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Chapter 6: What Am I?

The more I thought about me being immortal the more I feel like a complete idiot!

Demetrius and I make our way into town, making our way to proof that I am whatever Demetrius says I am. If his words turn out to be false and I am still a monster then it shall be no surprise to me, yet if his words turn out to be true… then I honestly don't know what I will do.

In a matter of minutes the whore house was in plain view. Men walked in and out of the house of pleasures, their faces either eager or satisfied. Their grins either anxious or relaxed.

I suddenly came to a stop; did I truly want to do this? It was only hours ago when I was thrown out of that place into the cold snow. It was only hours ago when I almost hurt an innocent girl. These thoughts made me take a step back.

Yet if I am indeed a handsome man now, perhaps the girl will not be afraid of me. Perhaps she will kiss me willingly; perhaps she will not shun me when I touch her, when I go near her, when I even look at her. These thoughts…made me take my last remaining steps into the whore house.

Taking a breath something came over me, it was something I never felt before, I felt frowning eyes on me. I then turn and I draw my brow together as I realize those frowning eyes belonged to Demetrius.

"What can I do for you love?" asked a familiar strong accented voice. I turned and saw the head of the house. It was the woman with the flowing red hair, the woman with her clothes purposely torn to show off her delicate skin. The woman suddenly frowns as she squints her eyes. "You seem awfully familiar." She says with warning. I take a breath as I stand straight; I lift my head a bit more letting the light hit my new fresh face. The woman's frown slowly disappears as she slightly grins. "But I have been mistaken before," she says, her voice low, soft and seductive.

"Forgive me for the confusion madam," I say slowly and cautiously.

"Is there anything specific you are looking for?" She then asks her fingers gently touching her neck. I swallow and I take a step forward.

"I am actually," I say. I then begin to describe someone familiar. Someone with brown curly locks and big chocolate eyes. Someone with smooth milky skin. Someone innocent. As I described the girl the woman slightly frowned.

"I have something like Monsieur, you are quite lucky in fact. Her innocence would be long gone yet thankfully she was saved."

She did not need to describe to me what happened. I knew exactly… what happened.

"I guess I should be lucky," I say slowly. She laughs then stands. She tells me to wait a moment and I nod to her. As she was gone the same feeling earlier took me, the feeling of confusion, the feeling of wanting questions answered. The feeling was strong and I turned to Demetrius. The feeling was now stronger then ever! Was he confused about something? I then feel the woman's presence behind me and I turn to her.

"I am sorry Monsieur but a man has already bought her. They just left into a room this very instant." She says slowly. I sigh with dread. Suddenly Demetrius' hand lands on my shoulder. I turn to him and watch as he approaches the desk.

"Good evening Madam," he says calm and smooth. The woman smiles and holds out her hand.

"Good evening Monsieur, could I be of service?" she asks. Demetrius takes her hands and brings it to his lips. The woman bites her bottom lip and takes a shaky breath.

"As a matter of fact you can," he says slowly before leaning in toward her ear. The woman anxiously leaned in toward him. I frowned as I wondered what words were being spoken, when suddenly a voice filled my ears, as if they were spoken right next to me. The voice was of course Demetrius.

"Is it possible the young lady my friend requests is brought forth? He wishes for no other." He says with a grin. The woman slowly glances at him.

"I am sorry Monsieur but I can't…"

She stops mid sentence as Demetrius places a finger upon her red lips.

"There is no need for such a negative word Madam, now will you please… send for the girl."

Demetrius pulls back and the woman stares at him with a blank expression. Suddenly she stands and turns to a tall man. She orders him to retrieve the girl and quick.

I let out a breath as I clear my throat. Demetrius glances at me with that same grin and returns back to his place behind me. Again that feeling came over me; the confusing vibe must be coming from Demetrius. I turn to him and indeed his expression was a look of confusion.

"What exactly bothers you?" I ask him straight forward. Demetrius slightly grins.

"Just the fact that you choose the opinion of a stranger to tell you who you really are and not someone very, very close to you."

His words were clear to me, why was I not going after Christine? Why was I not going to her doorstep to see if I am whatever Demetrius says I am? I stared into Demetrius' eyes.

"Christine wishes to start new. I will not stop her from reaching her happiness, especially after she has earned it." I tell him quickly. Demetrius opens his mouth as if to disagree, yet he grins and shakes his head.

