round eyes settle on my face. Her gasp sounded like a choke and she quickly jumped off landing on the floor. Her screams reached my ears and I stood in sudden anger. How dare her!

The girl screamed and begged for help, all I did was growl and reach for her. She tried her best to get away but I grabbed her, firmly wrapping my long fingers around her thin arms. She cried out in pain and begged me not to harm her.

"You stupid child! Why? Why?!" I demanded shaking her. The girl was mortified and I suddenly found myself pulling my hand back as if to slap her. If the door had not opened I probably would have harmed her. A rather large man and the woman in charge studied the sight before them, and once their eyes settled on my face the woman screamed and took several steps back. The large man stood there in shock.

The crying girl ran out of the room out of site, my eyes followed her form until she disappeared. But now my eyes were settled on the large form in front of me. He made his way to me and grabbed my shoulders. I quickly pushed him away only to receive a right hook. I was confused to why I wasn't fighting back.

Is it not obvious?

It was the several bottles I had before, I can't be intoxicated! How could I be? Time flew by fast as I found myself being thrown out by the large man, he kicked hard on my back making me hiss and I flew out onto the cold snow. He threw my hat and scarf in front of me and it confused me how I wasn't rushing to it to hide the deformation that was out for the world to see.

"Stay out!" He shouted in French and slammed the door.

I didn't move. I laid there in the snow, my overcoat covered with the pieces of ice. My hair was out of place, my hat and scarf was out of arms length. What was there to do? Sit here and take in the screams.

I crawled to the brick wall and leaned against it, breathing in and out listening to the fast beating of my heart. The alcohol ran through taking on many effects causing me to become dizzy. I placed my hand on my head, I felt heat and I sighed. Maybe I'll die here, I thought to myself as I let out a breath. I reached for my hat and scarf and as soon as I had them I quickly placed them on.

"A life not worth living," I thought aloud.

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