"Monsieur?" the madam asks gaining my attention. I turn and watch as the woman walks toward me with the young girl by her side. The girl who looks like my Christine stares at me with a frown yet quickly looks away. I slightly grin, she still hasn't been taken.

"Is this what you are looking for Monsieur?" She asks slightly pushing the girl toward me.

At this very moment I stood before the girl wondering why I was not behaving like the monster I was before. With the anger she caused me to have I should be forcing her into that room and keeping her there till daylight. Yet here I am, calm and pitying the young girl. I did not even know her name.

The girl dare not look into my eyes; she slightly shivered at my presence. This was something I did not want. I placed my hand on her chin and lifted her face to mine. Her eyes glanced around until I demanded she look into mine. When her eyes settled on mine she stopped shivering. Perhaps it was because of my face? Or maybe my calm voice? Or perhaps my gentle hand that hold her small chin? Whatever it was, she stood still before me. Without fear in her eyes but something else. She now looked eager.

"Yes, she is exactly who I am looking for." I tell the woman. The woman nods and leads the way to a bedroom while Demetrius silently follows behind me.

In silence I walked with the girl to the room, I no longer looked at her yet she continued to look at me. I felt her eyes, her chocolate eyes. I felt them travel all over me, over my chest, my shoulders, my new features. Everywhere.

We reached the room and I watched as the woman opened the door for us. I then hear Demetrius' voice.

"Leave them there until he comes out," he says to the woman. The woman slightly staggers.

"Sorry Monsieur, but that may be longer then our usual…" again she stopped mid sentence.

"Now, now Madam. There is no reason to be harsh. Let him have his fun." He says running his finger down her cheek. "And while they are busy, I would like to have a chat with you."

"Just a chat Monsieur?" The woman asks. Her cheeks were flaring red; her mouth was hanging open as she stares at his lips. Demetrius steps to her and places his hand upon her hip.

"Will you show me to your office Madam?" He asks her. The woman doesn't speak, she only nods and she quickly leads Demetrius away. Before he wandered to far off he glances back at me and grins. He then disappears into the dark halls.

I turn to the young girl before me and noticed she was still staring at me.

"Shall we Monsieur?" She asks gently taking my hand. I glance down at her small fingers and how they entwined with mine. I then focus on her eyes.

"We shall," I say silently. She nods and leads me into the dark room. It was filled with candles, the girl then began to blow all of them out. I shook my head and stopped her.

"Its best to leave them lit," I say to her. The girl nods and looks away.

"Forgive me, earlier I was with a man and he preferred all the candles to be blown out." She says to me. I watch as she sits at the foot of the bed. I take a breath.

This is it, I will now see if it is all true. I shook myself of my old self. I will not need the deformed monster tonight. Tonight is a handsome man who will get what he has always yearned for. I take slow and steady steps toward the girl and note how she watches me from the corner of her eye.

"I thought the Madam said you were innocent," I ask her calmly. The girl stiffened as if frightened. She then lifts her eyes to mine.

"Oh no Monsieur please believe me! I am indeed innocent! The man never got the chance," she says quickly.

"Why not? Was he not interested?" I ask her. She slightly shook her head and bowed her head once more.

"To me it seems he was very interested. Yet he called me by a different name Monsieur."

"And what is your name?" I ask now fully in front of her. She remains silent and I grasp her chin just like before, and just like before I lift her head till her gaze meets mine. "Tell me," I say.

"Evangeline," she says silently. I grin and nod to her.

"Tell me something Evangeline," I say sitting on the bed next to her. She glances in my direction.

"Yes Monsieur?" She asks.

"If the man was very interested in you, why did he not take you?" I ask her. The girl turns away and becomes deep in thought. "Did he hurt you?"

"No Monsieur, it was something I did."

"Something you did?"

"Yes Monsieur, I revealed something he did not want revealed. He became angry and knocked me to the ground." She says cautiously.

"Why would he do that? What was it you revealed?" I ask her slowly placing my hands on her small waist. Evangeline remains silent only for an instant.

"I dare not say Monsieur, it is not my place." She whispers. I pull her toward my chest and she rests her head on my shoulder. I place my lips to her ear.

"Make it your place," I tell her with a whisper. She takes in a breath as she closes her eyes.

"His face Monsieur," she says gently. "He was deformed, I screamed at him. But I did not mean to Monsieur. I was so curious about him." She says trying to stay focused as my fingers danced on her small silky neck.

"He forgives you Evangeline," I tell her. She slightly moans as my hands trail down to her thighs. They went back up to the back of her corset and I began to untie the knots. "Where you scared of him Evangeline?" I ask her.

"I was Monsieur; I thought he might kill me. The look in his eyes was monstrous." She says. I freeze yet only for an instant. A monster. "Do you really think he forgives me Monsieur?" She asks me with such innocence! The corset was loose and I gently take it off of her delicate frame.

"Yes, he does. Trust me." I whisper as I place a kiss upon her neck. She groans as she places her hands on my knees. She moves up to my thighs and lingers there. I groan myself as my hands travel to her small breasts. She slightly shivers. From my touch or perhaps the chilliness of the room, I do not know.

I rub them and caress them with need and hunger. Evangeline slightly squirmed when I gently pinched her pink nipples. I grinned at her actions. I then place her in front of me; I sat her down on my lap just like before. She wrapped her legs around my waist and I immediately hardened before her. She runs her hands down my chest to my inner thighs, her hands rub against me and I groan deep. I move down to her skirt and began to tear it from her body. She gasps at my actions yet she did not stop at her actions on my manhood.

The skirt finally gone I throw it on the other side of the room and I focus on her body. Small, soft and innocent. At this moment, I refuse to think of her as my Christine.

I pull her to me and kiss her lips. My tongue forced entry and I got in without hesitation, Evangeline groans with delight as do I. My hands travel all over her till I finally settle down between her thighs. She places a hand on my chest as if worried. I stare into her eyes and tell her not to be afraid. She no longer is.

I place one finger on her bud and begin to rub; she moves her face away from mine as she closes her eyes. Her head falls back and she begins to moan. The hardness against my trousers was not doing me any good but in time I will be free of them.

Her wetness aroused me more then ever and I began to sway. I placed my lips upon her breast and begin to suck on her nipples. Evangeline throws her head up and she begins to moan out loud.

I need her ready for me, when I enter her I will not be gentle and slow. I need what I want, and I will get it my way.

I place my thumb on her bud and move two fingers to her opening. I slide them in and she gasps. Her tight walls tightened even more around my fingers as I moved them in and out of her. She groans and moans loudly and the sound to me was magical.

This is really happening! This is real. No dream could be this real. Does this mean Demetrius is right about me being a creature of the night? The thought just occurred.

Evangeline runs her hands over my manhood and my thoughts travel back to her. I stare at her face and watch as small beads of sweat covers her brow. She opens her eyes at me and stares at me with helplessness.

"Please," she begs. "Please go faster," her pleads were answered and I went faster. I went harder.

Just as I was about ready I suddenly frown as a sensation came over me. I shook my head and glanced back at the Evangeline. Yet as I did I heard a rough beating drum. It was no drum but the beating of her heart. It called to me. My breathing increased as my eyes traveled to her neck. Her blood, running fast and hard in her body just made me groan.

"Let go," I tell her. Encouraging her to climax. She then moves herself against me, moving as if she were riding me. "Let go," I say again. She moans loudly, begging for release.

"Let go," I say again. Only thing was it was not directed to her…but to me. Let go of what? The beating of her heart became louder and the blood in my veins runs wilder. My hunger for release stronger! My hunger for her became unbearable.

I drew her close to me and my lips came to her neck, I kissed it gently as she moved faster against me. Oh god I can't take this!

I sank my fangs in her. Fangs that was somehow present within seconds.

Evangeline, moaned…almost screamed as I felt her release. I then began to feel her squirm as her life was beginning to leave her.

"No! Oh god…please stop!" She begs. Her voice was not terrified. She sounded as if she were demanding release all over again. She squirmed and squirmed moving faster and faster against me. I was close! I'm almost there!

Suddenly an image appeared before me. It was a small child, doe eyes and curly hair. Suddenly another image appeared. It was the same child. Only she was now in the streets. Then another image, the girl was slightly older. She was in an orphanage. I then see her learning things. This girl was born on the streets and yet she still managed to get an education.

Suddenly I see the same girl only older. Her face became familiar and I knew who it was. Little Evangeline, she runs away form the orphanage only to end up here at the Whore house. I then see her as she is now; I see her being seduced by a man who covers his face. Only to have her rip his disguise away, she is thrown to the ground and crawls away in fear. I see her now. Being seduced yet again. I then see her dead.

I quickly pull away with a groan.

"No," I whispered. I focused on Evangeline. There was no more movement, no more sounds of her voice. There was complete silence. Her head was back, her closed eyes toward the ceiling.

"Evangeline?" I call. She does not answer. I slightly shake her yet again no movement. I then stand with her in my arms. I walk to the side of the bed and gently lay her naked form down on the bed. Her body was paler, her face held no color.

Evangeline was dead.

"Oh my god,"

My whispered cry was heard from the one man I wanted to see. A knock came to the door and I somehow knew who it was. I stood straight and covered the girl's naked body.

I rushed to the door and stared at Demetrius' grin. He held a handkerchief in his hand and slightly wipes something away from the corner of his mouth.

"Is everything alright Erik?" he asks calmly. "Finished already? That was faster then I thought." He says with a chuckle. Rage building up with each second I grabbed his collar and yanked him in the room. I slammed the door behind me and faced Demetrius with clenched fists.

"You Monster, what have you done to me? What am I?" I demanded with a growl, my jaw clenched tight. Demetrius slightly chuckles.

"Monster?" He asks with that same grin. I yank him more toward me.

"Yes, monster! What did you do to me?" I demanded through clenched teeth. Demetrius raises his brow in disbelief.

"Are you angry now? I do not see why. I gave you a gift Erik."

"A gift? I just killed somebody!" I bellowed with rage. Demetrius rolls his eyes.

"It's not as if you haven't killed anyone before,"

"Shut up!" I shouted throwing him against the wall. I released him and ran my hands through my hair. I took a breath trying to calm myself. I then glanced up at Demetrius who does nothing but straighten his coat.

"What do you think I did to you dear Erik? I gave you great power."

"Great power?" I ask instantly. "Is great power killing innocent woman?"

Demetrius opens his mouth then suddenly closes it. He becomes deep in thought.

"Umm, no. But it can be." He says calm. I took a step toward him.

"You turned me into a monster," I declare with a glare. Demetrius frowns as he slightly glares.

"Is that what we are? Monsters?" He asks. "Dear Erik, if I recall…I believe when you were just human…you considered yourself a monster."

I was shocked to hear his words but dare not show it. He was right. I did declare the deformed man to be a monster, multiple times I declared it. Demetrius takes a breath as he continues.

"So Erik, if we are monsters then what were you? Huh? Are you reconsidering it? Are you saying when you were just a human, you were just a human instead of a monster? What were you just an innocent man?"

I was silent, I couldn't say anything. Demetrius chuckles silently.

"Erik you simply believe that just because we feast on what we need, we are considered monsters. Oh no. Are humans considered monsters simply because they feast on animals? No. They feast simply because they need to survive. We are doing the same thing."

I said no words as I sat down on a nearby chair. Demetrius takes a step toward me as he continues.

"We are surviving Erik, is that a monster? Someone who wishes to survive?" His words were cool and calm as he explains to me.

I sigh, taking all this in. I rub my hands on my face trying to decipher all this.

"I see you are very much confused," Demetrius says to me. All I could do was nod to him in return. "Come then, I believe they will be looking for the girl in a few moments."

"Right," I whispered to him nodding once more.

"Come on," Demetrius demands lightly. I do not stir from the chair. Demetrius holds out his hand and his face becomes that of a begging dog. "Please," he says gently. I sigh deeply. Why is this happening?

I stand, ignoring his hand I move to the door. Demetrius follows with a small chuckle.

"I thought you told that woman in charge not to disturb me when I leave this room? When I leave she will discover the girl." I said taking one last glance at Evangeline.

"Please Erik, that woman isn't even alive to see dear Evangeline."

I snapped my head at Demetrius. Confusion took me…I wondered why he killed the woman in charge…I wondered how he knew Evangeline's name. Demetrius then turns to me.

"I killed the woman in charge because I was hungry and I know the girl's name simply because her name is running all around in your thoughts Erik. Now do not worry. As they all say…" his voice now became dull as he said his next words. "She is in a better place."

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